Lucidity Challenge 60: Special Awards Ceremony

Two NDs today. Both disturbing. :bored:

I drew Dream Art for the second ND, just some maps.

In the second ND I achieved Cry and Weep, which was not fun; and Reach the Waters, as I was in a partially-submerged submarine near the end of dream.

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks/subtasks

[size=200]Last checkpoint before Task 3.[/size]

This is a checkpoint post.

I have collected all the information from past posts.
All your personal goals and choices are online at just click what seems more natural to you!)
The scoreboard is online and updated.

If you need to edit, please reply and tell what changed!
Thank you very much!


[spoiler]Signups are open for the whole LC, however, you cannot claim dreams older than your joining date!
Updated list of participants.

  1. [color=#DDAA00]Siiw[/color] - Draw a circle in the air and successfully use it as a portal.
  2. [color=#0099FF]LDbc12[/color] - Learn and play a short piece (given by a DC or the dream) on the piano.
  3. [color=#00A000]moogle[/color] - do something in a LD
  4. [color=#0099FF]demented[/color] - To finish something.
  5. [color=#A00000]drd[/color] - ride Smokey
  6. [color=#9900FF]avalinah[/color] - no goals, I haven’t LDed in 5 years :happy:
  7. [color=#00A000]Majah[/color] - explore a mirror
  8. [color=#A00000]Koal44[/color] - Surf on the giant wave when it arrives
  9. [color=#FF6600]Susan_Y[/color] - Transcribe some dream music
  10. [color=#9900FF]ChaosAngel[/color] - Fly over countryside
  11. [color=#4400FF]tachyon[/color] - Shoot explosive projectiles
  12. [color=#0099FF]James_UK2008[/color] - Shapeshift
  13. [color=#A00000]mtilton[/color] - Lucid Dream a 3rd time, and for longer!
  14. [color=#0099FF]DTDownUnder[/color] - Meet a copy/ clone of myself.
  15. [color=#00A000]Jackiesworld[/color] - have a lucid dream
  16. [color=#FF6600]Koharo[/color]- Confront the man from the white room
  17. [color=#DDAA00]MearaDelia[/color]- Meet my inner guide
  18. [color=#9900FF]LucidWilliam[/color] - Climb a tree
  19. [color=#9900FF]Cornelia Xaos[/color] - Jump REALLY High
  20. Globetrotter - talk to the great crab
  21. [color=#9900FF]Eilatan[/color] - Dream of a Good Man
  22. [color=#4400FF]AreYouMe[/color] - Advanced Flight

Upon joining, you can choose a LDing technique that had no successes!
Here, we provide a list of approved techniques you can choose:

[color=#FF6600]Orange:[/color]âš¾ Baseball: See a base ball. Koharo

â›· Skis: See skis. LucidWilliam

🀇 Mahjong: Find mahjong stones. Cornelia Xaos

📴 Mobile Phone Off: Turn off a mobile phone. LucidWilliam

🚫 No Entry: Get into a forbidden room. Koharo

🚲 Ride a Bicycle: Ride a Bicycle. ChaosAngel

ðŸ￾¹ Hamster: See a hamster (alive).

🔒 Padlock: Open a padlock.

🔋 Batteries: Change Batteries. LucidWilliam

[color=#FFEE00]Yellow:[/color]âš­ Wedding: See a wedding ceremony. Cornelia Xaos

â›± Umbrella on Ground: See umbrella on ground.

ðŸ￾‚ Domino: Find domino stones.

🎦 Cinema: Get into a Cinema. tachyon

🚱 Non-Potable Water: Drink non-potable water. Siiw

☢ Radioactive: Find radioactive waste.

ðŸ￾» Bear: See a bear (alive). ChaosAngel

🔔 Bell: Ring a manual bell.

🔌 Electric plug: Plug or unplug an electric plug. LDbc12

[color=#00A000]Green:[/color]✄ Scissors: Find scissors. DTDownUnder

âœ￾ Pencil: Find a pencil. Susan_Y

✈ Airplane!: See an airplane. Majah

ðŸ￾¤ Post Office: Go to a Post Office.

💭 Thought Balloon: See a thought balloon.

💇 Haircut: Get a haircut.

ðŸ￾§ Penguin: See a penguin (alive). ChaosAngel

🔧 Wrench: Use a wrench.

☎ Landphone: Use a cable telephone.

[color=#0099FF]Blue:[/color]⛄ Snowman: See a snowman. AreYouMe

⛈ Thunderstorm: Watch a thunderstorm. LDbc12

ðŸš￾ Helicopter: See a helicopter. James_UK2008

ðŸ￾¨ Hotel: Go to a Hotel. LDbc12

♨ Hot Spring: Get into a hot spring. Susan_Y

ℹ Information: Reply information question. Eilatan

ðŸ￾µ Monkey: See a monkey (alive).

🔭 Telescope: Use a telescope.

🔪 Kitchen Knife: Use a kitchen knife. Eilatan

[color=#4400FF]Indigo:[/color]⛵ Sail Boat: See a sail boat on water. avalinah

â￾„ Snowflake: See a snowflake. tachyon

🚂 Steam Locomotive: See a steam locomotive. Siiw

ðŸ￾ª Convenience Store: Go to a Convenience Store. AreYouMe

⛽ Refuel: Refuel a vehicle.

🎪 Circus: Get into a Circus. Majah

ðŸ￾· Pig: See a pig (alive).

🔬 Microscope: Use a microscope. AreYouMe

📼 Videocassete: See a Videocassete tape.

[color=#9900FF]Violet:[/color]â›´ Ferry: See a ferry vessel. Cornelia Xaos

⛸ Ice Skate: See an Ice Skate.

✑ Pen: Find an ink pen. moogle

🚤 Speedboat: See a speedboat running. moogle

ðŸš￾ Bus Stop: Go to a Bus Stop. LDbc12

🚼 Carry a Baby: Carry a baby.

ðŸ￾´ Horse/Pony: See a horse (alive). Susan_Y

🔦 Flashlight/Electric torch: Use the flashlight.

ðŸŽ￾ Wrapped Gift: Hold a wrapped present.

NOTICE: These subtasks are only valid for score one day after unlocking.

IMPORTANT: Only one participant can own each subtask. You cannot select the same one someone else has taken!

Complete list of open Subtasks.

As some of you have noticed, the simple subtasks were added for balancing.
I know some of you are overwhelmed by the amount of subtasks but do not worry, we intend to decrease the number of giveaways during late tasks.

I marked to update the subtask unlock rules when posting Task 1 but I forgot. My apologies. The deal here is that there is a limit to avoid a participant from owning everything. I hope you understand! Thank you![spoiler]There are limits to avoid participants from owning all the unlockable subtasks:

  1. Total Limit: 8 unlockable subtasks per participant;
  2. Maximum 2 unlocks per color category.

The limit of 8 is valid for every unlockable, including giveaways and other unlocks.

Each participant can only unlock two subtasks by completing each color, therefore, they only unlock when reaching 4 and/or 8 subtasks of a given color.

This is important to stop participants from repeating accumulative tasks and to keep the challenge balanced.[/spoiler]

Well, it’s the day of the big race! You and the other participants are standing at the shore of an enormous lake, ready to race on the water! Ready to use your speed! A big crowd of DCs is gathered here as well, ready to cheer you on… although a faster-than-light-speed race might be a bit difficult to spectate! Some participants are using speed boats, others are using hovercrafts. One participant seems to be using a normal car, while another seems like they’re just going to swim it! It does make sense… since you’re all lucid dreamers, the vehicle doesn’t really matter that much… it’s mainly just for the fun. Even Mew got into the spirit and is wearing a special racing jumpsuit with a cute pink design!

…Wait… Mew is here?! Mew approaches the main area where the racers are gathered and starts speaking, staring down at a stack of papers. “Alright folks, I know you want to have fun, but well, unfortunately for you, all the plans are to be changed.” The crowd of DCs starts booing. “Relax, everyone, we’ll still be having plenty of fun. In fact, I’m not even going to mention all that economics stuff this time, I swear! Because I have word directly from higher up!” Mew pulls out some kind of strange projection device and turns it on. Suddenly a holographic Tggtt appears from the machine (Tggtt Ex Machina)!

“Greetings everyone”, Tggtt says, “I am your host for Lucidity Challenge 60!” You try to back away and just start the race already, but you find that this weird machine Mew is using has frozen you. It’s as if you’re glued to the spot! “I see that Mew has not done a great job keeping track of you all,” he says while Mew shrinks away, “but fortunately we are working to fix the situation! Task 3 will be starting today, and we hope everyone enjoys it.” There’s an awkward pause as Tggtt stares at Mew. After a few seconds, Mew begins reading off the paper: “TASK 3 will focus on the exciting concept of academia. Learn things! Become intellegent! Grade papers! Everyone loves having school dreams, especially that one dream where you forget you had a test and are completely unprepared! Well, I think all of you and PROFESSOR TGGTT will love this task!” Mew starts walking toward Tggtt but suddenly freezes.

The Tggtt hologram speaks up, “Mew, I am indeed grateful to you. You have served me well. Loyalty such as yours shall not go unrewarded, but for now, I am going to take over direction for this week’s task… since you have failed to deliver even one task to this group of participants so far.” Mew struggles to move with the rest of you and looks up at Tggtt. “Uh, hey, Tggtt… I’m frozen too! What’s the deal? How do you even stop these lucid dreamers with this machine anyway… is it… some kind of audio-vibrato-physio-molecular transport device?” Professor Tggtt responds, “Yest, it is a device which is capable of breaking down solid matter and then projecting it through space and, who knows, perhaps even time itself! Anyway everyone, it is almost time for class to start, at the Academy of Dreaming!” And with that, you see a big flash as the strange device that was projecting Tggtt earlier now teleports you and all the others to some kind of weird school…

What will happen to the lucid dreamers now? Where are they being transported to? What is this “Academy of Dreaming”, and more importantly, what architectual design philosophies does such an academy represent? And what will happen to poor, beautiful, intellegent, and very charismatic Mew? Should the lucid dreamers take advantage of dream studies or try to run from this ambush (and student loans!)? Only time, and maybe the dreamocracy, will tell!

Task 3: Academy of Dreaming!

This is the third week. We have a special voting session today!
You will be able to decide the length of LC60®.
Do not miss the opportunity to extend this challenge if you like it!

Mew, I am indeed grateful to you.

Task 3 will focus on the exciting concept of academia. Learn things! Become intellegent! Grade papers! Everyone loves having school dreams, especially that one dream where you forget you had a test and are completely unprepared!

Your dream abilities are really impressive. Still, there is some room for improvement.

There you can both share your knowledge as well as learning even more!
Just remember, there is a time and place for everything!

In LC60® we have types for subtasks and some will be unlocked by voting.
Remember that they do not need to be performed in conjunction!

The first subtask is naturally to reach the scene where you are supposed to teach and learn about dreaming. Where is it going to be? It is your decision that counts!

[size=200]To avoid affecting the voting, picture will only be added afterwards.[/size]

Notice: Voting is optional. Everyone is invited to vote, even the host, cohost and who is not participating. We will publish the results in 24 hours regardless and unlock the remaining subtasks.
Remember to ask your friends to vote on your favorite options!

When claiming dreams and tasks, remember that you can add a DJ link.
You need to add a link per dream you wrote there.

Please state the type of dream, as we always do in other LCs.
If you achieve an LD with an inducement technique, you can post it as well.

Week 1 standings:

Position Participant Total Subtask Value Total Score
1 st LDbc12 140.00 140.33
2 nd Koharo 113.00 114.33
3 rd Cornelia Xaos 106.00 107.00
4 th Eilatan 68.00 74.00
5 th ChaosAngel 66.00 69.00
6 th DTDownUnder 53.00 53.00
7 th moogle 47.00 52.33
8 th LucidWilliam 47.00 47.00
9 th AreYouMe 41.00 41.00
10 th Susan_Y 22.00 23.33
11 th James_UK2008 18.00 20.33
12 th Siiw 19.00 19.00
13 th Majah 17.00 17.33
14 th avalinah 0.00 1.00
14 th Koal44 0.00 1.00
16 th demented 0.00 0.00
16 th drd 0.00 0.00
16 th tachyon 0.00 0.00
16 th mtilton 0.00 0.00
16 th Jackiesworld 0.00 0.00
16 th MearaDelia 0.00 0.00
16 th Globetrotter 0.00 0.00
Week 2 standings:

Position Participant Total Subtask Value Total Score
1 st Koharo 340.00 344.66
2 nd LDbc12 318.00 322.66
3 rd Eilatan 213.00 222.00
4 th ChaosAngel 174.00 180.00
5 th moogle 149.00 160.66
6 th Majah 135.00 137.66
7 th Cornelia Xaos 124.00 129.00
8 th Siiw 112.00 115.00
9 th Susan_Y 85.00 90.66
10 th avalinah 86.00 88.00
11 th LucidWilliam 69.00 71.40
12 th DTDownUnder 53.00 54.00
13 th AreYouMe 41.00 41.00
14 th James_UK2008 36.00 40.66
15 th tachyon 29.00 30.40
16 th GenghisKhan 18.00 18.00
17 th Koal44 0.00 1.40
18 th drd 0.00 1.00
18 th Jackiesworld 0.00 1.00
20 th demented 0.00 0.40
20 th mtilton 0.00 0.40
22 nd MearaDelia 0.00 0.00
22 nd Globetrotter 0.00 0.00

We are entering Week 2 Tolerance. Please post your Week 2 dreams before 2017-08-03 21:00:00 UTC.

EDIT: Task 3 on the previous page

Had an FLD this morning where I use a kitchen knife …as a weapon…, saw/visited a convenience store briefly, and saw a live horse.

I plan on submitting art before 8/3/17 21:00 UTC. Trying to put together a decent action shot. This dream was inspired by The Walking Dead (TWD). Long story short I somehow manage to piss Negan off and now he wants me dead, especially after escaping from the compound.


Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks/subtasks.

Gosh I hope the wedding was still open. I had an ND with a beautiful wedding in the meadows and nature. I also found a pencil. But maybe there are more cause I don’t remember the open subs. Here’s my link, phone again, sorry: … 2aeU1Y58j9 IIjc/edit?usp=drivesdk

Had a very short ND this morning and one long LD through WBTB+WILD (my own variation) LINK TO DJ


  • See a Yellow participant (hopefully)
  • Find and help DC in trouble

EDIT: also, posted HERE a dream art
Not sure it’s valid for the LC since I dreamt about this long ago, but I wanted to share with the community !

Thursday 3rd August
1 normal dream - task done - I gave information by replying to a student who asked how to get to the music department of the school we were in.

dream journal link

I had a medium length lucid dream this morning! Sadly this was our last night in the awesome lucid dream bringing hotel and I’ll type everything up tonight.

I recalled one ND this morning and then a short RCILD! [
No tasks. I was so close to doing the quest…

Link to dream

ND - Monkey
I woke up under the impression that monkey was unlocked :help:
Siiw featured in my dream but I didn’t see her.

2 ND’s DJ entry

no tasks/ subtasks

By the way, looking forward to Task 3 :happy:

Not checkpoint, I am waiting for late claims.

I knew it was bound to happen :nuu:. Still valid according to the subtask.

Congratulations on your LD, however, just knowing colors is not enough for dreaming of participant, sorry.

You need to either see or communicate with the participant.

I am sorry you were so close… But it was not enough…

Curse the girl :grrr:

Here is my DJ entry:

I claim:

-drawing a circle in the air and teleporting
-cheer up a DC if you haven’t already added that

Submitting a sketch for my dream “Lost in the Desert” earlier this week.

Only NDs and lucid fragments logged last week:

  • Night after 27 July: 1 ND involving wizards and magic.
  • Night after 28 July: 1 ND, nothing interesting
  • Night after 29 July: 1 ND (DJ link)
  • Night after 31 July: 2 NDs, in the second I’d like to claim the Thunderstorm subtask.
  • Night after 1 August: 1 semi-lucid fragment
  • Night after 2 August: 1 lucid fragment with levitation and flying, but not yet at the speed of light.

You may count the 2 LFs as one short LD because I don’t think my recall of them is strong enough to earn points for two short LDs.

Hello tachyon.
Thanks for posting.

However I cannot count the semi-lucid fragment as a real Lucid Dream and I cannot sum dreams of different dates for the same point.
I will count the second as a short LD though.

[size=200]Voting will end in less than two hours![/size]

[size=200]Week 2 tolerance will end in less than two hours![/size]
Please rush to post your dreams.
We can give further tolerance for dream art only.

This also implies that Monthly Quest 114 will not be worth for 75 points anymore.