Lucidity Challenge 54 Winner DTDownUnder!

Um… who is Terry Pratchett? :razz: (Guess this means I’m not getting those points. :razz: )

Terry Pratchett was the author of the Discworld fantasy novels … in which, among other things, there are a number of scenes where the characters sing songs with mildly dirty lyrics.

And I am claiming the first LD in which our LC host was playing with me :smile:
Short LD with a few side missions:

· Feel something that you touch.
· See something that is not black or grey

I think I did more but I cannot remember properly the feelings so I ll let them.

Yay ! A DILD !

Medium length DILD (LINK TO DJ), in which I find myself in my youngness room, float through a window, go to a city park and set up a tent in a clearing among the trees.
Claim points for below tasks:

  • See something colored - the curtain on the window was distinctly light blue (it was taken from my memory after all)
  • Set up tent
  • Explore woods - Not sure: I walk through the city park for a bit, many dense trees, but it’s not woods

Interestingly enough, when thinking about it this morning, my mind could have set a framework for getting me younger than my current age (another task), since I started the dream in the room I last stayed in ~12 years ago. However, I did not “feel” younger during the dream, so I am not claiming any points.

No Lucids yets. However, I did get a side task done in normal dreams.

I saw plenty of colors, including but not limited to blue & red. I had traveled back in time to an old store from the 90s and was seeing a whole bunch of nostalgic stuff, including an array of M&M dispensers.

Just a short lucid for me. I’m gonna claim the see colors task. I recall a very vibrant green.

Almost Forgotten Lucid - Short Lucid Dream - Side Task: See a Color

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~
Side Task: See a Color

Ok so i’m getting in on the action a little late but I think I have made up for it with the amount of recall I had last night. I usually fill around 2-4 pages of my DJ each morning but this morning I filled a full page with just single worded notes.
I have started a digital DJ to make things a bit easier for me.

For this ND I am claiming following :
See a colour that is not black, white or a shade of grey.
Dream appeared in full color (as far as I could tell) but to confirm this I clearly remember the library steps having gold colored flashings. And the bricks were brown.

Hear a sound that is something other than a DC speaking.
Hear music.

The dog barking and the music in the concert.

Personal goal in a non-lucid dream.
For my personal goal, I found a symbol but I wasn’t able to bring back a very clear image of it. I will try to get a better image of It in my next LD.

All NDs for me. Definitely saw lots of red (a display in a Knights of Sidonia-style battle, a tongue, a blanket), yellow on the same blanket, blond hair on a girl, etc.

Heard our cat meowing angrily at me (does that count as a DC speaking?), and he also jumped up on me and started biting me through the blanket (felt both of those, the blanket and sharp cat teeth).

Also came out of a TV at one point, and started watching it as a show instead. Ended up turning into a Steven Universe thing, and it had some song going. I don’t specifically remember the instrumental stuff, but I don’t think it was just vocals.

Also tasted some produce while at a grocery store. Just started eating it off the shelves and paid later. xD Taste I remember most was cucumbers.

Dated/ate dinner with/talked with some cannibals later. At the end, I decided to kill them, so my (RL) bf and I went back in their underground enclosure. The elevator between the two floors was long, and when we got back down, I made a black hole in my mouth that was sort of purple, black, and white swirled. I’d “charge” it in my mouth (which made a feeling like a filled bubblegum bubble), then decide where it would hit. After that, I would “charge” the feeling again to take it back in my mouth. Did that twice, then one of the guys tried to bait me into placing it onto a blank canvas so they could catch me in the act. I did put it on the painting, but instead disguised it so it wasn’t obvious. My mouth didn’t feel like it had another more in it after I placed it, and we watched as the clan’s matron reluctantly opened it to find a folded paper flower instead of a canvas. The black hole was hidden inside it, and as she held it, I activated the black hole again. I’d charged it up a lot longer than usual, so it covered a lot more area. (Actually, it acted more like the globe from Tenseiga, now that I think about it, except it grew and shrunk as it worked.) The lights dimmed, the building started shaking and crumbling, and my bf and I got the hell out of there in the elevator (of which the outside looked plastic).

Okay, so most of the last part wasn’t needed, but it was a fun dream. :tongue:

No points for me, as I’m hosting, but last nights dream was interesting enough to post. I was tf’d as Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus. Scene I’ve snipped, and encounter with an H R Giger style alien (not quite the same as in the mvues, but very like some of the paintings in ARh+.

First LD of the challenge! I’d say it was a short one. If anything below doesn’t count, let me know. I did complete a few main and side tasks. I’ll just put the dream below and bold those which were tasks:

I was having a normal dream and someone was stalking me. They were part of the police force and were doing a raid on my house (not actually my house irl though) to get closer to me and let me know they could see me anytime they wanted. The man grabbed my arms, dragged me back to a bedroom, then picked me up by my throat and held me in the air. The room was filled with mirrors :cool: and someone else was in there on their knees, maybe my father, idk. The man shook me around in the air, only his one hand grasped around my throat still. He motioned to move me towards the mirrors which had sharp edges and was planning to cut me with them.

It was at that point that I became lucid because I wasn’t in the mood to get cut. Suddenly he released his grasp on my throat and I was standing on my own. I then grabbed one of the mirrors and broke it in a jagged half which hurt like hell. Like I said, the edges of the mirror were sharp and they cut my hands and it did hurt. I then took one of the mirror halves and jammed it into his throat, essentially like a horizontal guillotine. Fortunately I didn’t have to see any of it as my attention was already being drawn to the tasks, so I did it without even looking at him (kind of was facing him sideways).

I then proceeded to find a campsite for the main tasks, as well as an opportunity to complete the LD4all task of the month. I envisioned this as a forest/lake sort of area/retreat. I stared at the wall which had a large window in it and walked through the window/wall to get to my destination. After a few seconds of darkness, the area I sought formed around me though it looked like a videogame at first with 3D graphics about on par with Tf2. One of the first things that I thought was odd but cool was that I could hear birds chirping. I mainly thought it was odd because it was an extraneous detail I wasn’t used to.

I then moved towards two small blue envelopes lying on the ground, bunched them up in a ball, and created a ball of fire which I then set on the ground and turned into a very miniature campfire. Of course I sat down by it and then I sang. The song sucked though, I was just singing “Say la la la la la.” I would have finished more things but rl life stuff woke me up.

So overall, I’m claiming the following points (with main tasks all done while lucid):

Hear a sound that is something other than a DC speaking - Birds Chirping
Feel the texture of a surface that you touch (inanimate objects or hair/skin of dream characters counts) - Sharp edge of mirrors
LD4all Quest - Made it to campsite
Sit by a campfire - Obvious
Sing a campfire song - Sang something essentially along the lines of “Say la la la” though there were a few more “la’s”.

In an ND here I came across:

  1. Saw a wide variety of colours thanks to Team Fortress 2 colour style.
  2. Heard a musical cue.

Last night I had a ND (LINK TO DJ) in which I completed Feel the texture of a surface that you touch by felling the smooth texture of a metal glove.

Had a medium LD last night, though there wasn’t much to note. I was flying around but having some difficulties, so then I tried Superman style and had a bit of fun with it. I then flew out to the woods to find a camping spot, came across some ponds/lakes, and dove in one. However, it had some large bug with circular wings that covered the whole pond once I was in and the bug was indestructible.

Anyways, in a ND I also Felt the rain on my shoulder which was very cold. I think that counts as feeling cold? I could also smell the air, it smelt like what it smells like when it’s just beginning to rain in the desert, kind of dusty.

Edit: Just wanted to say that I wasn’t claiming points for swimming in a lake, as the pond/lake things weren’t large enough to be lakes, at least by the time I entered them. I’ll make sure to include specifically what I’m claiming points for in future posts.

And here’s a long LD. Not claiming “climb a tree” because all I did was swing from a branch as I ran in a sort of “parkour”-esque maneuver.

Blinding Rays of Light - Long Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1

Task 1: ~ none ~
Side Task: See a Color

Short DILD this morning, but unfortunately no tasks.

This LC is going to be a real challenge for me, I like it :cool:

Another ND, another task.
For this ND I claim the smell somthing task.

I rarely smell things in dreams unless I am lucid and I make an effort.
But my dad made muffins this morning while I was dreaming.

Another DILD (Link to DK) in which I am inside DooM, killing a lot of monsters.
While inside a lift, I hear the sound of machinery, I feel the smooth surface of its wood under my hand, and also hum a DooM theme song.
I also experienced my first (partial) OBE ever, which is a much greater accomplishment, and one I was after since some time, so it’s a special day for me :smile:

Anyway, I guess I can claim points for below tasks, done lucidly:

  • Hear a sound
  • Feel texture
  • Hear Music - I don’t know, humming it’s not a musical instrument, but it’s not singing, either. I leave it to Susan

Another ND.(LINK TO DJ)

I am unsure if I can claim points for the weekly tasks if I wasn’t lucid. If I can then I claim Sit by a campfire (I was kneeling but it’s the same thing to me) and Explore the woods.
If I can’t then no points for me today. :sad:

Congrats GenghisKhan for your first OBE!!! :obe:

I tasted something in a ND last night. It was the base of a pine tree (think Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree size) and you could drink “purified” water out of it. Tasted horrible, was really sweet with a hint of mint and pine.

Task claimed while non lucid:

Tasted Something

ND (LINK TO DJ) in which I can taste a beer. This is something extremely rare for me, both in ND and LD, so cheers !

Claiming points for “Taste something” task, done non-lucidly.