Lucidness in real life

Hey, I wanted to know if you all are lucid in real life.
I wonder if one needs to be completely aware of the world nowadays and all the problems, etc … to become lucid in the dreamworld.
Besides that, I read in a French forum that a girl could do LDs every night because she’s constantly sceptical in her life. She always wonders why things are placed like this or like that.

I’m mostly lucid in life. But sometimes people say things that can make me think “what the hell?!” and do a RC :content: But maybe I just do that for the pleasure of doing a RC, cos I know it helps me getting lucid in dreams :happy:

And does the fact that you are mostly lucid in your life make you LD more often ??

Or is it just natural and you never realized it ??

Another one of life’s mysteries.

What do you mean “being lucid IRL”? I thought you could only do that while dreaming…:eh:



  1. The quality of being clear and easy to perceive or understand: clarity, clearness, distinctness, limpidity, limpidness, lucidity, pellucidity, pellucidness, perspicuity, perspicuousness, plainness. See clear/unclear.
  2. A healthy mental state: lucidity, mind, reason, saneness, sanity, sense (often used in plural), soundness, wit (used in plural). Slang marble (used in plural). See sane/insane.

Oh… thanks :content: Then yes, i’m usualy lucid IRL (more often than in dreams anyway :tongue: )

I’m totally non-lucid and real life and less so in dreams. I just see things and think “Oh, there must be a perfectly logical reason for that!” but most of the time I’m not even ‘looking’.

I take oddity in stride and assume it’s normal…

I have a friend though who stridently logical and very critical of EVERYTHING, and he has LD’s all the time. He had them before he even knew what they were.

There was a giant topic on Lucid Living once, but I am not sure where it is nowadays.

I try to be lucid in real-life, but I am also distracted. Also, I notice that when I try to speak with someone who isn’t lucid, I lose lucidity. When I’m with someone who is, my lucidity is actually heightened.

The word “lucid” has not exactly the same meaning IRL and in dreams. IRL, it generally means a state when you use reason, you are quiet and you aren’t overwhelmed by emotion. Moreover, it’s completely relative. Somebody can think he’s lucid though an observer can think it’s not the case at all (a common example is when you drink too much :tongue: ).

Concerning lucid dream, the word “lucid” only refers to a precise definition: lucid = knowing that you’re dreaming.

This being said, people practising meditation (for instance buddhist monks) think that they can reach IRL a certain sort of “lucidity” that is called “clarity”. This state doesn’t consist (as far as I understand) in being aware of all the problems of the world - they are a little bit numerous too much - but in freeing oneself of emotional veils (which create those problems). They say that if you are not far from clarity, you’re likely to have more lucid dreams. This assumption is not completely stupid cause you can notice that what makes you believe that dreams are real (so that you don’t realise they are dreams) is you implication in them, because of strong emotional links.

About the girl, I don’t know. Some people have LD’s naturally but I’m always extremely skeptic when people pretend they are sort of heroes. You can find this sort of people everywhere, even on this forum. As a term of comparison, you perhaps know the LD’er Florence Ghibellini, she’s certainly one of the very best french LD’ers. She doesn’t have LDs every night.

Here is its part II.