For 2 days now i’ve told myself to wake up at 5 o’clock. To my great surprise i’ve woken up before my alarm the past two days. Today 45 minutes before 5, the day before 45 minutes after.
I now have faith that my mantra works, perhaps it will make it work even better.
The question is: What should my new mantra be? simply waking up wont give me a LD unless I do the technique where i can “Link LD’s”. (I can’t remember the name). Although i will try to “Link” one, I fell i need another mantra, one that can help me get my first LD.
Any tips? Will “Im gonna realise that im dreaming” work?

That first one is ok, but you can come up with much better. The biggest thing is to give yourself a specific time frame; as you’ve seen your SC has a pretty good internal clock.

Here, this topic by BenDrummin is a great guide to making mantras, and this one talks about what your mindset should be like.

And the technique you are thinking of can be called either chaining or DEILD.

Im pretty sure it was DEILD. It involves waking up without opening your eyes doesn’t it? If so, I think I can manage it, cause when I wake up at 4:15 I get pulled out of my sleep, I know that im not sleeping anymore and the only thing I have to do is open my eyes to check the clock. If I just keep my eyes closed it could result in a DEILD, couldn’t it?