Lucidity Challenge 57 - Winner DTDownUnder!

  1. GenghisKhan - The sword in the stone (3 transforms: squirrel, fish and bird + escape a bigger enemy without using any dream power + pull the sword out of the stone)
  2. DTDownUnder - ???
  3. Arial - Experience being The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  4. Koal44 - Sing in a Band on stage in front of an audience
  5. footballfreak - bring back an unknown melody from a LD
  6. James_UK2008 - Become Scyther (Pokemon)
  7. Obfusc8 - Find and enter the Lonely Mountain, steal an item from Smaug’s hoard and escape.
  8. Letaali - Find the elusive frozen planet
  9. Susan_Y - Meditate in a lucid dream

Up !

Hi! I have never participated in one of these challenges before & im a bit afraid to do something wrong but— one can be afraid of something and still try it, right? :content:

I have some doubts, I don´t have a dream journal on this site because english isn´t my first language and it would be a bit hard to write them everyday (they´re long!), but maybe if I have a LD related to this quest I could share it on here [My dream art] with a draw + a description like I always do? :wink:

~If the quotas are already covered or I don´t meet any of the requirements there is no problem hehe! :bow:

Wohoo, we are with 10 participants! Which gives us a great opportunity to start this challenge at the start of a new year! :smile: That must mean some magic for our dream skills, right?

(I had a very amazing LD myself last night, in which I resolved an issue I had with someone in my real life, by talking to her dream character!)

On January 1st you will receive the briefing + tasks for your first week as a Hero of the Dreamworld

It might come a little bit late in the day, depending on my hangover… :wink:

Letaali and Lady Yomi, you are more than welcome, that’s exactly how I felt when I participated in the previous challenge <3 And warm welcome to Susan_Y too.

@Lady Yomi this quest is based on the integrity of all the participants, so you are invited to share your dream journal as it adds to the game, but if you claim your points without a link to it then that’s okay too. But I actually think your drawing + description could work quite the same.

You can also use this challenge as a great motivation to start writing a more comprehensive dream journal, as it will help you in improving your lucid dreaming skills (I say this from my own experience with the last challenge). And you can do this in the language that is most comfortable for you of course.

Thank you MearaDelia! :smile: I always write pretty detailed descriptions on my dream art (It’s like an illustrated dream journal of my favourite dreams at this point haha) topic, but I don’t know if I could be able to pass ALL of my dreams to digital format daily… (not enough time/energy to pass them from the notebook that I use as dream journal on RL, to the pc!)

But if it’s fine to give a link to my dream (art) journal (haha) I’ll do it with pleasure! :heart:

Ps! Congrats on your LD helping you to resolve things!! I’ll be back to check the tasks at the begining of january— Happy new year!!! :grin::star:

Happy New Year everyone :smile: And, let the challenge begin!

Welcome to Lucidity Challenge 57 - Week 1

The Background Story

Although you don’t need the background story to complete the tasks, I encourage you to read it before looking at the tasks, as it is more interesting that way :smile:

SPOILER - Click to view

You have decided to answer the call of the Council of Dreams, and embark on your quest to find the Muse. Together with the other Heroes of the Dream World you travel to the Library of Dreams, the place where the Muse has been seen last.

An old, fragile looking man approaches you. "Greetings dear hero. I am Coz, the librarian. It is an honour to invite you to the most sophisticated, expansive and best-kept collection of books of the entire dream realm.

I saw a glimpse of the Muse when I was working here last night, and saw it running of the section with childrens books. Feel free to search through my library for clues, but be aware… you might stumble upon some magic."

You nod, and quickly find your way to the children section of the library. You are surrounded by bookshelves that seem to reach higher than the stars, and the floors are scattered with piles of books.

Than a very special book catches your eye. It lays spread open on the floor and somehow attracts you to itself, as if you are under a spell. You read a few lines, about a girl who’s falling through a rabbit hole. But before you can read any further, the book pulls you in.

You see letters flying around you, and you yourself are thrown in all kind of directions.

Than after some confusing minutes, you land on the ground. When you look up, you find yourself… in Wonderland.

Is this what has happened to the Muse?

Challenge tasks
As you might have picked up, your most important task during this challenge is to find the Muse. The Muse comes in many shapes, and your Muse will look differently from the Muses of the other participants. So please leave us a description when you find yours, it will be interesting to see what each Muse looks like!

You can complete these tasks during the entire challenge, and there is no early or combo bonus for them.

  • Find the Muse +50pts (it’s enough if it appears in your dream, even as a creature somewhere in the distance)
  • Have a conversation with the Muse +50pts
  • Bring the Muse back home safely +50pts

Week 1 tasks - Alice in Wonderland

Scenery inspired tasks

  • Be in the dark +10 pts
  • Be in a forest +10 pts
  • Be in a field of flowers +10 pts
  • Be in a river +20 pts (You have to be IN the river, not just near it)
  • Be on top of a (relatively) giant mushroom +30 pts

Character inspired tasks

  • See a rabbit +10 pts

  • The rabbit carries a watch or clock +10 pts

  • See a dodo +10 pts

  • See twins +10 pts

  • See a playing card +10 pts

  • The playing card is alive/a living creature +20 pts

  • Make something invisible +20 pts

  • The thing you make invisible is a cat +10 pts

  • Have tea with someone +10 pts

  • The person you have tea with wears a hat +10 pts

  • Have a conversation with a caterpillar +20 pts

  • Ask the caterpillar a philosophical question and receive an answer +20 pts (e.g. “Who am I? What is the meaning of life?” - Let us know what the caterpillar answered! :wink:)

Adventure inspired tasks

  • Fall down +10 pts

  • Your fall is through a rabbit hole +20 pts

  • Eat or drink something + 10 pts

  • Shrink or grow +10 pts

  • The shrinking/growing is because you ate or drink something +10 pts

  • Have a conversation with a door +20 pts

First! :razz:

Here I swim in a river, with dolphins. (Task done while lucid, but no lucid points for me pls.) Also I freefall out of a window, which might count for falling down?

Short lucid dream. No tasks done. Link

Yay, such a fun story, Meara!

I will do my very best tonight.

As I felt inspired to do so, I wrote a dream intention for this night / week:

[spoiler]Today I start with the lucidity challenge 57. I want to become lucid tonight. And when I do, I want to put myself into a dark forest, with only some glowing flowers lighting the path. I follow the path, more and more glowing flowers. Very beautiful. Then the path ends into a flower field. A multicolored, glowing flower field in the dark night. In the middle of the flower field, a river runs. I walk towards it and jump in the river. I turn into a fish and swim. On the bottom of the river, also glowing flowers and other plants grow. After a while I bump into some kind of softish wall. I swim towards the surface, and there I turn into a squirl so that I can climb up the wall, which appears to be the stem of a giant mushroom. When I climb to the top, I find a giant caterpillar. I know I can now ask the caterpillar a philosophical question. I ask him: “ What drives transformation?” I get an answer back, that I will be able to write down when I awake the next morning. Then the middle of the mushroom turns into a black hole that I get gently sucked into. I say bye to the caterpillar and fall into the blackness. It appears to be a rabbit hole, which I’m falling down into. Free fall into the darkness I go. Then an angel appears, she’s very light and loving and beautiful. She tells me she will guide over me while I make my transformation. I look down unto myself, and see that I am caterpillar now as well. Around me leaves are falling. I am VERY HUNGRY, because I’m the very hungry caterpillar, and so I start eating whatever I can eat. I increase in size with every leaf I eat. After a while I start transforming, and I make the whole transformation into butterfly. After that, I fly down to the ground of the rabbit hole, where I see a very tiny door. I transform into a cat and talk with the door, I ask how I can get through. The door answers I should shrink by eating the cookie that’s behind me. I do, and become small, then I walk through the door. There I sea another cat, and I chase the other cat in a playful way. Then I make him invisible. A card appears, it’s the black spades lady, I tell her about how she still triggers some stress inside me because of the Heart Hunting Card Game in which she would mean a lot of penalty points, she gives me an interesting answer back that helps me cope with many fears, and that I can use tomorrow as inspiration to write an article for InevitableBliss (same for the caterpillar answer).

Good luck everyone!

And Lady Yomi, what a beautiful dreams and awesome art! Very cool.

Yay think I got some points this night! I wasn’t lucid, but I do think my intention brought in some elements.

I jump/fall, into a river, and I walk through a forest.

Here’s the link to my dream journal, I made the elements that are in the assignment bold so that you don’t have to read the whole dream if you don’t want to.


OH!! Congrats Arial—! :happy: [b](And thank you so, so much for your kind words about my dream art! :content: I feel so happy!)[/b]

Sadly, I can’t remember any dreams of the last week because I ate something with gluten by accident on new year’s dinner (Im celiac!) & I have been so sick as tired since then ughh :bored:

Im getting better so I hope I’ll be able to join y’all in no time! :heart:

I thought I should drop a quick note, just in case I don’t end up logging thease dreams in my DJ. I am about to go on another transport run, picking up a vehicle. luckily this time it is in my state, so I only have to drive about 1000 km, instead of the standard 6000km.

I would like to claim the following points:

One (1) LONG LD
Two (2) Medium LDs
Eat Something ( Completed while Non-Lucid)

I haven’t gotten around to attempting any real tasks in my LDs so far, I have been wasting time flying into trees and urinating off cliffs. Ill try thinking of a personal goal while im driving.

Nice! Already two people claimed points ! I was in huge delay with my electronic DJ, but now it’s my turn ! :cool:

In THISdream I attend a tea-party with the Mad Hatter (Disney cartoon version)
Also, on Jan 4th I realized I was dreaming, even though I pursued different tasks (became a dragon, had a lot of fun)

In THISdream (this morning), I manage to pull off a perfectly Alice-themed dream
I explore a forest at night, walk in a sunflower field, explore an abandoned house, fall through a rabbit hole, talk with the door, pay it to open, reach a sort of Wonderland, jump on top of a big mushroom
So, in summary, claiming points:

  • Be in the dark
  • Be in a forest
  • Be in a field of flowers
  • Be on top of giant mushroom
  • Fall down
  • Your fall is through a rabbit hole
  • Have a conversation with a door
  • One (short) DILD

Not sure about below, up to host deciding:

  • See twins - The second doorknob, not sure it counts
  • Have tea with someone / with person wearing hat - I attended the tea party, but did not actually drink tea

This night no LD’s again. But I did have a dream in which in ate something. I wrote about it in my dream journal, and made the text bold about the eating, so that you don’t have to read everything if you don’t want to. Too bad it didn’t make me shrink of grow.

I also wrote a really cool intention for the night, which didn’t come true at all really. But at least it was nice to come up with.

Dream Journal Arial

Had two LDs here this morning. The first one was no more than 30 seconds long and the second one was around 1-2 minutes long.

I tried to complete my personal goal in #2 but I didn’t feel I did so… (showed promise though…)

This morning during first WILD I eat a candy/gum and grow in size LINK TO DJ

I post relevant bit here, since the DJ entry is very long

SPOILER - Click to view

We land in a flat stone bricks area, I increase the dragon size to make it more powerful; it becomes very big. I take a candy/gum out of my pocket, put it in my mouth, and I increase in size too, matching the dragon so I can still ride it.

So claiming below task points:

  • Eat or drink something
  • Shrink or grow
  • The shrinking/growing is because you ate or drink something

Struggled to recall any tasks or goals, but managed to drink something that caused me to shrink in a lucid last night.

DJ Entry

You can find the current scores here!

Congratulations to everyone who already scored some points! :smile:
And if you didn’t, keep going! There are four more weeks for amazing dream adventures.

(p.s. I found it very helpful that Arial made the moments in her dream where she completed tasks in bold, so if you’d like to as well it would be of great help!)

Can you check if I assigned you points as you intended?
And yes, your fall does count. :smile:

I’m also a bit puzzled if I assigned your LD points right, so please double-check!

I did assign you the tea points as the task was more intended on having a tea party setting, rather than actually drinking the tea. I thought the twin doorknob was a grey area, and I think you’re okay with it if I’m a bit strict on you and decide they don’t count, to keep the challenge…challenging?

Loved your adventures in Wonderland!

Beautiful your intention!

Just curious… what makes it so interesting to urinate off cliffs in dreams? :razz:

The short/medium etc. are what is relative short or long for you. So let me know if I didn’t assign you the points that seem right to you. You indeed came close to your goal, keep trying! :smile:

Get well soon, Lady Yomi.

I had written a long post, then my network dropped and I lost everything. Yay ! Let’s do it again !

Everything was in order !
However, I see you have split the points for “Recognize you are dreaming” and “Short LD”
Since my goal is to recognize I am dreaming, I will take point for it, while you can remove my points for “Short LD”, to keep things more balanced

Goody, thanks !

I am perfectly ok with that

Thank you for coming up with fun and rewarding tasks !

From my POV, both LDs were technically short ones for me. :razz: