Lucidity Challenge 56 - Winner: MearaDelia !

I’m missing early points from week 2 and 3.

Broke though my dry LD spell today with an LD here which at 2-3 minutes long makes it a medium one for me. No task completed but was re-united with my nan again as she died several years ago. I genuinely felt like I had met her again. :smile:

Thanks for pointing that out, everyone was missing those :grin:

Congratulations on getting lucid !
Based on your DJ entry, I am also awarding you task points for “Eat smthg”, “Feel taste” + wk3 Early/Combo + “Superpower”, “Transform” + wk2 combo

Scores updated

O my god guys, I’ve been having my most lucid dream so far, and I’ve had 4 FLD/LD’s this week :happy: I am so grateful you are doing these challenges here, I’ve never had so much fun + success with lucid dreaming. :hurray: Much thanks to all of you!

I’m still very confused about the distiction between an FLD and an LD… Also I just re-read the LD4all description of FLD and realized I might have interpreted the term wrong all the time… I call something an FLD when in the dream I THINK I am lucid, but then when I wake up I realize it was just me dreaming I was having a lucid dream.

Anyhow, I thought it was most fair to devide my task points in LD/ND based on out of how much free wil and clear, lucid thinking about the challenge I completed the task.

GenghisKhan, these points are described in the 3 latest entries in my dream journal (covering 5 dreams in total): [Lucidity Challenge 56 - Winner: MearaDelia !)

LD points:

  • Eat something
  • Not edible
  • Wearing a costume + Changing from normal cloth + Famous (Barbie in Starlight adventure, where she is a super heroe :razz:)
  • Use a superpower + new superpower + famous (carebear beam)
  • See something coloured
  • Hear something
  • Hear voices
  • Touch something
  • Feel texture

ND points:

  • Mounting a horse (omg omg the most epic horse ride I’ve had in my life!)
  • Fly
  • See black and white + change video settings I think? (it were flashes of black and white, with colour in between)
  • And I think I saved people? I captured an evil magician.

I seem to be immune to smelling things in dreams :razz:

Meara, Wow, you are doing very well ! :happy:
Congratulations on all those tasks while lucid ! :smile:
Happy to hear the LC is providing the right motivation :smile:

Important: I have added you points for one Medium-length LD (please refer Scoring section of first post for further details)
You have to tell me: 1) if that sounds right, 2) if I should also add you points for achieving your Personal Goal (“Have a proper lucid dream”) and/or “First ever LD”, those are important score boosts :wink:

Scores updated

On my way to post Week 4 Tasks !

Welcome to Lucidity Challenge 56 - Week 4


[spoiler]It’s 2 PM in dreamland-Chicago. The Dream Art Institute is long shut closed. A guy phases through the closed doors. He’s got a black bow on his back. It mus be LC56 host - how many sickos would walk around dressed like that ?

Genghis Khan starts speaking in a low voice to himself, pondering:

  • Interesting visit, definitely
  • I wonder if LC participants are museum lovers too
  • Oh well, you know what ? I am the host, so I can make sure they get interested in art, if they care about scoring points at all !
  • Week 4 tasks are going to revolve around Art !

Week 4 - Immortal art

  • Visit a museum +10 pts (A place with several art pieces will do as well)

  • Meet a famous artist +20 pts (It can be a famous ancient painter / writer, but also a modern singer, or entirely made-up by you !)

  • Paint/draw/write smthg +20 pts

  • See a painting +10 pts

    • Famous +20 pts (It’s a dream version of a really existing painting - What’s the same ? What’s changing from the original ?)
    • Enter the picture +30 pts
  • See a statue +10 pts

    • Greek/Roman-looking +20 pts
    • Sculpt/build something +20 pts (From a material or assembling stuff)
    • Animate statue +30 pts (Giving “life” to any kind of inanimate object will do)
  • Sing +20 pts (Does your voice stays the same ?)

  • Play instrument +20 pts (Really existing instrument or invented ? Can you play it IWL ?)

  • Dance +20 pts

  • Take a photograph +20 pts

  • Read a book +20 pts

Non-lucid dream in which I eat the last bit of a Christmas cake.

I claim the points for:

  • eat drink something
  • taste it

I think this should count as ‘early’ for week three, as I did it last night.

The cake tasted exactly how I would exoect a Christmas cake to taste.

Another week with great tasks :happy: I’ve done everything except animating a statue before. I’m a lot better artist in my dreams.

These are great tasks for week 4 - thanks!

How much of the book do we need to read for the ‘read a book’ task? Will a few words/sentences do?

By the way: there’s some published research on the occurrence of smell/touch/taste in people’s dreams:

Prevalence of auditory, olfactory, and gustatory experiences in home dreams. Zadra, Nielsen and Donderi. Perceptual and Motor Skills, number 87, pages 819-826, 1998.

P.S. I think I have the olfactory equivalent of aphantasia — I can’t even imagine a smell that isn’t physically present.

^^ Wait, people can summon up/imagine smells that aren’t there too? Guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

Found an upside to my Aphantasia - in the lunch room, when other people are eating, I can describe the gory bits of horror films/shows or surgery, bodily functions, and they’re all grossed out, presumably because they are actually visualising it in detail. And I’m like, yeah, whatever, nom nom nom. :tongue: (Silver linings and all that… nah I’d still rather be able to visualise.)

Anyway, I heard someone singing in one of these lucids here. So Hear something task + voice, since it was unaccompanied

EDIT - Singing and anything else relevant to week 4 was before I read the tasks, so don’t count any of that for this week.

I’ve got no idea if anyone can do that! The paper “Lives without imagery – congenital aphantasia” by Zeman et al reports the results from a questionnaire that asked, among other things. “Are all types of imagery affected, or can you imagine sounds (including music), textures (by imagined touch), tastes or smells?” But as it doesn’t break out smells from sounds into a separate question, it doesn’t tell us how many people have olfactory imagery.


No need to worry - I specified it only on week 2, but all the previous weeks’ tasks remain current, so feel free to go after them if they seem interesting !

Even just a word. Heck, if the book has picture and you look at them, I will make it valid anyway. It has to be fun, not stress :smile:

Fantasy kinda running out :tongue:


Scores updated

Had an LD here this morning which at around 2-3 minutes long make it a medium one for me. Noa tasks completed but featured a nice transformation into a Xenomorph (Didn’t see myself unfortunatly but heard myself/partically felt myself changed. I think I claimed goal points previously?)

Yes james, I confirm you had already scored both “Superpower” and “Transform” while lucid, so score remains unchanged

I can imagine smells just fine. Recalling a smell from a dream doesn’t happen too often, but it happens.

That’s really cool. Well, depending on what the smell is! :tongue:

Task stuff: Dunno if a row of 8 very similar paintings counts as an exhibit. I went through a picture. Does it have to be one you’ve drawn, or can it be any picture?

Here is the DJ entry

A room with some pictures / paintings is perfect, as I wrote in tasks description.

Also, entering any kind of picture awards point

Scores updated

Here is this week’s singing task. I also stuck my hands in a river and it felt cool. Later I was sweating/feeling hot in another lucid dream, which might count for one of last week’s tasks.

BTW, I am going away this weekend and will probably not do any journalling or see the new tasks. Back on Tues.

Short lucid dream where I mind controlled about 300 women. So that would be “Use a superpower” done lucid. In the non-lucid part of the same dream I drew on a whiteboard, so that’s “Draw something” and early points.

Edit: Oh, I get a lot more points from that lucid:
-See something colored
-Hear something
-Hear voice
-Touch something
-Feel texture
-Feel hot/cold