Making WILD your own (updated)

thank you for the feedback. ill surely adjust my awake time next wbtb to about 10min. Ive seen that chart, yes, except as im doing WILD i shouldnt be thinking about it too much, so this will help more to understand after i attempt? oh i was quite relaxed already but my mind wasn’t feeling that way. i shut my eyes, body still, but thoughts kept invading the still. also i wouldn’t be drifting off too easy if im too awake lol… or do you mean without wbtb? because then thats a good idea…let the thoughts die down even before i close my eyes for good. i can’t wbtb tonight, but i will try WILD in combination with MILD every night regardless of difficulty.

The only problem I have with WILD is that I just can’t get to sleep, at all, when trying it. Then I get to a point that I can’t even fall asleep normally. Tried it for days thinking I’d get so tired that I would ultimately fall asleep. No go!
In the end I just turn into a wreck that hasn’t slept for weeks, and than finally find myself dozing off normally again. Tried it twice and twice the same result. Maybe when I don’t have to go to work for a few weeks I might try it again, but until then, :sad: .
Guess WILD might just not be for everyone.

There’s one other thing I’ve just thought I would like to amend on here. It seems a lot of the new dreamers out there feel that if they get WILD to work it will be their main technique and they will have hundreds of LD’s. Also gonna put this in with the first post.

WILD is the only technique you need to have LD’s every night
Here’s the thing, no technique is guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Why limit yourself to just one tool? Make an entire toolbox to have at your disposal depending on what your situation is. Even if you do get WILD working, you should also look in to other techniques like MILD, DEILD and VILD.

I’m going to use Wyvern as a quick example for my point here. I was talking to him in IRC the other day, and we were talking about WILD. For those of you who don’t know, he’s about 20 LD’s away from having 1000, so he’s pretty experienced when it comes to LD’s. By his estimate, only about 10-15% of his LD’s have actually come from WILD. Most of his others come from DILD because he has trained himself to be aware and recognize the dream state.

I’m currently at 103 LD’s (about 87 of those in the last year alone). Again, only up to 20% have actually come from WILD. The rest have been RCILD, MILD, DEILD, VILD, DILD and even one CALD. This is a pretty broad array of techniques, and while I am no master yet, I still manage to have a good number of LD’s.

WILD is great to know, but never overestimate the value of any technique.

Thanks for the link to those charts, helps me a lot. This whole topic is also very helpful. I know this might seem pretty obvious, but I wanted to know if opening your eyes really has much of an effect on WILD’s because I have heard of and seen people sleeping with their eyes open. I’ve tried it while in the earlier stages just to see what I would see … :neutral:

Unless you normally sleep with your eyes open I wouldn’t try it. You’re more likely to accidentally wake yourself up. Now, if you think you might be in a dream, then go ahead and try, just make sure you do an RC with it to be certain. During WILD I usually do the nose RC with my eyes closed as a test.

I’m kinda confused what you mean by charts, though :eh:

This here.
Tggtt’s “(WILD Reference) The Trance Levels with Awareness” topic
I’ve been looking for something like this, glad there is one. With this I can gain more from my personal WILD attempts.

Oh, I forgot I even posted that :razz:

Glad it helped, and special thanks to Tggtt :content:

Hmm, I think this topic was written during a brief period of absence on the forums, so I missed. But as someone who’s successfully had a couple (though not many) WILD’s, I applaud this topic. I find it to be extremely helpful, because it boils WILD back down to the basic and dispels some of the “myths” that plague the technique.

Because aside from the first few that I had, all of my WILD’s have been very uneventful as far as HI or SP goes. I barely even notice the transition usually. The sleeping position thing used to keep me up for hours at night a few years ago. This should really be put in the Article Database or something, because it’s something most people who are into WILD should know.

Thank you for the post Rhewin! :tongue:

I just keep stumbling over this: as I begin to fade into a dream, SP pops in and I immediatley get aware of it (while I’m a bit in “daydreaming-mode”) and this excitement feeling comes up too the very second SP pops up and I snap out of all of this. Now what I described here happens in maximum 1 second. What’s there to be done ?

Secondly, what about breathing ?? A very big problem: when I’m getting pretty deep, I suddenly remember the breathing part. Then I take over the breathing and it doesn’t go “automatically” anymore, which makes me feel that it’s ruining all of it, because I either breathe too deep or either to slowly which makes me want more air and which causes a deep breath. Deep breaths are very good SP-getting-rid-of’s, so I really think it’s ruining most of the part… :sad:

When i am counting, "1, i am dreaming, 2 i am dreaming, etc. Would it work to count that kinda in an outloud voice but not really loud? Because i think that if i do, it will keep me focused and not falling asleep so easily, know what i mean?

Sorry I just noticed these two questions :shy:

Don Anonymus: So when you say you enter SP, you mean that your body is fully paralyzed, not just numb, right? Once your body is in SP, i.e. it has fallen asleep, it has been my experience that it is better to switch over to something like VILD. I already have the body out of the way, so I then actively try to make a dream. As for your excitement which breaks the SP, I don’t have much to say other than to try to ignore what your body feels like all together.

Rhett: Actually speaking will keep you awake. It’s the same reason we say not to move, you are trying to convince your body to fall asleep. I know I said moving can be ok, but I meant to adjust and get comfortable. Count in your mind, yell it even, but don’t actually count out loud.

Why have I never seen this topic before?

Now I know I can swallow. :eek:

Very helpful tut Rhewin! You’ve confirmed all that I have suspected about WILD.

do you have any tips on entering the dreams.

For me WILD works usually when my sleep is heavily disturbed. It means that i start to have HI images, or some semi-dream scenes. I watch them with my conciousness awake, and then i try if i can to “enter” them and turn them into LD-s. Sometimes it works, sometimes i cannot turn them into dreams and they dissapear. But it’s just my personal experience what i had recently.

Thanks for the post! I am very new at this and am very eager and excited to learn more. I have really been getting stuck with the swallowing issue but I am so glad I found this! I thought I had to NEVER SWALLOW! lol I thought I was gonna die! But I pushed through it and after the intense burning in my throat went i away i forgot to stay focused on trying to LD hahaha

Tried and did not see some progress so far, but I am gonna try sme more and notify you of any results.

Whoops, wrong thread, and the edit button disappeared on me.

this is great i will definitely keep these in mind when i try WILD again. i use DILD mainly, i just do RCs throughout the day and hope i do one in a dream, sometimes i do MILD as well which seems to work very well, i seem to be quite sensitive to it, i just say “i will have a lucid dream” a couple of times and go to sleep, normally i will have one the next morning. still the idea of being able to WILD is fascinating and i want to do it. i wonder if its possible to WILD during the day as well? like in the after noon or something? well i will give these tips a try and keep trying, sooner or later I’ll do it :smile: