Lucidity Challenge 53 - winner GenghisKhan!


Lumessence - Make constructive contact with Noehl.

I know that’s a little vague, writing it as “constructive”, but it’s a person problem i need to figure out through contacting this entity (in theory).

If i feel like i’ve spoken to this entity in a constructive manner, then i’ll pass off my goal. This means that simply encountering them, or even speaking to them is not going to be sufficient for me. It must be relevant to my goal, relating to what i’m trying to get figured out.

4, hm?.. I’d like to use my jump to 1. The first 3 are the most interesting in the list to me, and i feel like most of the things past 3 may never be covered in my dreams… Might aswell get what i can :smile:

Wow I love the side mission!
I guess I will not have that many LDs as I m travelling this month so it will at least be something nice to get some small points :happy:

Also nice to have a small description of you in the story Obfusc8, next I dream from you, I hope I ll see you like in your description :smile:

I suppose it is ok posting while the week is still in progress, isn’t it ?


Short summary: mostly a preparatory LD. I am recruited, together with more fellow space-marines, on a space mission to explore a mysterious planet holding a new resource precious to humanity. I board a gigantic space-ship, I get training on my suit and weapon.

At this stage I can only claim little points:

  • See people in military uniforms 20pts
  • Ride in a flying vehicle or space craft 20pts
  • Optional thematic 10pts (1. Sci-fi), which moves me onto 2. Medical (no need to skip, I think I can manage it)

But I see big potential with the dream follow-up :smile:

Interesting non-lucid dream here.

*visiting a planet
+deserted (the inhabitants did not originate from that world, unless you count beasts/monsters against that, in which it wasn’t deserted.)

*obtaining a rare substance/element
+crafting something from it (walls)

*Explore a jungle

*talk to an animal/beast
+control/direct the animal

Additonally, sub-mission completed, 1. explore another planet… I"m also curious of you can pass off two parts of the wheel via one dream, provided they are in order… For example, my dream was another planet, which is the sci-fi “explore a planet”, but I also aided an injured (dead even) person while i was there, which would be 2. medical, i think?

Strong starts, GenghisKhan and Lumessence, excellent! :ok:

GenghisKhan, Wow, nice setup for some follow on dreams there. I’m very impressed. Also, congrats on getting lucid on the first night of the challenge. :happy:

Lumessence, I have clarified the Visit another planet subtask as ‘planet has inhabitants’, and as you found beasts on the planet, I have given you the points for that rather than deserted. Also, as you resurrected the DC after qualifying for the ‘Sci-Fi’ theme, I will grant you points for the medical theme as well. Very detailed dream recall too, an enjoyable read. :content:

Score Sheet is updated - side mission tab shows your current progress on the genre/themes including skips/jumps etc.

Amazing. This is the best recall I’ve had for months. Anyway, I had a short LD. I think it may qualify for my horror side mission, as I was captured by bad guys, chased by them while kinda being scared, and I hid from them.

I had a short LD this morning, which I’ve posted here. I don’t believe I earned any other points this morning.

Edit: Oh, crud. This isn’t my dream journal. Uh…

Here, I had a dream with Harry Potter in it. Harry Potter consists primarily of children’s books, and it has wizards and magic castles. The dream, however, was styled after a video game boss fight with the Whomping Willow. Whether or not it counts, I’ll just leave that up to you. I’M GRAAAASPING.

Oh, and my personal goal is “do that thing you’re already supposed to do but halfway”. Okay.

Congrats on the lucids drd and Thorn, just wanted to quicky post before people sleep again.

Drd - “kinda” scary? :tongue: well, sure, if you felt fear then it counts for the horror theme. (Also, spiders and being imprisoned in a creepy basement.) Good to hear your recall is picking up.

Oleg - while yes, Harry Potter is a children’s book, the dream didn’t seem very ‘kiddie’ - the castle and whomping willow would be closer to the fantasy genre. You mentioned the hogwarts common room, were you in a school classroom at any point? (I feel kinda bad since it sounds like you inadvertantly did some things that might be tasks planned for a later week! :sad:)
Also how big was the whomping willow tree boss? Colossal? Sounds like you did a task to me, but it might have been a very small boss… let me know if you want to claim points for that. :smile:

I can claim task points for holding “traditional” weapon, and using it, by THIS ND fragment. Not that I am very proud of it, since I was aiming higher, but well…

@GenghisKhan - Proud or not, it’s put you into the lead! :smile:

Scores are updated

Non-lucid dream in which I see some militia guys in camouflage uniforms occupy a government building.

I think this counts for “see people in military uniform task”. (Even if they weren’t working for the federal government…)

@Susan_Y - Noted, that gets you off the starting line and up into 3rd place, but drd & Thorn are right behind you… better get lucid! :content:

Scores are updated

  • I imagined as much. I was grasping, after all. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • The dream took place only outside and inside the common room. Nowhere else.
  • The Whomping Willow was larger than it was in the movies, but I’m not sure what size it really was. It was dark and covered in stylistically convenient shadows and whatnot… I would say its size was someplace between its canon size and the size of Shadow of the Colossus bosses…

Anyhow, I have a short lucid dream here. Wee. Eh. I tried to use what was essentially magic and then swung around some ugly sword. But it didn’t occur on some foreign planet. I just randomly found it on the ground.

I’ve been without internet for a while. great ideas obfusc8! sure that the side tasks can help me a little, althought I’ve never tried to incubate something.
I had a medium LD this morning here, claiming points by seeing people with militar uniform(lucidly) and finding a rare and expensive element (non-lucidly). I’m feeling lucky of this LD just after the beginning and 2 tasks :cool: .

Wow more lucids, excellent work guys! :happy:

Oleg - That was some quality recall, and I hear you about the becoming-lucid-without-the-trigger thing and how it makes you forget goals, been getting that quite a bit recently. Of course, it’s awesome being lucid but getting that sudden “wow it’s a dream” moment rocks. You’ve moved up into third place, and been given the points for the Whomping Willow. 'Cause it sounds totally badass, fighting a big shadowy tree. :wink:

Pedro - Great start to the challenge, in just two nights! I’m not much good at incubating, but there must be some guides around here that could help, if you want to try it. :smile:

A LD which I am proud of, I can claim some points, too LINK TO DJ

Short summary: I land on the planet, explore the jungle riding a tank, destroying a tree with it.
I am captured by red lizard alien creatures, which transform me into one of them with a bite.
In this shape, I run in the jungle (no real parkour).
After a while the transform wears out, and I am back at our human base, carrying with me considerable respect for those alien creatures.

Points I can claim:

  • Visit planet
  • Planet has aliens
  • Change skin colour
  • Grow tail
  • Pilot flying vehicle (no aerial stunt)
  • Control heavy machine
  • Smash smthg with it
  • Explore jungle (not sure about parkour tbh)

Colossal tree, hmmm I do not think so.
The trees were big (think sequoias), but I am not sure it counts.

@GenghisKhan - …damn, nice work! You’re going to run out of tasks at this rate. :tongue: (Don’t forget your personal goal and the monthly quest are also options, the later will earn you ‘wings’ as well, above your forum avatar.)

As you may have guessed, the inspiration for the colossal tree task is the Tree of Souls from the film Avatar, so I’m looking for a very large, ancient or special tree. As the whole forest was made of sequoias, I won’t grant points for that.

You didn’t make a note of the length of the dream (in comparison to your other lucids). I made a guess based on the previous one and marked it as long.

Well, you are quite far out in the lead now. Almost makes me wish I was taking part, to see if I can keep up with you! :smile:

Scores are updated

Thanks obfusc8 !

No problem if I run out of main tasks in the coming days, I chose my personal task to be challenging based on my LD history. Plus, the side-quest is lots of fun on its own ! Doing all that, it just means I would get a couple of quiet nights in a month :smile:

As for LD length, I actually noted it at the beginning of the DJ entry.
I estimated at 20-30 mins using the usual method (church bells :tongue: )
I consider this length “medium” on my scale, with “long” being 45min+, but please measure it as you consider the fairest.

As for the Tree, I just watched the first half hour of Avatar, then got bored :peek:
In any case yes, I understand the Tree should be special, while no special Tree was present in my LD, so i fully agree on scoring no points there !

Cheers !

I’m up for that but I don’t think I’ll have any LD’S :sad: