Martial arts?

So can you learn martial arts in an LD if you haven’t had any practice before? or can you at least watch videos online for your subconscious to remember and mimic them in an LD? and will you remember them when you wake up?(except the muscle workout part ofc)


Since dreams are a projection of your subconscious, I don’t think that you could really learn anything new. Dreams are an almost entirely self contained experience. Thus, if you don’t know how to do martial arts in the waking world, you couldn’t learn to do them in dreams.

That being said, I don’t see why you couldn’t try. If you’ve seen other people do martial arts before then you could probably try to imitate them. You could even develop your own style of martial arts in dreams. But, I don’t think it would carry over very well into the waking world, largely due to the unreliability of laws of physics in dreams.

I agree with Yves, but I think that you can learn stuff in your dreams. I agree it wouldn’t help you physically due to lack of muscle memory and such, but I think it could help you mentally.
You would need some experience from real life for an accurate basis I think.

You could go over a series of moves, like a form, in the LD so you could practice it in WL without having to check the sequence as often.
It could be used as a form of motivation, trying to accomplish some of your dream martial art abilities in RL.
You could act out a series of scenarios you might encounter in RL to help with descision making.
You would just have to remember that a dream is a dream and waking life is waking life. Not to overestimate yourself just because you did it in a dream.

Let us know if you have any luck with it. :smile:

this can actually be kind of confusing to some people who already practice lucid dreaming.
there are two kinds of learning

learning through experience
and being taught

while practicing something that doesnt require any form of previous knowledge, like skateboarding, surfing, playing guitar, etc., you can learn simply by practicing.
this form of learning you can do in a lucid dream.
the only issue with this is that it does not contribute to any form of muscle gain, considering your already asleep.
meaning that you CAN practice martial arts in lucid dreams, as long as you already know the form you want to practice, or your creating a new one.
the best part is, if you have good dream recall, you can copy the form in your notebook and memorize it later, allowing you to get in double the practice you normally would spend trying to create a new form.

being taught is simply learning something from someone else, something being passed down, like a math formula, a specific technique, a recipe, anything that requires previous knowledge.
in certain circumstances, you actually can learn some of these in a dream, but only because your mind fabricates it for you to find.
like something in a book you might happen to find lying around in your dream.
its pretty much like finding something you’ve already created, you just dont know what it is, but like i said, this is rare, and im just saying it has the possibility to happen.

I studied tae kwon do when I was younger and it takes a long time, even IRL, to learn something like a martial art.

If you know nothing, then I don’t think you can really learn how to do the martial art, because it’s likely your subconscious would just make up stuff and make you believe that you were practicing it.

If, on the other hand, you know at least some basics, you can basically rehearse them in your dreams. Say, with katas for karate etc. That’s very possible.

You don’t become a good martial artist overnight, though. :razz: (pun intended)

Although i haven’t had many LDs yet i have a theory that you can practice physical things in dreams. I don’t see any reason you could not. Muscle memory is misleading because its not your muscle that is actually remembering anything its your brain. Since supposedly when you dream you still send the signals to your body parts, they just get cut off due to SP, then you can practice these movements while sleeping. I wonder if anyone has done any real testing of this though. It would be very cool if you could take a beginning martial arts class, and every night you get a little extra practice on what you learned. I think you would accel much faster than others.

You couldn’t learn it, because there are so many things about martial arts that you just don’t know about. You could practice punches and kicks, yes, but since dreams have horrible physics, it wouldn’t carry into the real world very well. Like in jiu-Jitsu I learned so many joint locks that i didnt think were possible before. If you want to learn martial arts, I recommend going to a professional dojo.

Btw yves when you said you could develop your own martial art but it wouldnt transfer well i thought of someone doing like matrix moves of a 70 story scyscraper then trying in rl :eek:

And who said that exactly? My dreams behave just fine with physics, unless I’m messing with those. Since you’re the one in control, the physics can stay reliable and close to reality if you want them to. Not to mention you know them very well, since you live most of the time in them :tongue: