Lucidity Challenge 57 - Winner DTDownUnder!

This morning during first WILD I eat a candy/gum and grow in size LINK TO DJ

I post relevant bit here, since the DJ entry is very long

SPOILER - Click to view

We land in a flat stone bricks area, I increase the dragon size to make it more powerful; it becomes very big. I take a candy/gum out of my pocket, put it in my mouth, and I increase in size too, matching the dragon so I can still ride it.

So claiming below task points:

  • Eat or drink something
  • Shrink or grow
  • The shrinking/growing is because you ate or drink something

Struggled to recall any tasks or goals, but managed to drink something that caused me to shrink in a lucid last night.

DJ Entry

You can find the current scores here!

Congratulations to everyone who already scored some points! :smile:
And if you didn’t, keep going! There are four more weeks for amazing dream adventures.

(p.s. I found it very helpful that Arial made the moments in her dream where she completed tasks in bold, so if you’d like to as well it would be of great help!)

Can you check if I assigned you points as you intended?
And yes, your fall does count. :smile:

I’m also a bit puzzled if I assigned your LD points right, so please double-check!

I did assign you the tea points as the task was more intended on having a tea party setting, rather than actually drinking the tea. I thought the twin doorknob was a grey area, and I think you’re okay with it if I’m a bit strict on you and decide they don’t count, to keep the challenge…challenging?

Loved your adventures in Wonderland!

Beautiful your intention!

Just curious… what makes it so interesting to urinate off cliffs in dreams? :razz:

The short/medium etc. are what is relative short or long for you. So let me know if I didn’t assign you the points that seem right to you. You indeed came close to your goal, keep trying! :smile:

Get well soon, Lady Yomi.

I had written a long post, then my network dropped and I lost everything. Yay ! Let’s do it again !

Everything was in order !
However, I see you have split the points for “Recognize you are dreaming” and “Short LD”
Since my goal is to recognize I am dreaming, I will take point for it, while you can remove my points for “Short LD”, to keep things more balanced

Goody, thanks !

I am perfectly ok with that

Thank you for coming up with fun and rewarding tasks !

From my POV, both LDs were technically short ones for me. :razz:

The Quest of Week 2

The Background Story

[i]After some crazy adventures in Wonderland you realize that the Muse must have travelled further, as no Mad Hatter, rabbit or grinning cat could tell you anything about it’s whereabouts.

‘Where should I go?’ you ask yourself.
‘To the end of the story of course,’ a caterpillar replies. ‘The moment where you find out that this whole reality is nothing but a dream…’

In that moment, you suddenly wake up.

As you try to get up, you realize you are laying on the ground, covered with ropes that keep you tied to the earth. In the distance you see people approaching, but they look so incredibly tiny…

‘Must be a false awakening,’ you think to yourself.

Challenge tasks
Your most important task during this challenge is to find the Muse. The Muse comes in many shapes, and your Muse will look differently from the Muses of the other participants. So please leave us a description when you find yours, it will be interesting to see what each Muse looks like!

You can complete these tasks during the entire challenge, and there is no early or combo bonus for them.

  • Find the Muse +50pts (it’s enough if it appears in your dream, even as a creature somewhere in the distance)
  • Have a conversation with the Muse +50pts
  • Bring the Muse back home safely +50pts

Week 2 tasks
This weeks’ story: Gulliver’s Travels

Scenery inspired tasks

  • Be in the ocean +10 pts (swimming, diving or by boat all count, but has to be water that’s so big it stretches until the horizon)

  • Be in the sky/among the clouds +20 pts (not just a few metres above ground, but really high above everything)

  • Be on an island +10 pts

  • Its an island that is floating in the sky +20 pts

Character inspired tasks

  • See people who are dressed in ± 18th century clothes +10 pts

  • Wear an ± 18th century costume yourself +10 pts

  • Wear a wig (doesn’t have to be a typical 18th century one) +10 pts

  • See a very little person (smaller than the size of your hand) + 10 pts

  • See a giant (at least twice your size) + 10pts

  • The giant is so big that you are about the size of his hand +10 pts

  • Meet/see a magician + 10 pts

  • Meet a famous person from the past +20 pts (you need to have an actual social interaction with them, not just see them)

  • See someone who is more than hundred years old +10 pts

  • See a horse +10 pts

  • Have a conversation with the horse +20 pts

Adventure inspired tasks

  • Get tied up +10 pts

  • Take part in a trial +20 pts (it doesn’t matter if you are the judge, accused, witness etc.)

  • Be inside a dollhouse while you have the size of a doll +20 pts

  • Travel by bird + 20 pts (you can be on top of the bird, it can snatch you, etc. - as long as the bird is the driving force of the movement)

  • Steal a boat +10 pts

  • Get shipwrecked +20 pts (meaning: you are on a ship that is sinking)

  • Get washed upon an unknown shore +30 pts (let us know what land you discovered!)

Okay, I adjusted them, thanks for your fair judgement :smile:

Oh, how frustrating when that happens…
At the moment I assigned you 1x the points for recognizing you’re dreaming, and 1x for a short LD. Do you mean you want to change that to 2x recognizing points, and have all your LD’s except the WILDs be counting as recognizing points?

And thank you! :smile:

Lucid dream, medium duration, in which I walk on a beach.

No tasks done, but I’ll claim the ponts for the lucid.

At this time only 1x “Recognize I am dreaming”

Thanks ! :smile:

Looks good. :smile:

Last night I had a chat with my bedroom door. DJ entry This was before the new tasks were posted, so being in the sky etc was just coincidence and not a task completion.

Non-lucid dream in which I attend a party in Paris.

I claim the points for:

  • eat or drink something (a glass of white wine)
  • see people in approx 18th century clothes (very approx. The publication date on the book was 1771, which puts the scene 18th century or later. The clothing style was perhaps more 19th than 18th century, but I think it was close enough to count).

EDIT: Paris, shortly after 1771. That would be the French Revolution. Costume was about right for revolutionary France (as opposed to the pre-revolutionary period).

Well, I’m kind of lost. But I know exactly where I am. (I think I had a minor amnesiatic reset, that hasn’t happened for a while)

Anyway, I think I have finally picked a personal goal.

  1. DTDownUnder - Visit Muka/ Red Acres

Muka/ Red Acres was my childhood home. I have not been there since my last full reset. I would like to dream of this place so that I have an idea of how much memory I have been able to hold onto through thease troubled times. I understand that revisiting this location could be dangerous, as the memories I have of that time are extremely fragile.

Finally 2 small LDs for me last night. I don’t remember properly what happened but I m quite sure no task inside.

Awesome! I just wrote my intention for this night:

SPOILER - Click to view

I want to become lucid tonight, and have a really long lucid dream. I want to be the big 12 meter long shark that I heard about today, that’s still form the time of the dinosaurs. Then I transform into a goddess, swimming on the surface level, a huge giant appears to be in the water too, and lifts me into the sky by taking me in his hand. I’m now in the clouds. It’s not cold at all, the clouds actually feel fluffy. There are little wind nymfs flying around. One lands on my hand, she’s very tiny and amazingly light and beautiful. Then she flies away again. The giant then puts me down on a floating island in that sky. There are people there in 18th century clothes, I’m wearing a beautiful and comfortable dress from that period myself now as well. I am wearing a wig as well, long red curls. Then I meet a very handsome young man who appears to be a magician. He waves his wand and suddenly I’m tied up against a pillar in a courtroom. The judge is a horse. And the witnesses are the famous Jesus Christ and the very 800 years old Babaji. The horse says I’m accused of being awesome, and asks me if I plead guilty. ‘I’m not sure’ I reply. Then the horse asks Jesus Christ to tell us what he has seen, and Jesus Christ says what greatness he observes within me that makes him think I’m awesome. Then Babaji is asked as well what he thinks. Christ and Babaji engage in a conversation with me to help me understand my own greatness. When the conversation comes to an end, the magician, who had been sitting in the audience, comes up to me and takes my hand to bring me to the next place. We then suddenly are in a dollhouse, I’m very small, the size of a doll. There are even inanimate dolls there. The magician and I play around in the dollhouse, we both love each other’s humour and make each other laugh a lot. In the garden of the doll house there’s a boat, and we decide to steal it from the doll owner. We sit in it, and the magician snips his fingers, and suddenly we are on the boat in a completely orange / yellow passion fruit juice ocean. Then the large 12 meter shark appears. He has been drinking so much sweet juics that he has become very sweet and non-hungry himself now. He just wants to play with us, and bites the boat we’re on in two parts, we sink, and the shark plays around with us until we wash upon the shore of an island nearby. It’s a beautiful island with great blue beautiful birds on it with gold in the feathers, singing all their own beautiful song, but in harmony together. One birds comes towards us, and invites us on her back. We sit down, and she takes us on dreamy ride while the sun is setting. The birds keeps flying towards the sun and in the end flies right into the sun, where we enlightened by it’s radiant bright warm light. All of me and the story dissolves, and I just become light and remain in this bliss for the rest of the dream.

I wonder… do you still earn points if you fulfill this week tasks from the first week?

yay :smile: good luck everyone this week!

Finally! My dream recall is working again & to make things better I had a lucid dream this morning—! But, sadly I forget about the challenge & didn’t saw any of the tasks either! :sweat_smile::joy:

(I mean I saw the sea but I was walking by the shore so I don’t think that counts lol)

Hey I finally ate something in my dream! :happy: It was a large cone made of liquorice and I think it had blueberry ice cream inside? And a pink, soft cookie on top. Tasted great! I was not lucid.

Dreams haven’t been too interesting or well recalled, so you won’t find any new posts in my DJ. Maybe tomorrow.

This morning during WILD I get tied up and see very small people LINK TO DJ

Had a non-lucid where I’m on a small boat, on the ocean, but close to the coast. Experienced a tsunami and two tornadoes, but nothing sank my ship, unfortunately.

Here I end up in the sky and then in the ocean. Also, saw the people of Atlantis wearing 18th century clothes similar to what I’d googled for in prep for this week. Tried to bold the relevant stuff, but it doesn’t show up that clearly.

I’d hoped to get on a frigate or similar ship to the ones from Master and Commander series of books, or Hornblower, even though that’s 1800- Napoleonic era, but the ships would have been built, or probably the same design, as ones from the 18th century. :content:

Probably the same thing that makes urinating off the 40m tower so fun! ( I train soldiers how to abseil, we have two large, 40m high towers in one of our training areas, it is a long walk down to the bottom and back up again, and it holds up the whole process to do it that way, so we just wait for when no one is at the bottom, and then make it rain!)

I would like to claim the following points please:

1X Short Lucid

(all non-lucid tasks)
Be in the dark
Be in a river
Fall down
See people dressed in 18th century clothes