Lucidity Challenge 57 - Winner DTDownUnder!

It’s fine. Do I still get points for jumping higher than humanly possible? I basically jumped to space.

Non-lucid dream in which I shrink down to 5cm high. I claim the points for the “shrink” task.

I haven’t had much control in my dreams this month.

Okay everyone, the last night to score dream points has passed! I updated the scores and will leave this thread open until Friday for you to claim points from the past few nights.

On Saturday the final winner of the challenge will be announced!

It sure does!

Of course :smile:

Looking at my score, it looks like you’ve marked 2 short LDs and 1 long LD. It should be 1 short and 2 long.

I’ve done “Be in a forest” in the beginning of that last lucid dream I had. It was a snow covered pine forest. I also “Fall down” twice in the same lucid dream.

And I’ve done “See a family member” in non-lucids during the last week. Some of those are posted in my DJ. My brother I see almost every night, my parents once a week or something.

Was in my exam period until last week, so didn’t give myself as much time to write down my dreams and visit the forum as I would have liked to.
Going through the list of challenges, I see I did fulfill some of them.
So I’d like to claim:
3 x wondering if dreaming
Eating something
Be in a forest
Drinking tea
be in the ocean
be on an island
see a family member

Since they all come from different dreams, I don’t feel like writing more about it. Hope it’s enough to claim the points.
Let’s see if I can fulfill some more things or even become lucid in the coming nights :smile:

Indeed @MearaDelia !! I´d like to claim some points for:

-You wonder if you are dreaming but do not become lucid (3 times)
-Recognizing you are dreaming / A “short” lucid dream (5 times)
-A “medium” length lucid dream (2 times)

-Completing the LD4all Monthly Quest while lucid (here you can see it! LD4all Quest 111 It´s the one from January!)

Week 1:

-Be in a forest
-Be in the dark
-Fall down
-Eat or drink something

Week 2:

-Be in the ocean (4 times, it´s my favourite dream signal after all haha)

Week 3:


Week 4:

-Be in a classroom (3 times)

Week 5:

-See a garden (2 times)

Well! that´s it! (same as @footballfreak they all come from different dreams!)
Thanks for clarifying my doubts, I thought that if you completed the tasks outside of the established date they were no longer valid! lol! :joy:

It’s too late to claim points, as the challenge has ended, but just to say: I did finally manage to achieve my personal goal of meditating in a lucid dream (long duration LD).

Wow, congratulations Susan! :smile:

@Lady Yomi, I updated your scores, you did really well after all!

@Footballfreak I rewarded you the points as encouragement, but just so you know for the next challenge: you are supposed to read the tasks in advance :wink:

[b]Okay everyone. The final moment of the challenge is here…

Winner of the 57th Lucidty Challenge: DTDownUnder!

Congratulations DTDownUnder! :smile:
As winner of the challenge you are granted the chance to host the 58th Lucidity Challenge. Do you wish to do so?

And thanks to all of you for participating![/b]

Yay! Thank you @MearaDelia!! :happy: :heart::heart: [color=darkred]& congrats to @DTDownUnder for winning!!! :raised_hands::sparkles: WELL DONE! :clap::grin::100:[/color]

—This game was amazing; im going to take part on the next one too he he~

Congrats DTDU! And congrats Lady Yomi, you beat me by 20 points! :happy: I’m happy with 5th place.

I did?! :fearful: Oh—! I forgot to check the scores!! Lol!!! :joy::joy::joy: Well that’s nice! Im happy for not leaving the game after all ha ha~! :heart:

Let’s keep doing our best @Letaali !!! :raised_hands::sparkles:

Congratulations DTDU for winning ! :happy:

Also, wanted to share with you that I am having a break from LDing
Even though I had completed some tasks I avoided claiming any points as I did not record most of my dreams
Since a couple of days my SC is gently pushing me towards the LD road again with few long, vivid NDs :smile:

See you soon in the dreamworld, and happy lucids everyone ! :cool:

Thanks everyone for a great LC, I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

Well done to all the participants, I’ve enjoyed reading some really cool LDs throughout the challenge.

Huge thanks to MearaDelia for being an amazing host, (even if you aren’t immune to the LC curse, don’t worry, no one is, at least you survived.)

Although I never completed my personal goal, I did have some really cool LDs, and I’m keen to have more soon, as I’ve recently opened up a whole new part of my dreamworld, and I’m eager to explore it’s potential.

Thank you! What do you mean by LC curse? :tongue:

And would you like to host the next lucidity challenge DTDownUnder?

Haha, The LC curse prevents the LC host from keeping to deadlines and makes them mess up scores. ( it’s only a joke)

Unfortunately, I will be unable to host the next LC, as I’m going to be off-grid for most of it. I would be happy to assist the next host, but I won’t be able to take it on solo.

Ah glad it appears to be a curse and not just me :wink:

GenghisKhan, that gives you the right to host - would you like to, despite your own LD break?

(And if not, would you like to take the honour of hosting Obfusc8?)

Been waiting to see if Genghis would surface, but it seems not.

Though it’s not my turn, might as well say I’m not in a position to be able to host a challenge. Family crisis on top of other stuff. Just not in a good place right now.

Had some good news, so, yeah, thinking about possibly running a short/small challenge. …If anyone is still around, that is? Sounds like we’ll be a few people down with Genghis and DTDU gone.

I have ideas for 2 weeks, the 3rd is kinda meh… but plan on making it more rewarding for participants to focus on their own dream control goals this time around rather than just tasks. Also thinking about combining the ND challenge as that’s died too, and giving a small amount of points for recall of non-lucid dreams and fragments.

Anyways, if anyone’s interested, let me know.

I’m interested. Tbh I haven’t been focusing on LDing all that much in the past month, time to put some effort in to it again.

I’d definitely be up for it. :smile: