Lucidity Challenge 53 - winner GenghisKhan!

You put my 20 point task in the wrong cell in the score sheet, slacker.~

I had a ND this morning. I recall a part where I am in some place having fun with my waking life friends, it was fun the dream because most information was true in reality. unfortunately all fragmented again :sad: .

At some moment, we were trying to recall a “beat” (not sure how to call it… those songs with no vocal, like eletronics but I think different… for example Turn Down for What), like trying to make it with the mouth :tongue: (ignore the weirdness). I think it counts to musical genre. Then I use another Skip and go to Action.

had a ND this morning where I was holding a laser saber and running to escape a girl and an older lady (but thanks to the dark side she was running super fast! :happy: ) with other laser sabers.

Does a laser saber count for a "traditional weapon? It is still a sword so… :tongue:

@Thorn - Just checking that you’re paying attention. :razz:

@Cornelia - Yaaay spaceships! Definitely exploring the world in style. :ok:

@Pedro - Yep, making weird musical noises is good enough for me. (And lol@ the Turn Down the What video :content: ) You’re on to the Action genre as requested. That is both of your SKIPs used now, you have 2x REPEAT and 2xJUMP remaining.

@Koal - Hahahahha, no, there is nothing ‘traditional’ about a lightsaber, but you get (imaginary) amusement points for attempting to claim it. :lol:

New tasks soon…

End of Week 1 Scores

  • GenghisKhan 390
  • Lumessence, Koal44 190
  • Oleg, Pedro Sponchiado 140
  • Thorn 90
  • Cornelia Xaos 70
  • Susan_Y, Jer 40
  • Drd, James_uk2008 30
  • Mew151 0

The runaway leader is GenghisKhan with some long, themed lucid dreams that helped him rack up the task points.

Our side mission stars are Lumessence and Pedro Sponchiado with 2 ‘genre’ completions each.

Week 2: Wizard Wheezes

the story continues…

[spoiler]Flying over the forest of this alien world you leave the battle between the invading tank-controlling humans and the defiant blue-skinned natives far behind. You spot the ship that brought you here in a clearing and fly down to find several familiar looking people.

Obfusc8 is gently patting the giant ship.
“The hole is gone, look, it vanished when you transformed. No one can see it.”
The ship makes a whining mechanical noise.
“Fine, fine, I promise our next destination will not have any hostile natives. No bows or arrows. Promise.”
Obfusc8 turns and regards you all standing around in the clearing. “Well, how was that eh? Did you have fun on Pandora? Anyway, we’d better get out of here while we can, hop in and let’s go.”

You climb aboard the space ship, through the main hatch this time rather than the cargo hold. After a rush of acceleration and a view of stars, you emerge in someplace entirely different…

The sky is dark and stormy. Lightning tears through the sky revealing a large old castle ahead, partially surrounded by a thick forest. Train tracks glitter below you, a metal path guiding the way.

Out of the darkness thick heavy branches loom and smash against the ship’s windshield, shattering it.

The ship tumbles out of the sky with a mechanical scream as Obfusc8 curses and tries to get it under control.
“Abandon Ship! Everyone out!”
You dive for the exit and manage to get clear of the ship before it crash lands in front of the castle.

An enormous tree is waving it’s branches madly at the ship, apparently in anger.
“It’s alright, I got this.” One contestant says, “I fought one of these last week…” :content: [/spoiler]
Explore a castle 20pts
-admire the view from the top of a castle tower (don’t care if you climb, fly, or take the stairs, just describe the view from the top) +10pts
-search the castle dungeons/below ground level (will you find a troll there?) +10pts
-enter the great hall +10pts

Ride a train 20pts
-Steam train +10pts
-Modern train +10pts
-Drive the train! Choo choo! :happy: +20pts

Fly in/on something that shouldn’t (e.g. car, motorbike, phone box, piano, broomstick, train, penguin) 20pts
-play quiddich or any aerial-based game/race +30pts
-catch the golden snitch (or score the game winning point) +50pts

Encounter a mythical/magical creature (e.g. dragon, phoenix, unicorn, giant, elf) 20pts
-Meet a magical creature from the Harry Potter series (e.g. Fawkes, Aragog, Norbet, Buckbeak.) +30pts

Polyjuice time - transform your appearance into a different (human) person 20pts
-Use a potion as a transformation trigger. +20pts
-Turn into an anthro-animal / hybrid form/ tf’s gone wrong (remember when Hermione ended up as a cat-girl? Werewolves are in this bracket too, as this is a subtask you need to be still partly human, i.e. retaining arms/legs/hands) +30pts

Cast a spell (any ‘magical’ effect, activated like a spell or through a magical artifact, preferably with hand gestures and magic words!) 30pts
-use a wand +20pts
-cast a famous spell from the Harry Potter series. (any of the spell names mentioned in any of the books or films, including the ‘dark arts’ if you are that way inclined!) +30pts

See/find some “Weasley’s wizard wheezes” (magical sweets/candy) 20pts
-eat one and report the effect +10pts
-make a dc eat one and report the effect +10pts

Send or receive a letter using an animal (This is a tricky one I think, but you can combo it with last week’s talk to an animal task if you’re confident enough to attempt it.) 30pts
-send or receive a howler +30pts[/color]

Another NLD’d task. Swords are nice. :razz:

RPG Mix - Non-Lucid Dream - Hold a Traditional Weapon, Use/Fire the Weapon
Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2

Task 1:-E Ride in a Flying Vehicle, Pilot the Vehicle | Hold a Traditional Weapon, Use/Fire the Weapon

Nice tasks !

One question: Can I still claim points for Week 1 tasks I haven’t tackled yet ?

In this morning’s dream, I saw both myself and my “daughter” in the military uniforms from the Halo video game series.

Sorry I’m late, but can I join the challenge, please? I can’t stay away from such fun tasks. :content: :wiske:


  1. Thorn — Breathe fire.
  2. James_UK2008 — Grow to Kaiju size.
  3. Oleg — Travel through space.
  4. Pedro Sponchiado — meet my deceased grandmother and talk to her.
  5. Cornelia Xaos — Finally have that flight with Cardia. :tongue:
  6. Mew151 — Sing in front of an audience
  7. Jer — Fly with an LC participant
  8. Koal44 — Freeze Time
  9. drd — Ride Smokey
  10. GenghisKhan — Become water
  11. Susan_Y - Wear some new clothes
  12. Lumessence - TBC
  13. En’enra - Meet a familiar DC (Sikain, Atton, the nameless guide, or Simor)

@Cornelia - Oooo cool sword. Like the name too. :cool:

@GenghisKhan - All tasks are still worth the same points, it only effects the ‘early’ bonus, which you already earned. :smile:

@Thorn - President? Hehehe. My my… cool suits. You didn’t consider them mech suits/power armor?

@En’enra - Welcome to the challenge! I think you’ve lucked out here, as your starting point for the side mission is 5 ‘Fantasy’, perfect for this week’s tasks… :content:

Scores are updated

obfusc8, I actually did think it was that, but for some reason I didn’t think you’d count it. If that’s what you think works, then please do move it to that category instead! That, or if I could count my own as power armor and have seeing my “daughter” count for seeing somebody in a military uniform…? Do what you think is best.

Claiming points for the side mission: “Crime”

My friend Maite was hiding in a well with her Family from someone. Someone said: I m sure it s Jack! (He meant Jack the Ripper!).

Eventhough there was no crime I think hiding from Jack the Ripper counts for “Crime” right? :happy:

Incubating look pretty easy this week: 7 days => 7 Harry Potter movies
Nice Job Obfusc8! :tongue:

Two lucids this night ! Amazing ! :happy:

I was very focused on LC tasks, so I can claim quite some points :cool:

  • Explore a castle

  • admire the view from the top of a castle tower

  • enter the great hall
    dungeons nope - I was almost there, but still…

  • Ride train

  • steam train

  • Transform into a different (human) person (on the 2nd lucid)

  • Turn into an anthro-animal / hybrid form
    ~ Potion as a transformation trigger: I think so - however I used it when changed into hybrid but not when changing to another human, so I leave it to obfusc8

  • Cast spell (I cast 2: orb light + day/night)

  • use wand (yes, for both)

  • See magical sweets

  • eat one and report the effect
    ~ make a dc eat one, yes, but not sure about the effect, as I was… er… busy

  • Receive a letter using an animal: yes, owl

Thanks obfusc8, I will keep in mind that week 1 tasks are still feasible !
As a side note, I am doing an awful job at the side quest

Ran out of lunch-break to update the score sheet and read through your posts, sorry…

…And just found out that Alan Rickman is dead. One of my favourite actors of all time.

Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, now Alan Rickman… Absolutely gutted. :sad: I’m in mourning.

Sorry for the losts obfusc8 :hugs:
Today had 2 ND’s fragments here. The fragment with action theme was before than the with children theme, so I think I can claim points for both.

Ok, back up to date.

@Koal44 - Hmmm hiding from Jack the Ripper… that sounds perfect for the Horror theme, but I don’t see a ‘Crime’ involved, unless you saw him murder someone? Ideally you need to witness or carry out an illegal activity, or hang out with mobsters and criminals. Perhaps you could take something without someone’s permission… (I’ve been known to nick a few motorbikes in lucid dreams, so something along those lines would be great. :smile:)

@Thorn - Points granted for using a mech suit.

@Genghis - Woah! For a dude that hasn’t seen or read any Harry Potter you sure nailed those tasks! And yes, you are supposed to get the DC to suck the candy not your… nevermind… Emma Watson, understand completely… :wink:

@Pedro - Good work on those side tasks, you’re on to Superhero, so go do something heroic tonight!

Scores are updated

So… I got a lot to go through today. :happy:

I had TWO lucid dreams! A short and medium… Also did a bunch of tasks! I’m gonna claim a couple of the castle tasks. It was built into the mountain so I did end up in underground bits!

Also… would seeing a Wizard-of-Oz-esque witch count as seeing a mythical creature? I notice you have Elf on the list and they’re usually classed as humanoids instead of mythical creatures.

There’s one scene during the non-lucid portion of that first dream that’s… ridiculous… but maybe it’ll count? I was using a mech suit… but it was my brother pretending to be a mech suit. I thought about lifting something, but never did. :razz: So tell me if you’ll count this as I have no idea if you will. I’m marking it tentative till you post your response. :tongue:

Also, during my flight up to the castle I did so in the manner of Superman. (Two arms forward.) Would this count for the superhero genre?

Oh… and did I mention I fire magical energy from a diamond sword? :happy:

Apocalyptic Prison - Short Lucid Dream
Pagodon, Nelfville - Medium Lucid Dream - Explore a Castle, Explore Below Ground, Cast a Spell, & Super Hero Genre Task 2 EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 1

Task 1:-E Ride in a Flying Vehicle, Pilot the Vehicle | Hold a Traditional Weapon, Use/Fire the Weapon
Task 2:-E Explore a Castle, Explore Below Ground, & Cast a Spell

Side Quest: Super Hero Genre

RIP Alan Rickman

Non-lucid dream, in which I am on stage in an opera of some kind.

I claim the “musical” sidetask.

@Cornelia - Hehehe, er, no standing on your brother’s feet doesn’t count as a mech suit, even if he’s pretending, it’s just utterly bonkers… :lol:

As for the witch, I couldn’t see a physical description in your DJ. If she was just a regular looking human, no, that doesn’t count. If she was green-skinned or appeared to be something other than human, then maaaaaybe.

My opinion on elves, being a massive LOTR geek, is that they are magical beings because they are (at least in Tolkien’s books) immortal, and able to recover from grievous wounds that would kill regular humans, without scarring. Also, with the pointy ears, height and grace, they are physically distinguishable from humans too.

Flying like superman sure sounds like a super power to me, so it counts for the side mission. You are on to Science Fiction, should be easy for you, right?

Also, grats on jumping to 2nd place! :happy:

@Susan_Y - Yep, great, you are on to the Crime genre.

Scores are updated