[MILD] Setting the intention

Maybe it would help some people out if they thought of Lucid Dreaming this way…

If you are on your way to the store to buy milk, you drive there with your intention to buy milk, then you buy it when you get there.

That isn’t too hard is it?

Maybe if we thought of going to sleep the same way we thought of going to the store to buy milk except instead of buying milk, it’s to recognize a dream sign… or have a Lucid Dream.

Just a thought.

If I’m correct, this is part of the MILD method, and what you are describing is called prospective memory. The BIG MILD Topic (Part III) can be found here.

That’s a good thought. Instead of being presented as another method, it’s compared to how people perform everyday actions. I’m going to try this way of thinking for a while.

The only difference is when you go to buy milk, you’re in the same state of consciousness from when you have the intent to up until you do (at least I hope you’re conscious :wink:).

When you go to sleep, you lose your consciousness (unless you do WILD). But that’s all details :content:

It is the essence of MILD. The point of it.