Lucidity Challenge V - Dimsya Wins!


I like the timing better this time. I’ll still have time to post after I get home from school.

And so the First Task of the Lucid Challenge!! Activates Task-Tron

Please Note: Completing any of these while Lucid will give you 10 Lucid Points per Objective. As the Task Objectives become tougher, more Lucid Points may be awarded per Objective Completed, when that happens I will let you know upon announcing the next Task. Dreaming and becoming Lucid alone will earn you 10 Lucid points even if you don’t complete any of the Objectives.

Good Luck and Have Fun!! :happy:

Every Task will have Two Days for you to complete.

The next task will be assigned this Wednesday at 6:00 PM EST.

And please post your entire dream account so I can look for anything that may give you extra points for some reason or other. Who knows? Falling on your head after falling backwards off of a cliff while getting eaten by a flamingo might get you a few sympathy points!
Yes, Sympathy Points will be awarded to those who experience unfortunate accidents in their attempts to complete my Tasks. Not that I’m going to give any evil-impossible-hard-to-do Tasks :tongue: so don’t worry–Titan-Slaying can be for another Lucid Challenge Round by some other Task Giver.

And once again, Good Luck and Have Fun!!

wow… looks difficult… creating an object…
I have a question, may I transform an object, and may I summon a human?
was sort of successful in these…

another question: do I have to create it right in front of my eyes, or just make it appear somewhere and find it?

Now this is gonna be fun to try :tongue:. Wonder what I shall create :hmmm:
Maybe something that makes chocolate or cotton candy :content:

You may create and place the object somewhere else and find it–but full points will be granted if it’s created in front of you. Sorry for not being specific about that.

And no Dream Character summoning :tongue: it must be a Dream Object. Again sorry for the lack of specifics.

You have to create the object before transforming it to get full points–but if you transformed an object to make the object you wanted to create, then you will receive only a fraction of the full points that you could’ve earned from that particular objective.

I’ll try to be more specific when I post the next Task.

I completed the first task :yay: Here’s my dream

First task

I was standing in my room and my sister was there too. All my things were gone. I turned round and said: When I turn round again there will be a…umm…Ice cream dispenser there! (Seems like I couldn’t come up with something :tongue:) I turned around and there was a ice cream dispenser.
Malin and I sat down.
Me: You know I’m having a WILD right now?
Malin: You are? Awesome!! :mrgreen:
(She was a DC cause my real sister hadn’t gone to bed yet)
I pushed a button on the machine and I got ice cream in a mug which I gave to Malin.
I tried to talk with it: Clone yourself… :smile:
It didn’t answer but it did clone itself. First it tried to clone itself from where the ice cream came from but I explained to it that it was too little space there.
I said: Not that way, to the right!!
It cloned itself to the right and then to the left because I said so. :content:
Me: Now, let’s see if we can set this on fire.
Well, I tried but I didn’t set it on fire. Instead I got it to spit out a calculator on me :eh:.
Malin: Does it work?
Me: I don’t know but I shall look if it does.
I pressed the buttons -, 2 and 3 so that it was -23. It was really hard to find the buttons since they moved around. I then pushed = and looked away and then back again. Still -23.
I said: Seems like my logic works in this dream
and then I woke up

Good job, Mugiwara! :content:

Since not many other participants have posted any successful dreams regarding the First Task, the First Task deadline will be extended until tomorrow at 6:00 PM EST, to give everyone else a chance to succeed at the First Task. Then I will post the scores for the First Task.

Once again, good job to Mugiwara!! And good luck to the rest still trying to complete the First Task. Remember–First Task deadline has been extended to Thursday at 6:00 PM EST.

The First Task is over!
The Scoreboard is here!

The Second Task will be posted tomorrow at 6 PM EST (thereabouts… there’s no telling what other business of the day is going to smack me across the face out of nowhere with a fish market!!)

And sorry for my disorganized management of the First Task–been trying to fix my computer, so my postings for the last few weeks have been done on a laptop of archaic proportions.

Been horribly busy :sad: sorry, peeps, I’ll post the Second Task tomorrow as soon as possible. I haven’t had much time to think of what the Second Task should be.
Once again, participants, I apologize for the short delay.
Tomorrow, the Second Task will be announced, but the exact time of day is indeterminate and because of that I’ll make the Second Task’s deadline be Monday 6:00 PM EST.

The Second Task is Here!!!

Good Luck Everybody! And remember, the Second Task Deadline is Monday 6:00 PM EST!! :happy:

Well, I got lucid last night, which is a good thing.

The only thing is that I didn’t fully realize it. I was in a hole being shot at, and realized something didn’t make sense - ergo I am dreaming. Strange, since most of the time I know this, but don’t react. I became lucid, and basically erased the whole dream. Like a burst of light and such. Then something happened, and I was back in a ND.

Hopefully I’ll have good luck tonight - this one should be interesting.

Darn i wish i signed up, im on a lucid streak you see :smile: .

How often are these things?

Oh and could somebody Pm me when the next one is ready :smile: please.

Well, looks I’m first to succeed in the second part.
Became lucid this night, some dark place tried to go “upstairs” where I knew was the objective, lost lucidity when tried to move some stuff out of the way with my willpower, but a second later did an RC again (how long your finger can get :smile: )
and got lucid again… well the room I was in appeared a little brighter this time I was looking for coke, found some diff. soft drinks and the closest was PEPSI, well I took it, tried it once it tastes like it was spoiled and a lot of gas (had a hangover, was sooo drunk) No surprize it tastes like s***t, I tried to transform the can in coke or some other flavored stuff, but on the second try it almost had no flavor at all and no gas…
I made it morning and made it a cofe shop (subconsiously, had very low lucidity level, even tried to drink a pill) So it was early morning and few people in a room, lucidity was soooo low, but I knew my goal, was trying to convince a guy to bring me coke, he didn’t want to, finally when he realized that I need only COKE he went somewhere to get it… don’t clearly remember why and when I lost a dream, but I believe I didn’t get the can from him.

I think thats a success, but I’ll give it more try, by the way, will points add up?

bad flavor is still a flavor :smile:

Congratz on succeeding on the second part, dimsya :content:.
Lucid cola in every flavour. Wonder if I even dare to drink that :lol:

Thanks… Mugiwara
If you’ll eat a sweet candy before LD, it’ll taste good, and if you were drinking lots of wine and pale ale, and your mouth smells like dumpster, you’ll get my result… :smile:
I never was able to eat anything or drink before in LD, it’s one of the most hard things to do as I know, tried sex every second LD, never got it :sad:… wish it was a challenge :smile:.

To be fair to everyone, if you decide to try to do better in this Task and succeed in your second try before the deadline (make sure to post your dream account of your second try in this topic so I can see it) I’ll look at both of your accounts and whichever one would earn you more points I’ll make it your official score. Say in the first one you earned 40 points and in the second one you earned 90 points, I’ll give you 90 points at the end of the Second Task.

Hmm, but I think there should be couple extra points, like half or third of the original…
Doubt I’ll try this soda again… Brrrrr… wasn’t good.