Lucidity Challenge 53 - winner GenghisKhan!

Had an LD here this morning which at around 1-2 minutes long makes it a short one for me. I completed my personal goal of becoming Kaiju sized with Thorn :smile:

I don’t know if other LC points can be alongside this, but my skin notably changed to a green colour as per the first task. Can’t confirm if tails were grown as I technically didn’t see/feel them :meh:

@James_uk2008 - Woah awesome! The green skin change and the humanoid lizard shape gives you the lucid and combo bonuses for week 1 & 2, plus the personal goal completion. All this has catapulted you into second place, even without the confirmation of growing a tail. Great job! :thumbs:

Don’t forget (Koal as well as James), that you get to pick another personal goal worth 25 points.

Scores are updated

Never been in 2nd place before in an LC before. :mrgreen_hat: I don’t think I’ve ever had that many points before in an LC either. :partying_face: My new goal I’d like to set myself is to shink myself down in size (ideal target is around 1 inch high).

Non-lucid dream, in which I go on a train journey.

I claim the points for the “ride a train” and “modern train” tasks.

End of Week 2 Scores

  • GenghisKhan 1225
  • James_uk2008 410
  • Cornelia Xaos 360
  • Koal44 290
  • Susan_Y 240
  • En’enra 190
  • Pedro Sponchiado 180
  • Lumessence 170
  • Oleg, Thorn 140
  • Jer 60
  • Drd 30
  • Mew151 0

GenghisKhan has a seemingly secure lead, but as proved by James_uk2008 last night, several tasks can be combined to quickly rack up points.

Congrats to everyone that completed their personal goals this week. :ok:

There was also good progress on the side mission with Pedro now up to 4 genre completions.

Week 3: Spy Games

A little more insanity…

[spoiler]The Whomping Willow has calmed down now. As you fly over the castle everything is quiet and peaceful. In front of the castle though, the wreckage of the crashed ship still smoulders.

Swooping down and landing, you can see a figure standing alone amongst the twisted metal.
“You need help fixing the ship?” You offer, preparing to show off your dream control skills.

Obfusc8’s coat has grown longer, now a full length leather trench coat, in fact, all his clothes are now black. His jaw is set, teeth clenched, eyes glinting in anger. Uh oh, it’s Emo-obfusc8!
“My ship… They’ll pay for this.”
Before you can react, you hear a roar of anger and the world turns black.

You find yourself hanging from a ledge over a small pool. It looks like there are… fins… circling in the water below.
The room above you contains control panels and computers… one desk in particular draws your attention. It has a big red shiny button on it.
Wait, there’s a guy wandering around up there monologuing… it’s Obfusc8! It sounds as if he’s… telling you his super-evil plan?! Obfusc8 presses a few buttons, seemingly at random and continues talking. On every screen in the room a countdown appears, the numbers start ticking down to zero.
“…In a few minutes my super-world-destroying lazer will be aimed at planet Earth!..And once my pet sharks have finished with you, there will be no-one to stop me from blowing up the planet! Mwahahahahaahaha- cough cough -ahahahahahaha! I’m just going to leave you dangling over that pool of sharks rather than taking a few seconds to make sure you don’t escape and foil my plan!”
Obfusc8 leaves the room.
There’s no one else around, it’s up to you… only you can save the world![/spoiler]
Wear a tuxedo or cocktail dress. (Don’t feel the need to stick to RL gender norms, it’s a dream, wear what you feel like.) 20 points
-Now that you are dressed to impress, go to a party! +20 points

Visit a casino or gambling den. (It might be licensed or unlicensed, as long as gambling is taking place) 20 points
-Play a card game +10 points
-Play a slot machine +10 points

See a chase/race (A spy film staple. For this task, ground or water vehicles only) 20 points
-Participate in the race +20 points
-Race/chase involves non-motorised vehicles or animals (skis, snowboards, skates, bicycles, horses) +20 points
-Chase/race contains something other than standard everyday road-going vehicles. (The tank escape in Goldeneye is a favourite of mine, so anyone attempting to recreate that would get major cool points) +20 points

Climb the outside of a tall building, wall or cliff face. (So MI: Ghost Protocol wasn’t the best film, but that bit where Ethan Hunt uses electronic gloves to climb the outside of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, that’s awesome.) 20 points
-Use equipment e.g. rope or ladder. +10 points
-Free climb without a rope and not using flight. +20 points

Decode or encode a secret message. 30 points

Stunt Double - Find a DC that looks like you. (Matching height, build, colouring as a minimum) 20 points.
-Transform someone into your stunt double using a dream control method of your choice (willpower, potion, wizard wheezes sweets) +20 points
-Have your stunt double perform a stunt or acrobatic move. +20 points

Escape from a trap, cell, or other restraints (handcuffs, chains, ropes) 30 points

Watch a vehicle or building explode! 30 points
-Cause the explosion yourself. +20 points

Find a ‘spy’ gadget (Q always hands Bond a useful gadget that gets him out of tricky situations. A watch with a lazer, an invisible car, a key finder packed with explosives… I do expect a certain level of crazy here, not just a can opener, yeah?) 20 points
-Successfully activate the gadget. +30 points

Witness or get into a fight - fists/guns/swords/lightsabers - weapon doesn’t matter. (You must see some kind of altercation take place, not just threats of violence, although you do not need to be the perpetrator or victim.) 20 points

Defeat a villain. (Not necessarily with violence, you might talk them down or call the police, anything that stops their evil plan.) 20 points
-Defeat a ‘super’ villain (By super villain, I mean Dr Robotnik, Ernst Blofeld, you know, anyone trying to take over or destroy the world.) +30 points

Medium+Long LD

Played some music for the side mission, visited an uninhabited moon and an inhabited planet, saw aliens in military uniforms (if that counts as “men”), used telepathy on an animal, and flew on some bricks.

@En’enra - Quality lucid dreams there, and cool space travel. When needs space ships anyway! :happy: You are on to the Crime genre.

Scores are updated

EDIT: ‘Who’ needs space ships anyway… not when. Gah. I blame it on trying to update the scores before eating lunch! Low blood sugar!

Medium LD this morning LINK TO DJ in which I complete second personal task and, especially, enrich my own life :smile:

Now, on to incubation for the new tasks (gotta read them ASAP ! :happy: )

EDIT: Just read, whoa ! Pure awesomeness ! :cool:
Also, grats to James_uk and En’Enra for the great lucids, had some fun reading them !

@GenghisKhan - Congrats on completing your second personal goal, it makes a change to read dreams about spiritual/life enriching pursuits.

(And please, please, tell me you have watched or seen at least part of a Bond film/Mission Impossible/ Bourne films… something! :tongue: )

Scores are updated

Aww, you left out Blofeld’s white Persian cat from the tasks. :smile:

This is one of those times where I realise that I’ve already done some of the tasks, but it doesn’t count because it was they were posted. (Non-lucid dream with James Bond; non-lucid dream in which I climb a cliff. And Live and Let Die wouldn’t be the same if Solitaire/Jane Seymour had a Disney Princess tarot deck.)

^^ If only there were psychic points for predicting tasks or the theme for the next week, eh? :content:

Eh eh ! Yes, Watcher Skyfall two years ago, but just Because i was on intercontinental flight :tongue: nothing i can recall before or after that LOL . Yes, movies are not my stuff :tongue:

Two Medium sized LD LINK TO DJ, out of which I can claim some task points.

  • Wear elegant dress

  • Casino

  • Card game

  • Slot game

  • Chase/race (on the 2nd LD)

  • Participate

  • Climb tall building

  • use equipment

  • bare hand not sure, I did it but for very short time

  • Spy gadget

  • Defeat enemy

~ Detective side mission - may be, up to you

@GenghisKhan - More quality lucids there! I will count climbing free hand like Spiderman. Didn’t see anything that leaped out as the Detective theme though. But that cartoon - sounds like Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget?
“I’ll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!” :happy:

Scores are updated

Yeah you got it ! :happy:

It was him ! :happy:

Not exactly sure what’s included in the genre so i asked :tongue:

In a non-lucid dream, I saw people in military uniforms, rode in a flying vehicle, and got into a gun fight. I also was in a tuxedo briefly as the dream initially thought of us more as “spies” but it quickly turned into a more military-style outfit and then a superhero costume.

Had an LD here this morning which at around 10+ minutes long makes it a long one for me. Other than a completely unexpected appearance by the Joker, (not defeated) not much happened in this one. It was incredibly stable and realistic though. :smile:

Grrr computer crashed and lost my post… :angry:

@Mew151- Nice combo on the tasks, 150 points in 1 night! I gave you points for the pilot a flying vehicle sub tasks too, since you landed the helicopter. :smile:

@James_uk2008 - Uh oh. Joker has an army of anthro lizards? :eek: Grats on the lucid dream.

Scores are updated

(I’m off to London, so there won’t be any score updates until Sunday afternoon/evening. :wave:)

had a ND herewhen in the end I get lucid for a few seconds, where I see a car exploding (non-lucidly), not by myself. In the end, a question to me made me thought and I noticed I was dreaming, but I woke up. does it counts as a short LD?