Lucidity check ?

Hello there,
it seems that i’ve had my 3rd false lucid dream this morning:
as my vision was getting blurred and dark, i started spinning on myself ( i learned this trick yesterday, what a coincidence :tongue: ), and i don’t think i was really conscious, else i would have started to move to discover the area, what i didn’t do then .
Is there a way to check lucidity ?
I mean, can you in your dream remember what you did last day for example ?
Or do you have another way to check lucidity ?

Thanks in advance ^^

couldnt you just do a reality check? it seems that a RC would work for your situation

check out this link

sorry if you misunderstood,
what i meant in my first post, is that i am doing the reality check, but that’s not really me . Let’s say : i dream of doing the reality check and “becoming lucid” , but i am not really lucid, i’m dreaming of lucid dreaming .
I’m asking : How can i verify that it is really me who’s lucid dreaming ?
Thanks anyway .

hmm thats odd.

Lucid is defined as knowing you are dreaming, so are you dreaming you know you are dreaming but you really dont, ahh head exploding.

i would think that
a)you are reallllllllly unlucky or
b)learn to reconize that when you think you are lucid you are dreaming this will make you lucid and also may be able to keep you lucid when you actully do LD

By checking your level of real awareness. You can only tell by what you are actually thinking. So I suppose by introspection during the dream, you would know.

You can easily tell if you were lucid once you wake up by asking yourself “Was I really AWARE that I was dreaming while in the dream?”
Saying what you think you would do if ‘really lucid’ and I wouldn’t do that if lucid is not a real check. Since we can still think a bit fuzzily in a lucid dream.

Ok, thanks .

And i just found out in one of Stephen LaBerge’s book that it is possible to remember things from RL in your dream, i’ll try it next time ^^ ( in the book, they asked people to move their eyes from right to left , left to right etc every 10 seconds, and the people did it ) .

You can remember things from RL in normal dreams as well. It’s really a quite philosophical question. To ask whether you are really using your free will or just thinking you are using your free will, assuming that free will exists. It touches upon the very core of the question; is free will an illusion? It is the same as in waking life I’d say.

However. In a less philosophical sense, you can test your free will, which of course requires conciousness to exist. Really, the fact that you are even questioning whether you are concious is a sign that you are, but if you want to make sure I’d suggest that you try to do something using your free will. If you can, then you are conscious. If you can do anything you want, you have free will. So, think of something to do that requires free will. Something simple will suffice. Perform the action while trying to determine whether it is actually you doing it. Are you in control?
What you will get is an intuitive answer. You will just know if it’s you. The trick is to remember to do the test, and taking control of yourself, which requires that you are conscious. This means, that if you actually do the test, you should be lucid. If not, you are likely to become lucid. It can be as simple as paying attention to this question, when you are doing a RC.