Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun! Wanna be in summer without a doubt. Here’s hoping for some bikini-wearing beach babes too. :razz:

Sun team for me please. :smile:

Welp… I see everyone is going for TEAM SUN. I’d like to as well, but poor TEAM SNOW isn’t looking too good. :c I’ll go along with the crowd right now unless there’s a large need for people on the other team in which case I’ll have to figure out something fun to do in the snow. :razz:

Anyways… this morning I had a Long LD! Yay!

Lucid Bits Running Together ~ Long Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~

^ “Figure out” how to have fun in the snow? Were you never a child?!?

In any case, nobody needs to feel as if he or she needs to balance the teams. If all participants get onto one team, then I suppose I have a fun plot for the potential tabletop campaign we discussed in IRC. :tongue:

The scores are updated.

Today has been good! I had a medium LD last night, and walked through city streets in it. Then, I had a short LD in a nap and drove a car in it. The car was weird, but it was a car.

I’ll post them later.

I’ll take team snow.

[color=orange]Heh with that in mind you already know where I’ll be. Girls, nice waves, and fast cars :cool: …Hopefully not a bulky 15 passenger van :yawn:…I wouldn’t exactly consider it a stunt in this dream neither the intent, thrill, and level of danger weren’t exactly on par with what I had intended on doing. :sly:

I managed to drive a vehicle in this morning’s dream. It…didn’t go too smooth…


-Drive a vehicle Task 1

I choose TEAM SNOW!

Now, to figure out what “snow” is.

Okay, I’ve got Siiw and Koharo on the board now! Only three people have yet to post points; I think we can get everybody off of zero points before Week 2.

The scores are updated.

I became an alien, but not the one I planned. I was a DO, saw Vriska from Homestuck and became her. I made a helicopter crash with my mind control ability. Then I hold on to a small weird car and steered it by mind controlling the driver :tongue: I found another alien a bit later and had a chat. All happened non-lucid though :sad:

So, I interacted with an anthropomorphic creature and drove.

Short LD last night.

Before becoming lucid, I walked through the city of London.

I hate snow.

But, snow is a lot easier for me to dream about than sun, because of the climate I live in, so snow will be a better choice :cool:

I had a long lucid dream last night here. As for the tasks, I remembered I should do them, but got caught up in the events of the dream. Maybe driving a tank in the ND before could be counted as a motorized vehicle, and the town from the LD as town exploration? But I already got points for those.

And Thorn, not really nice of you to put force fields around Elcedia to prevent wingless flight. :sad:

LC “OMG” 50 Signups! [Name — Personal Goal]1. Scipio Xaos — A Flight with Cardia

  1. Zaibatsu — Full LD on will
  2. Letaali — Revisit a dream that had a cool planet
  3. En’enra — Use water magic properly
  4. James_UK2008 - Visit another planet
  5. Coasty — Meet a specific Dream Person, god damn it, just happen already
  6. Mew151 - Play DDR Dream Mix
  7. Susan_Y - See the sky
  8. obfusc8 - I AM GROOT! (Treant transformation + growing branches and stuff.)
  9. drd - Summon and ride Smokey
  10. Koharo - Pull off 3 reality/death defying stunts
  11. Siiw - Successfully summon a big creature
  12. Eilatan - Looking for a good man.
  13. Lumessence - Open a portal to D-912 (that place you all call “real life”)

Name: Lume
Size: 3ft from the tip of tail to nose. (A little big maybe, but it’s doable)
Gender: female
Rather than an explanation. I have pictures. (not OC) And even a video of me in action.

My glow shifts very faintly through the spectrum, but it’s hardly noticable unless you really pay attention to it.

I will have to join Mew in discovering what this “snow” thing is.

Personally, I don’t think I know enough about snow to actually dream of it :cry:

But we’ll see :woah:

Judging by people’s implied interests regarding the Sun team, I’ll be attending the snow team.

(Jokes aside, it’s actually really hot where I am, so the snow would be a nice change.)

Letaali, I see Homestuck is really leaking into your dreams now. I’m sorry.

obfusc8, so close with the library task! Darn those distracting DCs! I’ll trade you my fanboy one from my LD this morning for your distracting one, as I’m pretty good at ignoring the distractions. :tongue:

Siiw, does easiness equate to fun? Choose whatever you want, but I think I’d aim for fun first and points second. That said, I know this is a competition. :smile:

En’enra, you’re really doing well with LDing! It’s just a shame task completions are evading you!

Lumessence, best of luck becoming your character, and welcome to the LC.

The scores are updated.

Hey guys,

I kind of disappeared during the last LD and I am late to this one as well… Long story short, I moved houses and I was without internet for a while during the move. Not to mention school exams. Anyways, It’s summer now so I am going to hop into the 50th LC, hopefully, at full speed. I need to catch up.

1.Scipio Xaos — A Flight with Cardia
2.Zaibatsu — Full LD on will
3.Letaali — Revisit a dream that had a cool planet
4.En’enra — Use water magic properly
5.James_UK2008 - Visit another planet
6.Coasty — Meet a specific Dream Person, god damn it, just happen already
7.Mew151 - Play DDR Dream Mix
8.Susan_Y - See the sky
9.obfusc8 - I AM GROOT! (Treant transformation + growing branches and stuff.)
10.drd - Summon and ride Smokey
11.Koharo - Pull off 3 reality/death defying stunts
12.Siiw - Successfully summon a big creature
13.Eilatan - Looking for a good man.
14.Lumessence - Open a portal to D-912 (that place you all call “real life”)
15.Jer- Fly into Outer Space

Name: Jer
Species: Cyborg
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mainly human by appearance, with certain features enhanced via technology. The most noticeable enhancement being my one arm, that comes with retractable claws, similar to wolverine.
height: Tall, but not super tall. Let’s just say 6 feet.
Mindset: Power and Control… sometimes exhibits violence, but rarely.

I choose sunlight over the cold, cruel fangs of winter

I had an LD this morning (yes that means no supplements for me)
I… I achieved my dream goal! Finally!
No LC tasks were done though, I didn’t even think about ascending to my character, I was too focused. Here it is: [

Short LD, no tasks :cry: …am now officially narked by my inability to earn the lucid bonus for any tasks this week. Just you wait 'til I get one of these babies stable… there will be a rain of task completions the like of which has never been seen. (Hopefully.) :meh: