Lucidity Challenge IV - Winner: Writerscube

Wohoo - I’m back from holidays! ^^

wnwoss, you are in :content:

Okay, only one more player then we are full and ready to go!

Ha harrrr! Why not? Sign me up! I could use a good dream vacation! :happy:

Okay, you are in! :content:

So, I think we can start now!
The first task will be posted tomorrow, 2nd September around 17:00 (GMT)

Task 1 of 7

Taste things you would never eat in real life
For example… Taste glass, wood or even the sun - its completely up to you!

o Bite into something but don’t remember it’s taste: 10 points
o Bite into something and remember it’s taste: 20 points
o Bite into more things and remember their tastes (once): 20 points

o Be able to make the taste of something like you want it to: 15 bonus points

Note: You only get points if you taste things you really would never eat in real life - so for example you wont get any points if you just go and drink normal water in your dream.
However, if you taste something you maybe would eat in real life , but that thing doesn’t really exist, you get normal points. For example: You find a new sort of fruit on another planet and eat it

You have until Tuesday, 4th September, 17:30 to complete this task and post your dreams in this thread.

With this task you can earn maximal 50 points, 105 points with lucid and bonus points added.

If you have any questions to this task, please post here.

Good luck with this task! :wink:

excellent news, im aiming to eat lightning and then as an extra a train. yes that should do it.

I should be able to do this if I’m getting lucid (The only reason I’m posting this is to help me remember :tongue:)

I became lucid last night. I realized I was dreaming while talking to a couple of girls. I was awake in the dream for a while but I eventually faded back into a “normal dream”. But yes, I know I was lucid for more than a minute if anything.

It’s too bad though, the task was posted before I went to bed… when I wake up I read the task and then I have no time to perform it! Maybe if I can work backwards on old tasks? Meh…

you know the task now so you can still do it… there is 48 hours for each task.

Okay last night I took a bite out of a steel pipe a tree and my own arm&hand.
The steel pipe was a salty kinda taste. The tree was really good. And myself tasted kinda wierd like taffy/playdoe.

I ate the moon once in a dream. It tasteed like cardboard. I also ate the clouds which tasted like cotton candy.
My next goal is to at the stars. I have grabbed them But i threw them(I guess because of ninja stars)

Were you lucid dreamwalker? I couldn’t catch that from what you wrote…

Anyway - wow - so interesting!! EATING YOURSELF? lol!

By the way pasQuale - I got confused, again ^.^’’ woops

I failed :sad: not even lucid. I hope I do it better next night.

But you aren’t signed up or?

Last night’s LD was a visit to the First DreamWorld to complete the first task of the Lucid Challenge!!

The Results:

Went to the First DreamWorld to taste test a brick which tasted like smoked cheddar, a rubber cup coaster that tasted like a really really chewy chocolate chip cookie, I had a taste of my own energy sword… my lower jaw was burned straight through and fell to the ground (But don’t worry ^^ I simply regenerated and grew a NEW lower jaw!! :happy:… of course, more dream characters were freaked out from that). The taste? Well my tongue was burned away so no results came from the energy sword. I ate my armored boot and it tasted like a grape flavored fruit roll up.

Addition: This could very well be the most odd list of things I’ve ever done in a lucid dream :rofl: eating random stuff that I wouldn’t eat or shouldn’t eat :tongue:

Addition-Addition: The brick was my favorite :lol: since it tasted like smoked cheddar, I even ate it with a fork and a knife on a dinner plate in a restaurant in the First Capital–in fact, I did all of my eating-of-random-stuff in the restaurant. Thanks to a story I was once told about a friend accidentally eating a cup coaster, I already figured the cup coaster would taste like a cookie :razz:

I’m so glad I signed up! :happy: It must have helped me get lucid last night.
EDIT: Alright, fine :razz: :tongue: :tongue: I guess I’ll post the dream right here.

[ND]The water was very deep and dark. I was a bit scared, and frantically made my way to the surface. Then I took a breath in underwater. [LD]Bingo - it was a dream! I climbed out of the water back into the hangar. I remembered the Challenge, and thought about something to eat.

There was a door near the back of the hangar. I could see a toilet inside, and something sitting on the counter. I ran inside, and picked up a hair dryer. It looked like it was on (the coils were orange) but I couldn’t hear any whoosh-ing. I took a bite out of the part where the air should come out. It tasted quite warm, a lot like warm bread. I could feel a few spots where something was poking my tongue. :eh:

I wanted to find something else to taste. I ran back into the hangar. At that point, I became a little unsure if it was still a dream. I pinched the bridge of my nose with my fingernails but only felt a dull pressure. Back in the hangar, I saw a little desk against the left wall. On the desk was a glass vial. I ate it whole. It tasted like glass - just like a was sucking on a marble. The shards felt like strands of peach gunk (I’ve been eating quite a lot of peaches in RL).

The blond-haired girl was standing next to me, talking to who looked like her mother. She was complaining about the rules of the Lucidity Challenge. Her babbling made me forget that it was a dream… and I immediately[/LD][/ND] woke up.

Here is the whole dream.

(Hm, I couldn’t seem to remember to make something taste like I wanted it to…)

Please note:
As you only get points for dreams posted here, I won’t look for possible bonus points other/more detailed versions of dreams.
This is nothing against “posting-links-to-more-detailed-version” (;p) , I just mentioned it to be safe. :smile:

Yeah I was lucid.

I have to sign up? I must have skimmed over that part.
Can I still sign up or is it too late, cause I would like to.

Sorry but every LC has a maximum of 10 players, so we are full now and after the signup time (this time it were 2 weeks or so), you also can’t join anymore.

But there certainly will be a next LC that you can join then when you want :smile:

always next time mate :wink: ill even join in too, see what we can create together huh :razz:

Sounds good.

That will give me some time to practice then. :wink:

you and me both mate