Lucidity Challenge 53 - winner GenghisKhan!

@obsfusc8: Ok, I’ll have another try at the science fiction task. There’s enough SF- inspired nonsense in my dreams that it should be easy.

A short LD (LINK TO DJ) in which I manage to complete few tasks.

As described in the DJ, very poor recall and LD performances in these days.
I am very sleepy when I do WILD, HI quickly fades and I lose focus quickly.
Oh well, it will get better :smile:

  • Participate in a race including non motorized vehicles

  • including unusual vehicles

  • Watch a vehicle explode

  • Cause the explosion

  • Successfully activate a spy gadget

@Cornelia - Flying that vehicle at the end gets you the lucid bonus for week 1 too. (also on the scoreboard I put you down as doing the aerial stunt instead of piloting, but that’s fixed now) Second place is currently a tie! :happy:

@Genghis - Heh Flintstone’s ‘car’ race - quality! Also love the idea of a snow car. Now I have a new goal to make a motorbike out of snow… :nod:

New tasks tomorrow, 1pm GMT! Make sure you post any task completions before the deadline to get included in the end of week scores and earn the ‘early’ points.

Scores are updated

Short LD (LINK TO DJ) in which I investigate an homicide.

I can claim points for the Detective side quest.

@GenghisKhan - Perfect. You are on to the Fantasy genre. :smile:

End of week 3 scores:

  • GenghisKhan - 1750
  • Susan_Y, Cornelia Xaos - 660
  • En’enra - 460
  • James_uk2008 - 450
  • Koal44 - 290
  • Pedro Sponchiado - 270
  • Thorn - 200
  • Lumessence - 170
  • Mew151 - 150
  • Oleg - 140
  • Jer - 60
  • Drd - 30
    The stars this week are Susan_Y and Cornelia Xaos who are now neck-and-neck in second place, with Susan_Y now up to 5 side mission completions. :content:

Week 4 : Playtime!

This week really is child’s play…

[spoiler]The supervillain volcano base seems to have an inexhaustible supply of hazmat-suit wearing flamethrower-waving enemies. While the other LC participants help to clear the way, you make a dash for the control room.

Inside all the screens display a countdown to the missile launch. There are just seconds left. 10…9…8… You quickly run to a computer terminal and start putting in the shutdown commands. 7…6…5… Damn why do computers never work right in dreams?! 4…3… You summon a giant STOP button and hit it. The countdown pauses at just 2 seconds to go. Phew.

At the other end of the control room is a high backed chair which slowly spins around. Lounging casually in the chair, stroking an extremely fluffy white cat, is Obfusc8. As the other LC participants enter the room to back you up, Obfusc8’s expression gradually grows more concerned.
“Er… it wasn’t me!”

The cat leaps to one side with a startled meow as Obfusc8 makes a dash for a back door you swear wasn’t there a moment ago. The lanky figure escapes through the doorway. As you chase him, the world seems to grow, your perspective now much closer to the ground. Looking down and around you see that all the LC participants have transformed into young children.

All around is the sound of children playing, running around on a large field outside a school.

A few paces in front of you is a young boy, probably 6-7 years old, in muddy jeans with rips in the knee and scruffy dark hair. Is that Obfusc8? The boy sticks his tongue out at you, shouts “Nyer!” then turns and runs off, soon lost in the screaming chaos of the playground…[/spoiler]
Slide! 20 points
-Use a playground slide +10 points
-Use a water slide +10 points
-Use a banister/handrail +10 points

Explore a bedroom. (yes, those false awakenings are worth points!) 10 points
-Check nothing is hiding under the bed. +10 points
-Check the closet for monsters. +10 points

Bring an inanimate object to life. 30 points
-Object you animate is a child’s toy. +20 points
-Enlarge the object/toy to monstrous size. (Rampaging gingerbread man from Shrek anyone?! :smile: ) +20 points

Draw a picture. (Doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. Stick man next to wonky house will do!) 20 points
-Pull something out of the picture +20 points
-Enter the picture +20 points

Talk to a young child (younger than 11) 20 points
-Report back what they say. +10 points

Play a prank on a DC. 20 points
-Blame someone else! +20 points

Transform your skin into inorganic material - e.g. plastic, metal, fabric (plushie/soft toy). +30 points
-Take the shape of a toy or character from a children’s show. +20 points
-Shrink to toy-size. +30 points

Playground games (N.B. These do not have to be completed in a playground)
-Tag/It - Touch a DC, say “You’re IT!” then run away. 20 points
-Statues - Sneak up on a DC when they are not looking. If they spot you, freeze and pretend to be a statue. 20 points
-Hide and Seek - Find a DC who is trying to hide, or hide from someone trying to find you. 20 points
-Ball Games - Play any game involving a ball - football, “soccer”, basketball, baseball etc 20 points
-Hopscotch/Jump rope/Don’t step on the cracks - or similar games that involve jumping/stepping. 20 points
-Play a children’s game from your own childhood, country or culture. (When you claim this, describe or link to a description of the game) 20 points

Playground game subtasks (points only granted once, not for each game)
-Do a playground game task with any member (or the host) of the current LC challenge. +20 points
-Summoned LC member appears as a young child (younger than 11) +20 points

Here’s this morning’s dream. I played a game involving a ball (yay for the tasks going up during my WBTB times) and also flew in my car, giving me Week 2 task and combo points.

@Thorn - What a random combo… good job! :content:

Scores are updated


On Monday I felt asleep in a bus for a few minutes and dreamt of a box fight.
I think it counts for “Getting into a fight” and for the side task “Actions”.

Tonight I dreamt I was playing a prank on a DC.
My Oncle was on a theater stage and I went underneath the stage and took a lot of screws out of the wooden floor… :happy:


You are on to the ‘Children’ genre which should be good for this week’s tasks!

Scores are updated

Posted a ND fragment (LINK TO DJ) in which I play a Skyrim-GoT hybrid.

If that doesn’t count for the Fanatsy sub-task, I don’t know what else will ! :tongue:

Last night: only NDs again :sad:
Still one task to claim

Task Talking to a kid: I was in my office and a kid came to me with a candy in her hands: “Is that from you?” I said yes but she could have it.

I also visited one appartment and was trying to have LDs on a sofa… Too bad came close to the bedroom task twice :smile:

@GenghisKhan - Well I’d prefer that the task be done ‘in person’ and have you actually exploring a fantasy setting or meeting mythical creatures, rather than playing a game, but I’ll let it pass.

@Koal44 - Aah yes the classic dreaming about trying to have LDs. Hopefully it means you’re close to lucidity! :cool:

Scores are updated

And I had the most disappointing LD this morning… le sigh…

Lucid Fragment - Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 4
Short LDs: 6
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1

Task 1:-E Ride in a Flying Vehicle, Pilot the Vehicle | Hold a Traditional Weapon, Use/Fire the Weapon | Ride in a Flying Vehicle (Lucid Bonus)
Task 2:-E Explore a Castle, Explore Below Ground, & Cast a Spell | Encounter a Mythical Creature | Witness or Get Into a Fight | Transform your Appearance
Task 3:-E Fly in/on Something that Shouldn’t, See a Chase / Race, Participate in the Chase, & Escape from Trap/Cell/Restraints

Side Quest: Super Hero Genre | Science Fiction Genre

Non-lucid dream in which I explore a castle.

I claim the “castle” task. I’m not sure if the counts for the “castle tower” subtask; this castle didn’t really have a tower, but I was able to get up to the top of the castle wall.

@Cornelia - Ack… Well, lucid is better than not lucid! :colgate:

@Susan_Y - It was the highest point of the castle, and you looked out at the view, so that’s close enough. You’ve edged ahead of Cornelia, but only by 10 points. :smile:

Scores are updated

Posted a long LD (LINK TO DJ) in which I fly on Pegasus, fly and play with my children, do many playground games, play soccer with 3 LD4ALL children members and I draw a forest.

So I can claim quite a few task points:

  • Slide
    ~ handrail not sure what it means

  • Draw a picture

  • Prank

  • Blame someone else

  • Ball game

  • Jump game - didn’t recall this task during the dream, I though I’d claim it as “other”

  • play with LD4A members

  • they appear as children

@Obfusc8, I didn’t know about that specific point about the tasks (do in person preferred), so thanks for awarding me points anyhow.
In any case, I guess that flying on Pegasus fully qualifies for the side quest, so my conscience is clean :tongue:

Finally had a nice, lengthy lucid. I’ll briefly summarize what happened but if you would like more detail I can post the dream journal. :smile:

-explored a castle. It was a huge beautiful castle with a library, that looked straight out of Hogwarts. There were plenty of mythical creatures inside too along with wizards, witches and anime characters… could this count for the fantasy side mission aswell?
-Explored a forest. When I went outside, I was in this haunted forest at night time. It was slightly eerie but nothing special. Didn’t stay here for too long.

  • Talk to animal/beast. It was a large talking panda bear. He seemed friendly and offered me a place to stay the night.
  • I explored a bedroom, during a false awakening, but was able to gain lucidity back. The room looked like a three bedroom hotel on the second floor.

I also played around with telekinesis/flying a lot in this lucid, but I don’t think there is anything worth points there.


@GenghisKhan - Heh child-me sounds cute! Especially turning up in a mini-biker suit. :cool: Handrail - er, runs along the side of a set of stairs (indoors or out) for you to hold on to. It sounded like a playground slide though, so I’ve given you points for that instead. Oh and talking to a child, since you warned your children about only flying in dreams. :happy:

@Jer - Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome dream. I’ve taken ‘lengthy’ as meaning long, and the mythical creatures would definitely count for the Fantasy side mission, moving you on to the Historical genre.

Hope I got everything… the score sheet is getting kinda long and my laptop screen is small! :razz:
Scores are updated

Ah ok, got it thanks - thought it was something more specific :smile: