Lucidity Challenge 53 - winner GenghisKhan!

  1. Thorn — Breathe fire.
  2. James_UK2008 — Grow to Kaiju size.
  3. Oleg — Travel through space.
  4. Pedro Sponchiado — meet my deceased grandmother and talk to her.
  5. Cornelia Xaos — Finally have that flight with Cardia. :tongue:
  6. Mew151 — Sing in front of an audience
  7. Jer — Fly with an LC participant
  8. Koal44 — Freeze Time

Well I found the character Transformation quite cool but it is also really hard for me to morph into other creatures so I won t complain that it disappears :smile:

  1. Thorn — Breathe fire.
  2. James_UK2008 — Grow to Kaiju size.
  3. Oleg — Travel through space.
  4. Pedro Sponchiado — meet my deceased grandmother and talk to her.
  5. Cornelia Xaos — Finally have that flight with Cardia. :tongue:
  6. Mew151 — Sing in front of an audience
  7. Jer — Fly with an LC participant
  8. Koal44 — Freeze Time
  9. drd — Ride Smokey
  1. Thorn — Breathe fire.
  2. James_UK2008 — Grow to Kaiju size.
  3. Oleg — Travel through space.
  4. Pedro Sponchiado — meet my deceased grandmother and talk to her.
  5. Cornelia Xaos — Finally have that flight with Cardia. :tongue:
  6. Mew151 — Sing in front of an audience
  7. Jer — Fly with an LC participant
  8. Koal44 — Freeze Time
  9. drd — Ride Smokey
  10. GenghisKhan — Become water

First time I participate to LC, wish me luck :happy:

Alright! We’ve reached 10 sign ups so the challenge will begin on Wed 6th Jan at around 1pm GMT (or whenever I get my lunch break :tongue:)

Best of luck everyone! :happy:

  1. Thorn — Breathe fire.
  2. James_UK2008 — Grow to Kaiju size.
  3. Oleg — Travel through space.
  4. Pedro Sponchiado — meet my deceased grandmother and talk to her.
  5. Cornelia Xaos — Finally have that flight with Cardia. :tongue:
  6. Mew151 — Sing in front of an audience
  7. Jer — Fly with an LC participant
  8. Koal44 — Freeze Time
  9. drd — Ride Smokey
  10. GenghisKhan — Become water
  11. Susan_Y - Wear some new clothes

For my personal goal: be able to see myself well enough to tell what I’m wearing; and it’s not something I own in waking life.

Week 1 - Pandora

A little introduction…

[spoiler]You awake in utter darkness. Around you are the sounds of other people already moving around.
“Wait… I think I’ve found a…” Someone says.
There is a click, and suddenly the floor gives way and dumps you all unceremoniously out of the darkness onto grass covered ground. In the sudden bright light you can see the underside of a space ship above you. Lying on the grass around you are several other confused looking people. Someone is whistling.

Wondering where that whistling is coming from you start to look around. You spot a tall, skinny guy in a leather jacket. He is strolling off towards the tree line, glances back, sees you all and does a double take.
“Er, what are you…? Oh, right, the lucid challenge… er. Right then. Okay. Well, I’m Obfusc8. Hi.”

Suddenly an arrow whistles past Obfusc8’s head and thunks into the space ship. To your surprise, the ship makes a mechanical squeal of pain. It then shrinks down and transforms into a speeder bike before shooting off into the forest, leaving you all feeling exposed in this grassy clearing.

Looking at where the arrow came from you can see the tree line is bristling with tall, blue skinned aliens brandishing bows, spears and other sharp looking weapons. The ground starts rumbling and the noise of machinery can be heard. From the other side of the clearing several large mech suits stomp out of the tree line. They are accompanied by massive tanks that smash down the trees caught in their path.

“I’ll get the ship… you folks deal with-” Obfusc8 gestures at the two opposing forces lining up for a fight. “…this!” Then he sprints off into the forest following the path the speeder bike took. You look around at the other challengers, wondering who is going to make the first move.

Welcome to Pandora!

Visit a planet or moon other than Earth 10pts
-The planet or moon is deserted +10pts
-The planet or moon has aliens living there +10pts

See people in military uniforms (I will accept sci-fi themed uniforms from TV/films e.g. Starfleet, even if they aren’t technically military.) 20pts

[color=red]Find a rare or expensive element or substance (‘unobtainium’, diamonds, gold, uranium) 20pts
-use the element in some way, melt it, cut it, make something from it, eat it, what happens? +30pts

Change your skin colour to something non-human (blue/purple/green etc) 20pts
-Grow a tail +30pts

Ride in a flying vehicle or space craft (dust off your LC50 hovergear if you like) 20pts
-Pilot the vehicle +30pts
-Perform an aerial stunt +20pts

Control a mech suit or heavy machinery (digger, tank, stuff like that) 30pts
-Lift or smash something heavy +20pts
Explore a forest or jungle 20pts
-Forest parkour: Free run through a forest, using branches, vines and plants. Try swinging from vines. Tarzan impressions optional. +30pts

See a colossal tree (not just any scrawny little tree, a big old one, bigger than a building at least!) 20pts
-Talk to the tree, meditate, pray or sit in quiet contemplation under it. Will it talk back? What insight will it give? +30pts

Talk to an animal/beast (this task doesn’t require a conversation, it doesn’t have to talk back to you) 20pts
-use telepathy to join with the animal’s mind. What is it thinking? +30pts
-control/direct the animal +20pts

Hold a ‘traditional’ weapon e.g. sword, bow and arrow, axe, spear, etc 30pts
-hit something/fire the weapon +20pts

Ignore the fact that some tasks are red and some green, all tasks are worth the listed points. :smile:

Side Mission

This is completely optional. You can ignore it completely and focus on the main lucid challenge tasks, or if you want to work on your dream recall or dream incubation skills, you can attempt to earn some extra points. You do not need to be lucid, any dream that matches the genre you are currently assigned will count. You don’t score the lucid or early bonuses for these, so getting lucid and doing the current tasks should be your main focus.

The side mission is designed to test your abilities to incubate dreams on a specific theme. It consists of a wheel of different film/tv genres. You can score points by having dreams related to the genres described. You have been assigned a random starting point in the wheel. Each time you claim a dream which matched the theme, you advance one place clockwise and gain +10pts. If you complete the entire circle you gain +60pts. The dreams can be lucid or non-lucid but you need to report what you did/saw that matches the current genre you are on in order to be awarded points.

THE DREAM DOESN’T NEED TO PERFECTLY MATCH. If you’re on a spaceship and a crew member gets murdered, then that would count for the Detective/Police genre OR the Science Fiction genre. If you find yourself dreaming about exploring a spooky ghost-haunted castle and suddenly Spider Man shows up, then you could count it for either Horror or Superhero genres.

Of course not everyone likes all the genres down here, so you get the option to SKIP up to 2 times (move over a genre you’d rather not do). You can REPEAT a theme up to 2 times (stay on your current genre rather than move on). Also you can JUMP to any genre you like up to 2 times. You can only use one of these in a row. (And yes, if you have two of your current genre dreams consecutively in one night, I’ll allow you to be extremely cheeky and play a single REPEAT to earn points for both, but I won’t allow you to JUMP or SKIP in the middle of the night, you must declare them before you claim.)

It’s supposed to be a bit of fun, and hopefully encourage you to concentrate on your dream recall even if you aren’t getting lucid as often as you’d like.

The final decision of what matches a particular genre is mine. So please, no drama if I refuse to e.g. grant you Adventure points for your dream about a space station (that’s Sci-Fi!). That said, I’m waaaay too lenient, so post it anyway with the reasons you think it should count. :smile:

I’m on the Fantasy genre. After a few nights trying I get an epic Lord of the Rings dream in which I fight a Balrog, I post and claim 10pts. This moves me on to the Historical/Western genre. Urgh. Can’t think of anything worse. Plus, I’m going to catch up on the latest series of Walking Dead tonight and hopefully end up with some zombie dreams, so I play a SKIP to move onto the Horror genre. Sure enough that night my dreams are plagued by zombies so I post and claim another 10pts. Now I’m on the Musical genre. That’s not really my thing either, so I play a JUMP to move to any genre I choose, and decide to select the Superhero genre because I am Batman, so that’s bound to show up in a dream sooner or later.

Here are the genres:
1. Science Fiction - Futuristic, future tech, space, spaceships, exploring other planets, aliens, mech suits.
2. Medical - doctors and nurses, hospitals, surgery, identifying illnesses and medical conditions, saving the injured.
3. Adventure - exploring exotic locations (jungle, desert, mountains, deep ocean), lost continents, ancient tombs and ruins.
4. Detective/Police - investigating or witnessing a crime, police, forensics, arresting a suspect.
5. Fantasy - magic, supernatural forces, fantasy monsters, exotic fantasy worlds, mythology, folklore
6. Historical/Western - Vikings, Romans, Victorian Era, World Wars, Cowboys and Indians/Frontier towns
7. Horror - macabre, supernatural, fright-fests, vampires, werewolves.
8. Musical - featuring the act of making music, playing instruments, or musicians, dancing, singing, bursting into song for no apparent reason.
9. Crime - organised crime, mobsters, heist, bank robberies, computer crime.
10. Action - challenges and physical feats, chases, pursuits, combat, life threatening situations.
11. Children - talking animals, princes and princesses, cartoon characters.
12. Superhero - super powers, vigilantism, wearing a hero costume, crime fighting using powers or gadgets.

From Superhero you jump back to Science Fiction and go around again. You must complete all 12 genres to earn the 60pt bonus.

Here are your starting locations: (randomly rolled with a d12 based on the order you signed up in)
Thorn - 3 Adventure
James_uk2008 - 10 Action
Oleg - 11 Children
Pedro - 6 Historical/Western
Cornelia - 12 Superhero
Mew151 - 5 Fantasy
Jer - 5 Fantasy
Koal44 - 8 Musical
drd - 7 Horror
GenghisKhan - 1 Science Fiction
Susan_Y - 8 Musical
Lumessence - 4 Detective/Police

Remember you can use a JUMP or SKIP if you don’t like your randomly assigned starting point!

PM me if you have any questions or want clarification on anything. :smile:

I am super excited about this ! :happy:

I know i keep saying I shouldn’t join, due to always seeming to drop out half way through… Though recently i’ve taken on a lucid goal that i’m working on, and I need more of an excuse to write in my dream journal…

If it’s not too late, i’d like to sign up… If you don’t allow that though, then that’s alright.

You are more than welcome to join in, Lumessence. All that is needed is your personal goal worth 100pts if completed while lucid.

Your random start location for the side mission is 4: Detective/Police genre.

@GhenghisKhan: Hype!! :happy:


Lumessence - Make constructive contact with Noehl.

I know that’s a little vague, writing it as “constructive”, but it’s a person problem i need to figure out through contacting this entity (in theory).

If i feel like i’ve spoken to this entity in a constructive manner, then i’ll pass off my goal. This means that simply encountering them, or even speaking to them is not going to be sufficient for me. It must be relevant to my goal, relating to what i’m trying to get figured out.

4, hm?.. I’d like to use my jump to 1. The first 3 are the most interesting in the list to me, and i feel like most of the things past 3 may never be covered in my dreams… Might aswell get what i can :smile:

Wow I love the side mission!
I guess I will not have that many LDs as I m travelling this month so it will at least be something nice to get some small points :happy:

Also nice to have a small description of you in the story Obfusc8, next I dream from you, I hope I ll see you like in your description :smile:

I suppose it is ok posting while the week is still in progress, isn’t it ?


Short summary: mostly a preparatory LD. I am recruited, together with more fellow space-marines, on a space mission to explore a mysterious planet holding a new resource precious to humanity. I board a gigantic space-ship, I get training on my suit and weapon.

At this stage I can only claim little points:

  • See people in military uniforms 20pts
  • Ride in a flying vehicle or space craft 20pts
  • Optional thematic 10pts (1. Sci-fi), which moves me onto 2. Medical (no need to skip, I think I can manage it)

But I see big potential with the dream follow-up :smile:

Interesting non-lucid dream here.

*visiting a planet
+deserted (the inhabitants did not originate from that world, unless you count beasts/monsters against that, in which it wasn’t deserted.)

*obtaining a rare substance/element
+crafting something from it (walls)

*Explore a jungle

*talk to an animal/beast
+control/direct the animal

Additonally, sub-mission completed, 1. explore another planet… I"m also curious of you can pass off two parts of the wheel via one dream, provided they are in order… For example, my dream was another planet, which is the sci-fi “explore a planet”, but I also aided an injured (dead even) person while i was there, which would be 2. medical, i think?

Strong starts, GenghisKhan and Lumessence, excellent! :ok:

GenghisKhan, Wow, nice setup for some follow on dreams there. I’m very impressed. Also, congrats on getting lucid on the first night of the challenge. :happy:

Lumessence, I have clarified the Visit another planet subtask as ‘planet has inhabitants’, and as you found beasts on the planet, I have given you the points for that rather than deserted. Also, as you resurrected the DC after qualifying for the ‘Sci-Fi’ theme, I will grant you points for the medical theme as well. Very detailed dream recall too, an enjoyable read. :content:

Score Sheet is updated - side mission tab shows your current progress on the genre/themes including skips/jumps etc.

Amazing. This is the best recall I’ve had for months. Anyway, I had a short LD. I think it may qualify for my horror side mission, as I was captured by bad guys, chased by them while kinda being scared, and I hid from them.

I had a short LD this morning, which I’ve posted here. I don’t believe I earned any other points this morning.

Edit: Oh, crud. This isn’t my dream journal. Uh…

Here, I had a dream with Harry Potter in it. Harry Potter consists primarily of children’s books, and it has wizards and magic castles. The dream, however, was styled after a video game boss fight with the Whomping Willow. Whether or not it counts, I’ll just leave that up to you. I’M GRAAAASPING.

Oh, and my personal goal is “do that thing you’re already supposed to do but halfway”. Okay.

Congrats on the lucids drd and Thorn, just wanted to quicky post before people sleep again.

Drd - “kinda” scary? :tongue: well, sure, if you felt fear then it counts for the horror theme. (Also, spiders and being imprisoned in a creepy basement.) Good to hear your recall is picking up.

Oleg - while yes, Harry Potter is a children’s book, the dream didn’t seem very ‘kiddie’ - the castle and whomping willow would be closer to the fantasy genre. You mentioned the hogwarts common room, were you in a school classroom at any point? (I feel kinda bad since it sounds like you inadvertantly did some things that might be tasks planned for a later week! :sad:)
Also how big was the whomping willow tree boss? Colossal? Sounds like you did a task to me, but it might have been a very small boss… let me know if you want to claim points for that. :smile:

I can claim task points for holding “traditional” weapon, and using it, by THIS ND fragment. Not that I am very proud of it, since I was aiming higher, but well…