Making a big change!

I ************************************ a big change in my life.
Have you ever made one?
Share your story!


what is the big change you made? :smile:

Yes, I would like to know also.


I’****************************************************** this big change.
That’s why want to know about you guys.
I’ll tell you more ******** i think it’s appropriate.

Are you talking about what BlackAngel was pointing out, or does *********** mean something…else? :wink:

*********** means something else!
hmmm… wonder what that could be!


I think it is great that you made this big change in your life(hopefully for the better) but, if you do not want to share what this change is why start a thread about it?

I want to know how your changes occured.
Don’t be affraid to share.
As a Great teacher said “The best thing for us, is to be naked.” He also reffers to us, humans, as mamals.
I also don’t want to turn this topic into a giving advice topic, more into a sharing honest stories and me getting the advice from it topic.
OK YOU DID IT. I’ve already talked too damn much.

Well, I kinda figured ******* meant something else :content:
Well, as long as you had fun, and made sure you did it safely…man, I probably sound like your parents or something :smile:

I understand but, you still have not shared your story yet.

I don’t see this thread going anywhere. :wink: