Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

I had a long LD, in the same way as drd had one, by regaining lucidity. I didn’t do anything task related, because the lucidity wasn’t full until the final scene after reading the note. far.

Last night I had a long LD. I entered a painting, and became a part of the scene shortly, and I was hit by a car.

Non-lucid dream, in which I am transformed into some kind of bear-like creature.

I’m wondering if this counts for the “turn into a creature associated with snow” task. A polar bear with patchy black and white fur is the best description I can come up with.

Koharo, I’ve given the points for the anthropomorphic creature.

Siiw and drd, your points are noted as well.

Susan_Y, the question is if you think it’s a polar bear or not, as your dream journal entry makes you sound highly unsure. I’ve given the points, but if you think otherwise, please say so.

Mew151 sent me this memo on IRC:

I’ve awarded his points as well.

The scores are updated. The next week of tasks goes live in just under two hours, so if you haven’t picked a team yet, please do so now!

Here are the scores heading into Week 4.1. obfusc8 (755)

  1. En’enra (640)
  2. Scipio Xaos (510)
  3. Eilatan (490)
  4. Mew151 (410)
  5. drd (390)
  6. Siiw (300)
  7. Susan_Y (260)
  8. Jer (235)
  9. Letaali (180)
  10. Koharo (160)
  11. Coasty (130)
  12. Lumessence, James_UK2008 (100)
  13. Zaibatsu (70)
  14. Yanshuf (60)
    The top three had minimal gains last week, whereas a few other competitors made great leaps forward. We finally have a competition on our hands! :woo:

Week 4’s tasks are coming up at the top of the hour!

More story? More story!

[spoiler]All of the LC participants leave the cartoon world and return to Elcedia. Thorn guides everybody to a skate park with little fanfare, as the group already knows that it will be boarding, skating or biking. He proceeds to address everybody.

“Okay, quick LC history lesson. I’ve tried tasks about hoverboards before. Nobody ever completed them. So when you all started bugging me this week about hovergear, I was nothing short of gobsmacked. Yes, gobsmacked,” he says, clearly eyeing the usual loudmouth LC participant and silencing him in advance, "as I couldn’t believe you all thought I would be stupid enough to try it yet again.

“…the problem is that you all have too good of a read on me. I am exactly that stupid. Check your hammerspaces.”

Everybody reaches into his or her hammerspace and pulls out futuristic-looking skateboards, skates, and bikes. The wheels are clearly absent on all of them.

"For all of you that wanted to fly around, sorry. The tasks are firmly about actually boarding, skating, or biking just above the ground. That said, if you’re gonna complain about free hovergear, just… don’t. Just don’t. I mean, it’s hovergear!

“You’re on teams based on your vehicle, although you all have the same tasks. Just like before, the winning team can make a task next week. I’m sick of talking, though, so get to work!” With that, Thorn clicks the heels of his shoes together, causing jets to activate and raise him a few inches off of the ground. As he hoverskates away, Eilatan suddenly shouts, “Oh, that’s the purpose of the shoes!”[/spoiler]
Week 4: Thorny Hawk’s Pro Skater

Why yes, I did just make that reference! Good on you for noticing! The idea this week is to push physics to the limit in a way that real life extreme sports stars do. The hovergear is simply because it needed a dream flair—and considering how many people asked about it in IRC and in this topic over the past few days, I’m quite glad I decided to give the concept another go. You’re split into teams based on your vehicle choice, and the winning team (remember, average Week 4 points per member) will get to make a task fitting next week’s theme.

If you read this post before 4 PM EDT on July 10, please review it for a new task and some small changes.

[color=red]All tasks must be done using your chosen hovergear.

Jer, Lumessence, and Zaibatsu did not give me vehicle choices. To even out the teams as best as possible in terms of size and known LDing skills, Zaibatsu and Jer will be using skates and Lumessence will be using a bike.[/color]

Use your chosen hovergear: Whether hoverboard, hoverskates, or hoverbike, just using it will give you points. As in the story, I highly suggest pulling it out of hammerspace—my first dream boarding experience was done by jogging, reaching behind me, miming throwing a skateboard down onto the ground, and stepping onto it at speed. It works! 20 points

Jump from a ramp, slope, quarterpipe, etc.: Gain some speed on the ground and then get airborne! See if you can jump over something tall while you’re at it. 20 points* Jump over something at least twice your height: 20 points
Sport a grind: Plant your board, skates, or bike firmly on a rail or an edge and slide along. For maximum points, find something long and see where the dream takes you! 20 points* Sport a grind for 10+ consecutive seconds: 20 points
Turn by dragging your hand/arm/foot/knee on the ground: If you’re on a board or on skates, you’ll be using your hand or forearm. If you’re on a bike, you’ll use your foot or your knee. While these acts do have applications such as controlled drifting or tight turns, we’re aiming for their primary purpose—looking cool. :cool: 20 points

Do a midair rotation or trick other than a grind: I’m not going to start discussing exactly what constitutes a trick for each vehicle, but in general, grabbing your skates or board in midair, rotating your board, swinging your bike or spinning its handlebars around, balancing on the coping of a ramp, and turning in midair are all valid options. 20 points

Skitch: Skitching is the act of holding onto a moving vehicle while boarding, skating, or biking. Tony Hawk has actually spoken out against skitching; Thorny Hawk encourages it because dreams are perfectly safe. 30 points

Speed down a freeway: This task could lead to several task completions in one dream if done well. For example, you may slide along a guardrail or a concrete barrier for the grinding task. Skitching won’t count for this, but if you let go of the other vehicle and maintain that speed, it will count. That, or maybe you’re naturally fast in dreams as I am, so you can just take off! 30 points

Race another LC participant or the host: If you are indeed naturally fast, why not put that speed to the test in a race? Gotta go fast! Of course, the other racer must be using hovergear too, preferably the one matching his/her team. I’m a skates guy, myself, and everybody else’s choices can be viewed on the scoreboard by color code—boards, skates, or bikes. 40 points

Pass through a loop-the-loop or corkscrew: You could perhaps grind a roller coaster (remember that from LC 46?) and pass through a loop or corkscrew, or maybe an inversion just appears in the middle of the freeway—as a Sonic game player, I occasionally encounter this. Don’t puke! 40 points

All of this week’s tasks could conceivably be done in one well-constructed dream, although the tasks are probably well outside of your normal dream activities. Incubate hard, and you might just end up with a windfall of points! Show me your stuff!

So… I may not have gotten much dreaming in this week (been renovating a rather large room…), but I did get something nice done earlier this week… Without further ado… Here’s a picture of my character!

You can see more images from the sketching process here. Also, I’ll be copying Thorn a bit this week. :tongue:

I had a medium lucid dream last night. I’ll update my DJ later.

^ Nothing to say to this except that the scores are updated.


I don’t get credit for the sewer urban legend task, when encountering the pale worm-like creature?[/color]

^ Two things. First, all of the indented stuff is something you can do to further the task it follows. Reading your DJ there, it doesn’t seem like you actually encountered it in a sewer, so I can’t give points. Second, I had no idea you were referring to a sewer legend with your previous post; you didn’t say anything like that! :tongue:

[color=orange]All the indention stuff? [com]I see now nvm that.[/com]
Okay I missed the part where I had to be in the sewer when encountering it, got it.
Yeah I noticed that way after fact, I really should’ve clarified that :lol:. Thanks for clearing that up.[/color]

Just to clarify… tasks can’t be done on a regular bike/skateboard/skates, it has to be a hover-whatever?

Medium LD + Short LD. I used the hoverskates, sported a grind for 10+ consecutive seconds, and did a midair pirouette, if that counts.

obfusc8, exactly; gotta get dreamy with it. That sound you’re hearing in the pit of your stomach is your heart dropping as you realize you can’t just have your usual dream. :tongue: That, or it’s the sound of you losing your lead, because En’enra’s apparently back on her A game!

En’enra, way to scoop up points on the very first night of the LC week! It’s also cool that you attempted to get into Jet Set Radio—that’s a reference I’m not sure most people will get. :smile:

The scores are updated, and the lead has changed for the first time in over a week!

Last night, I had three productive NDs .I accomplished the following:

  • Inflate yourself like a balloon
  • Inflate a DC like a balloon
  • Used my chosen hover gear (didn’t do any fancy tricks with it… yet :cool: )

Those are the three tasks that I accomplished. These all count towards the 2nd leg , correct? :smile:

^ Yes they do! That said, I don’t remember you choosing at all; I’m pretty sure I chose for you! :tongue: In any case, consider me pleasantly surprised that you’d finish those tasks in NDs.

The scores are updated.

So… I’ve been out a while, sadly. Hopefully with this LD I’m back and I’ll be able to have some dreams to try to catch Enenra and obfusc8!

Bus, Knights, and Sean-Cassidy ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 6
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain
Task 3: Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4: ~ none ~

^ Scored. Now give me even more points!

Short LD with an attempt at cycling. There wasn’t anything to hover on/over as it was in space. So… yeah.