Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

[color=orange]Do you require for us to take on a cartoon form as well or just have our surroundings in cartoon form? While embodied of course.[/color]

[color=orange]Alright cool.
A skateboard/skates specifically, as in no jet skates or hover boards?[/color]

^ Oh, sorry, I forgot to answer that first question on the previous page. It’s okay if you aren’t animated, although it’d be cool if you were. For your second question, you’re not the first person who’s asked me if we’re using hoverboards or something else related; all of IRC seems to think I have something like that planned. :tongue: I’ll say to wait and see, as I can’t give away the exact tasks beforehand now, can I?

You can, however, expect that I won’t be pedantic. If I make the task general and just say “a bike” or “skates”, then I’m more concerned about how you’d stand or the leg motions you’d make than I am about if it has wheels or works on ice or the like. If I’m more specific than “a bike” or “skates”, of course, then I want the vehicle or gear in question and I’ll make sure it’s really fun. :smile:

Had 2 LDs here today. The first one was around five minutes long making it medium for me. The second one which took place immediately after the first was a short one at around 1-2 minutes. Skateboard for me please.

^ That gets you out of last place! Now get some task points too!

The scores are updated.

[color=orange]Awesome got it! I’ll should be back with an answer before Friday.[/color] :cool:

I pulled a Katana out of hammerspace while facing down what was either Thorn or Scipio, who also pulled a Katana out of hammerspace…

Okay so I was sure it was Thorn the first time I woke up, and that the character was blue. Confusingly enough, in another dream a DC asked if I dreamt of Thorn and my planned incubation, and I explained that it was more likely Scipio and the character was pink… After waking from that dream I was sure that the first dream was really both characters, just blurred from waking making it seem like it was either/or.

So basically, I would like to claim points for both pulling something out of hammerspace and interacting with an LC Participant/Host character. Just too bad we didn’t have our Itchy-and-Scratchy-like hammer game. (Which may have been a good thing considering the katanas in lieu of rubber mallets) :woah:

Also, Thorn, don’t I get a Lucid Bonus for Week 1 since I became my character in an LD?

I had a long length LD last night in which I lost, and regained my lucidity a couple times. No tasks completed.

Eilatan, I see your tiny text. You’d be surprised how much easier that stuff is to keep track of when the dreamer in question knows if he/she had an LD! It’s much easier for me to think “okay, what points apply for this new dream?” than it is to think “okay, I need to edit this dream’s scoring, so what changes?”. :tongue:

drd, you’ve mentioned lucidity loss and regaining in your posts so far, but that’s not actually worth any points this LC. I’m still struggling to see why it should be worth a bonus compared to dreams that are properly stabilized from the get-go and thus fade away less frequently. The lucidity regain already gets you a greater score due to the increased LD length, so I’m not doubling up bonuses as past hosts did.

The scores are updated.

Hmm I was unaware… Maybe I should have read the rules better. :tongue:

Last night I had a medium length LD.

This morning i questioned my own dreaming state in what tragically only remained a non-lucid dream. Yes, tragically. Read the dream if you don’t believe me. :cry:

^ That’s terrible. So very, very terrible.

The scores are updated.

I had a short LD this morning. I tried to do my personal goal and summon a good man, but he rejected my call. Decided to summon a painting and run through it instead. I managed to walk off a cliff, look down, fall down and imprint myself into the ground. I’m pretty sure I heard Thorn showed up behind me just as I woke up. :sad:

I can’t recall if I was my character, nor if the world was animated, so I won’t claim either of those. And who said long winded scenarios don’t work? :razz:

Edit: Since I never got to have a skateboard as a kid, I’m totally going on the skateboard team. (Also because I want to get to snowboard one day. Not to mention the awesomeness that will be hoverboards).

^ Very nicely done! 170 points is a great stride forward, and it puts you way out in the lead for the current leg.

The scores are updated.

[color=orange]I have yet to update, but so far I’ve encountered what appeared to be a large albino worm and encountered an anthropomorphic Scooby-Doo both under strange conditions in separate dreams.

I was unsure until weighing my options again today.
-Riding the storm on a hover board was fun and I wanted to do it again for a large sum of points (From months ago).
-My last experience on a motorcycle in an LD could’ve been better, so that was to be considered (Not long ago).
-Lastly I always wanted to try out a pair of ATs and experience my own version of the anime Air Gear. In addition to that I bought a crappy pair of inlines in a recent dream (no fun) and rooftop parkour would be more fun in ATs or Inlines.

I’m going with team rollerskate/inline.
A little motivation/inspiration.[/color]

I had a long LD, in the same way as drd had one, by regaining lucidity. I didn’t do anything task related, because the lucidity wasn’t full until the final scene after reading the note. far.

Last night I had a long LD. I entered a painting, and became a part of the scene shortly, and I was hit by a car.

Non-lucid dream, in which I am transformed into some kind of bear-like creature.

I’m wondering if this counts for the “turn into a creature associated with snow” task. A polar bear with patchy black and white fur is the best description I can come up with.

Koharo, I’ve given the points for the anthropomorphic creature.

Siiw and drd, your points are noted as well.

Susan_Y, the question is if you think it’s a polar bear or not, as your dream journal entry makes you sound highly unsure. I’ve given the points, but if you think otherwise, please say so.

Mew151 sent me this memo on IRC:

I’ve awarded his points as well.

The scores are updated. The next week of tasks goes live in just under two hours, so if you haven’t picked a team yet, please do so now!

Here are the scores heading into Week 4.1. obfusc8 (755)

  1. En’enra (640)
  2. Scipio Xaos (510)
  3. Eilatan (490)
  4. Mew151 (410)
  5. drd (390)
  6. Siiw (300)
  7. Susan_Y (260)
  8. Jer (235)
  9. Letaali (180)
  10. Koharo (160)
  11. Coasty (130)
  12. Lumessence, James_UK2008 (100)
  13. Zaibatsu (70)
  14. Yanshuf (60)
    The top three had minimal gains last week, whereas a few other competitors made great leaps forward. We finally have a competition on our hands! :woo:

Week 4’s tasks are coming up at the top of the hour!