Lucidity Challenge 52 winner Obfusc8!

Dreams before the week 1 task were posted don’t count.

@Koal44: I was able to stop time for a task in the last LC: it can be done.

Had a medium lucid dream, where I was Hulk diving in some tropical sea with Ironman. Scene changed to my hometown and I was myself again. Ironman had changed to obfusc8. Tried to create a ball of blue plasma to test my abilities. Didn’t go too well, it burnt my hands and barely caused any damage when I threw it.

Claiming “meet a DC” task. Doesn’t really feel like a task though, since almost all of my dreams have DCs.

Had a very nice and detailed LD here where I was Jar Jar Binks in the world of Star Wars getting into trouble in a boardroom which got raided by Battledroids. Due to the authentic nature of it, I didn’t alter anything and went along with the “storyline” which I feel made it a lot better. :smile: At around 10 minutes long, this makes it a long one for me. I would like to claim points for meeting a DC for this one as I did meet at least two different DCs in this one.

Is it too late to join this challenge Susan_Y? I see the first was posted just yesterday - it looks as if it’s going to be a good one. Owing to the posting rules I’ve set myself in my DJ, I’d have to try to work the tasks into my current “Star Wars” storyline…extra fun! No worries if it’s inconvenient.

Oh, I don’t understand, the first task is finish ? So, I didn’t manage to do any LD !! What a bad dreamer I am !!! XD
Ok, so the new task is to dream of a day at school where we are late, etc ?
Ok, I will try to !

In the medium LD here I meet a DC, she wouldn’t say her name though.

I meet some dream characters in the second of these dreams.

Last night I had a short LD (around 1Min)

Claiming 2 Tasks
I met a DC and he told me his name

I was not that far from the breakfast and from the Highschool tasks as I was in a School Cafeteria :smile:

Dream Journal

DC told me his name here. His name was Michael. I couldn’t hear his surname clearly.

I’m surprised I did this in a non-lucid dream.

I’ve now met Wyvern as a DC in two consecutive nights of dreams for the subtask. He appeared in the first of yesterday’s dreams and in today’s dream.

This might not count… depends how broad your definition of breakfast is. Short lucid dream in which I eat a small fruit thing that was inside a loaf of bread… at 7.05am

Other participants might want to note my mistake of trying to make toast and just find ready-made toast instead… :content:

I was in a classroom, but it was a university classroom. Decided to mention it anyway.

@DeRuyter001: Yes, you can join in. Late registrations after the challenge has started are fine.

In the first of these dreams, I am in a high school classroom. As a teacher, I was bound to complete this task eventually. :tongue:

So… I “met” a DC in a dream a few nights ago. He was a little boy stuck in an odd alternate universe thing. Just now getting here to post about it. :razz:

Green Nails and Other Things - Non-Lucid Dream - Met a DC EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1

Task 1:-E Met a DC

Week 2 - Star Wars

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

See someone with an unusual hairstyle - 10 points

Whether it’s Princess Leia in Star Wars, or Chi in Chobits, nothing indicates “science fiction” quite as cheaply as giving your heroine (or hero) an unusual haircut.

Wear an unusual hairstyle yourself - 40 points

See a furry humanoid alien - 20 points

Next on the scale of cheap science fiction special effects is the guy in a fur suit, whether it’s a Wookiee like Chewbacca or a Ewok.

Look down a long corridor - 20 points

If you haven’t got much of a budget for building sets, a nice long corridor gives the impression of a really big spaceship without needing to actually construct very much of it.

Subtask: The corridor is curved - +10 points

If the corridor is curved, the end of it is out of shot and you can save even more money on building film sets.

Subtask: The corridor has doors, pillars or bulkheads at intervals +10 points

Look out of a window into the blackness of space - 20 points

Pilot a spaceship - 30 points

Land on a planet - 10 points

Visit a futuristic bar - 20 points

To claim this one, it can’t be a present-day bar. There has to be something about it that indicates it’s science fiction, whether that’s the alien inhabitants, the strange drinks and entertainment on offer, or something else futuristic.

Finally did the “meet the same DC in dreams on two different nights”. It was my brother. First in the dream titled Tsunami and again in the dream Red Desert.

Btw, will you link a scoreboard or something so we could see how we are doing compared to others? :smile:

I had a LD! :happy: YAY!

Finally! - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1
LDs: 1

Task 1:-E Met a DC

Yay! Double posting!

Dragon Fighting Lucid - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1
LDs: 2

Task 1:-E Met a DC