Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

@Thorn. Well, there was movement from one building to another. Ok, it’s not enough to count for that subtask.

In every dream last night I was either riding my motorbike or driving a car, so that’s the drive a motor vehicle task done. :content:

I don’t know what this is. Medium LD? There was nothing important, though, just a bunch of feelings. :grrr:

Short lucid dream during a nap. I was in a city, started hearing music and wanted to run. I noticed that running didn’t feel normal. I became lucid and kept running. I heard a woman laughing behind me. She had long blond hair and was running too. Dream faded.

So…wandering in a city now done lucid?

obfusc8, I expected as much out of you.

En’enra, I’m sorry you had an unpleasant night. Try to look at the bright side, though. That “heavy” feeling you had? Try to apply it to a certain subtask for Week 1. :wink:

Letaali, yep, you’ve got the lucid bonus now.

The scores are updated. I’d like to point out that Letaali is leading the first leg with only one lucid dream by virtue of the tasks and bonuses he’s acquired. Focusing on the tasks is important!

CHALLENGER APPROACHES! (That may have been used already, but chat was talking about Smash Bros so oh well.)

LC “OMG” 50 Signups! [Name — Personal Goal]1. Scipio Xaos — A Flight with Cardia

  1. Zaibatsu — Full LD on will
  2. Letaali — Revisit a dream that had a cool planet
  3. En’enra — Use water magic properly
  4. James_UK2008 - Visit another planet
  5. Coasty — Meet a specific Dream Person, god damn it, just happen already
  6. Mew151 - Play DDR Dream Mix
  7. Susan_Y - See the sky
  8. obfusc8 - I AM GROOT! (Treant transformation + growing branches and stuff.)
  9. drd - Summon and ride Smokey
  10. Koharo - Pull off 3 reality/death defying stunts
  11. Siiw - Successfully summon a big creature
  12. Eilatan - Looking for a good man.

Name: (Doesn’t have one yet)
Species: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Appearance: Humonoid except for the pointed ears. Emerald eyes. Shoulder length brown hair, most often tied in a pony-tail. Usually wearing boots, an elbow-length, leather glove on left hand and wielding a collapsible metal staff. Has a tattoo on right inner bicep.
Height: Roughly 170cms. (Because I want to be tall :cry: )
Mindset: Tall, dark and quiet type. Just 'cause :woah:

Had a normal dream where I briefly explored a city. It was big enough to have a parking garage with several levels, so I’m pretty sure it counts.

Short LD last night, no tasks. (I misread/misremembered the task and thought working out was enough, but it clearly states in a gym. Bah! :meh: )

Non-lucid dream in which I am almost lucid – I could partly remember the tasks. I wasn’t lucid enough for me to count it as a lucid dream. I wasn’t transformed as Anna (I could remember an appearance transformation was required, but couldn’t remember what). I visited a library, and read a book which had something about a competition (the LC, I think…) and an illustration of Thorn in a pilot’s suit.

I think this counts for “Find a library and read a book”.

Mew, truly, the sign of a bustling metropolis is a large parking garage. :tongue:

obfusc8, yeah, most things are location-based for now. Location-based tasks are often people’s least favorite ones, so I’m getting them out of the way early. I see that you made it to a beach… you’re going to want to kill me when you finish reading this post.

Susan, I didn’t know I was famous enough to be in a book. I’m not arguing it, though. :smile:

The scores are updated, and it’s now time for some more story nonsense and a decision for all LC participants to make.

Pre-Week 2 Decision

[spoiler]You get a call on your cellphone as you wander around Elcedia. You answer the call and hear Thorn’s voice. “Hey, not to interrupt your fun, but I figured we’d explore the dreamscape around Elcedia once you’re comfortable in that new body of yours. It just became summer in reality for me, which means it just became winter on the other half of the globe… I’m thinking we can either go somewhere summer-like or winter-like. What do you think?”

You weren’t aware that Thorn had your cellphone number. You weren’t aware you even brought a cellphone into a dream world. You find yourself slightly confused.[/spoiler]
Next week will be a team week! Let me know in this topic if you’d prefer some fun in the sun or some cool snow. If you don’t post your decision before the Week 2 tasks are posted, I will assign you randomly.

Oh, snow! My goal is to use water magic, though. :cry: But I met that awesome almost-dream-guide in a snowy ld! :cry:


I choose summer fun.

I choose TEAM SUN! Or whatever it will be named :tongue:

Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun! Wanna be in summer without a doubt. Here’s hoping for some bikini-wearing beach babes too. :razz:

Sun team for me please. :smile:

Welp… I see everyone is going for TEAM SUN. I’d like to as well, but poor TEAM SNOW isn’t looking too good. :c I’ll go along with the crowd right now unless there’s a large need for people on the other team in which case I’ll have to figure out something fun to do in the snow. :razz:

Anyways… this morning I had a Long LD! Yay!

Lucid Bits Running Together ~ Long Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~

^ “Figure out” how to have fun in the snow? Were you never a child?!?

In any case, nobody needs to feel as if he or she needs to balance the teams. If all participants get onto one team, then I suppose I have a fun plot for the potential tabletop campaign we discussed in IRC. :tongue:

The scores are updated.

Today has been good! I had a medium LD last night, and walked through city streets in it. Then, I had a short LD in a nap and drove a car in it. The car was weird, but it was a car.

I’ll post them later.

I’ll take team snow.

[color=orange]Heh with that in mind you already know where I’ll be. Girls, nice waves, and fast cars :cool: …Hopefully not a bulky 15 passenger van :yawn:…I wouldn’t exactly consider it a stunt in this dream neither the intent, thrill, and level of danger weren’t exactly on par with what I had intended on doing. :sly:

I managed to drive a vehicle in this morning’s dream. It…didn’t go too smooth…


-Drive a vehicle Task 1

I choose TEAM SNOW!

Now, to figure out what “snow” is.