Lucidity Challenge 57 - Winner DTDownUnder!

Had a non-lucid where I’m on a small boat, on the ocean, but close to the coast. Experienced a tsunami and two tornadoes, but nothing sank my ship, unfortunately.

Here I end up in the sky and then in the ocean. Also, saw the people of Atlantis wearing 18th century clothes similar to what I’d googled for in prep for this week. Tried to bold the relevant stuff, but it doesn’t show up that clearly.

I’d hoped to get on a frigate or similar ship to the ones from Master and Commander series of books, or Hornblower, even though that’s 1800- Napoleonic era, but the ships would have been built, or probably the same design, as ones from the 18th century. :content:

Probably the same thing that makes urinating off the 40m tower so fun! ( I train soldiers how to abseil, we have two large, 40m high towers in one of our training areas, it is a long walk down to the bottom and back up again, and it holds up the whole process to do it that way, so we just wait for when no one is at the bottom, and then make it rain!)

I would like to claim the following points please:

1X Short Lucid

(all non-lucid tasks)
Be in the dark
Be in a river
Fall down
See people dressed in 18th century clothes

Non-lucid dream in which I am on a oirate ship in tbe ocean.

I claim the points for:

  • be in the ocean

Long WILD this morning in which I do a lot of stuff LINK TO DJ

Tasks completed:

  • Be in a river (wk 1)
  • Personal task (all steps)
  • Be on an island
  • Its an island that is floating in the sky

No lucid dream points for me, as in the two DILDs I did not complete any task

I leave to host judgement below tasks:

  • Meet a famous person from the past - Lucio Dalla was a famous singer, deceased in 2012, not sure it qualifies
  • Be in the ocean. As a fish I was indeed in a large body of water, from underwater I could not see its limits, but I had a rock wall on one side
  • Make something invisible. I make my son disappear
  • Be in the sky - The island on the sky was perhaps 100m above ground level, not sure is enough
  • Travel by bird. I transformed into a bird and flew, most likely not valid I guess, just asking…

Hmmm, That sounds an awful lot like the Current Quest…

You are very very right there

I actually transformed three times during that lucid: into a squirrel, into a fish and into a bird

Hi everyone. I’m new here and I have a question about the WILD method to becoming lucid. Do I go through the steps of the method with my eyes closed or open? This may seem as a dumb or obvious question, but I am new to LDing and I’m unsure. And I’d like to ask what method you find to be most effective and if I should try a different method over WILD. Thanks for your help in advance!

Welcome to the forum newman! You are currently in the Lucidity Challenge thread, which is not quite the place for your question :wink: You can create a topic for it in the Quest for Lucidity part, over here:

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve not been so active last week, I had a very busy launch in my company. From now on I’ll be updating the scores more frequently :smile:

You can find the latest scores here.
Great to see progress this week for many of you :smile:

The new tasks will follow soon!

@Susan_Y, the clothes are okay, it’s more about the general look and feel than the exact timeframe :smile:
Congratulations on your points!

@DTDownUnder, good luck on your goal!

@Arial, Yes - you do still earn task points for each of the past weeks. The only difference is that you’re not able to score the early bonus for that week once it’s over. (But you already got that one, so it doesn’t make any difference for you).
When you complete tasks from two different weeks in the same dream, you score the combo bonus.

@Ladi Yomi, I assigned you points for a short LD. Let me know if it was a different length! (You can find the measurement for that in the first post of this challenge, under the scoring section.)
And congrats!

Had fun reading the mermaid story of Obsusc8 :razz:

@GenhisKhan, Wow, congratulations on completing your quite extensive personal task - and so soon! I’m curious when you’ll find the Muse :smile:

Your comment about the famous person made me realize the task was kinda vague, so I changed it into ‘meeting a famous person who has passed away’ meaning you completed it! I also rewarded you points for most of the tasks you mentioned - and for the Monthly LD4All quest.

The Quest of Week 3

The Background Story

[i]You are on yet another travel to the other side of the ocean, when you spot a bird flying towards you. As it comes closer, it appears to be a messenger hawk. You open the letter it brings you, which tells you that although you, and all the other Dream Heroes, have been travelling through Gulliver’s story - none of you have seen a sign from the Muse.

‘Its time to move on to your next story,’ states the last line of your letter.
‘But what story?’ you wonder.

Then you notice something else is included with your letter: a bar of chocolate. You are a bit surprised but quite hungry too, so you open it.

What’s that?
There’s something shiny inside.
It almost looks like… gold.

Challenge tasks
Your most important task during this challenge is to find the Muse. The Muse comes in many shapes, and your Muse will look differently from the Muses of the other participants. So please leave us a description when you find yours, it will be interesting to see what each Muse looks like!

You can complete these tasks during the entire challenge, and there is no early or combo bonus for them.

  • Find the Muse +50pts (it’s enough if it appears in your dream, even as a creature somewhere in the distance)
  • Have a conversation with the Muse +50pts
  • Bring the Muse back home safely +50pts

Week 3 tasks
This weeks’ story: Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Scenery inspired tasks

  • Be inside a factory +10 pts

  • It is Willie Wonka’s factory +10 pts

  • Be in a candy store +10 pts

  • Be in a landscape that is made out of candy or other food +30 pts

Character inspired tasks

  • See an oompa-loompa +10 pts (these can be the oompa-loompa’s looking like the ones in the book or either of the movies - all counts)
  • Listen to oompa-loompa’s performing a song +10 pts

Meet/see the five golden ticket winners:

  • Charlie +10 pts

  • Augustus +10 pts

  • Veruca +10 pts

  • Violet +10 pts

  • Mike +10 pts

  • See a bed with four elders in it +20 pts

Adventure inspired tasks

  • Find a golden ticket! +20 pts

  • You find the golden ticket by opening a chocolate bar +10 pts

  • Swim in a river of chocolate +10 pts

  • Chew a piece of experimental gum and find out how it will effect your body +20 pts (you have to experience a significant change in your body for it to count!)

  • Fall into a pile of trash +10 pts

  • Be teleported into a television/be inside a television +10 pts

  • Be in a glass elevator that is flying in the sky +10 pts

There are some great opportunities for the combo bonus this week… :smile:

Thank you ! I’ts been fun !

Me too, but I am saving that for later :tongue:

Cool, thank you so much ! :smile:

Nice new tasks, too ! I have never seen any of this, and have no reference on mentioned characters, but they look cool :cool:

Non-lucid dream in which I meet the “space jockey” from the sci-fi horror movie Alien.

I claim the points for:

  • See a giant
  • See someone who is more than a hundred years old. (The plot of Prometheus implies that he is at least that old, I think).

(I’m not sure if this site would consider it acceptable to link to H. R. Giger’s concept painting for the space jockey … but I know many of you have seen Alien anyway).

Mid-length WILD this morning LINK TO DJ
I am on a stealth / infiltration mission in the jungle
Close to the end, I shrink myself to ant-size, so two people were looking to me as gigantic
I am not sure this counts for “See a giant” / “I am smaller than his hand”

Non-lucid dream in which I swim a river to escape a burning city.

I claim the points for:

  • be in a river
                                                                                                     Ok thank you!! wasnt sure where to ask so I just picked a random forum but thanks for the info

Im not having any luck with this thing, lol~😂 I’ve had many dreams this week (even lots of lucid ones!) but I can’t seem to remember about the challenge-tasks for the life of me & I keep doing other things while dreaming! :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if im going to keep playing, but I’ll still be watching y’all! :wink::heart:

I haven’t been very diligent with my DJ lately, and my circadian rhythm feels like it was thrown out the window of a speeding car and collided with a large gumtree. There has been major bushfires in my area lately, and Iv’e been all over the joint running command centers and coordinating our firefighters. The latest fire was only 10km away from my house, but we have almost got it out, and i’ve been given leave, so I can finally log some tasks!

(I doubt Ill get around to finishing the DJ logs for thease tasks, but i’ll do what I can)

all non-lucid tasks
See a horse. ( two horses with incompetent riders )
Be in the dark
See a rabbit ( we were out hunting, but I didn’t kill it)
Fall down

I had a couple short LDs, but im not counting them.

catch up for this week -

Tues morning 1st lucid
-find muse
-speak to muse
-swim in a river of chocolate

Tues morning 2nd lucid
-be in a factory

Thurs morning lucid
-be in the dark (underground cave)

DJ Link

Non-lucid dream, once more in the universe of Alien/Prometheus.

I claim the points for:

  • be in the dark