Methods of Lucid Dreaming for a newbie - personal experience

Hello there,

I’m fairly new to the lucid dreaming scene however i’m not new to the concept.
I have been performing reality checks and also asking myself critical questions for the past few day almost to the point where both of them are almost second nature. I understand lucid dreaming is not going to just happen without a bit of time, however I would like to prepare myself and also educate myself a bit further from people with experience.

What I am asking today is:

What are the best lucid dream methods for a beginner like myself? (please try name a few)
How am I supposed to find my dreamsigns? I can’t find any trend in my dreams.
What are some triggers that are common to most people to spark a reality check?
How would I go about achieving a lucid lifestyle?

Any help would be much appreciated :smile:


Hy, sonix___!

It’s good that you started with RC but I would firstly start with DR. I think I don’t need to explain that… With good DR you can start with RC and then MILD.

I know your kinda impatient but you can try only with DR and one thing that many people underestimate: the feeling of being happy just to dream and to remember dreams also if you had any lucid dream the feeling of being lucid. Try to fall asleep with that thought every night.

About methods:

Like I said, building DR is crucial and you can start with RC and MILD. I would also suggest this tech!

Keeping DJ is the easiest way to find DS.
Triggers are very different from person to person, some may have trigger they lucid dream with DS, or something illogical that happened in a dream or just a moment of clarity. But the most common is RC.

Hey there,
Thanks for your reply. It is much appreciated :smile:
I did forget to mention the fact about my DJ. I have been keeping one for quite a while now. Since before I had even heard about the concept of lucid dreaming. Sorry I left that out :confused:. Anything special I should be including in my DJ besides the specifics of the dream?

Thanks again,

You can do whatever you want but the most important thing is to have positive feeling about what you are doing. So if you don’t feel like drawing in your DJ but someone says that’s the best way then don’t do it, but I would suggest to write down as many details you can and don’t exclude your feelings in your DJ that you had at the specific moment of the dream!

Thankyou very much :smile:
I have been keeping very positive. I want to make this happen :happy: