MIWILD attempt.. Confused

Yesterday I tried MIWILD technique and I’m really confused lol :smile:
I went to sleep at around 11:30 pm and started concentrating on the sound that crickets make - there are a lot of crickets around our house :razz:
Anyway… I was concentrating on it and suddenly I felt this rush all over my body, the one that you usually get when meditating - It feels like cant feel your arms and legs. BUT it didn’t feel as if I were 1000x heavier… It was all accompanied by the visualizations like the ones in windows media player lol :smile:
I waited a bit longer and and suddenly I had this 3D space sensation forming in front of my eyes but still just visualizations - not an actual image. Then after a short period of time I started getting a feeling of travelling really fast in the 3D space… My heart started beating really fast and I got a really really strong urge to swallow. I swallowed and then I came back to just the visualizations. I then just fell asleep…

So what I wanna know is whether I was close or not? I never, even if WILDing get HI and it’s just lame!! I always just see random visualizations and colors… This way I can’t ever know whether I’m dreaming or not and yesterdays meditation took me 50minutes and it still didn’t work…

Any tips on what I am doing wrong? Is there any way to enter a dream with WILD without HI? I would also like to know how SP feels like - some describe it as feeling 1000 times heavier but what I felt yesterday was just really light arms and legs. Also when decided to turn around and sleep I could move easily and I’m not sure if that was SP… Feedback would be appreciated :smile:

It sounds like WILD to me…you should have tried to go with the flow but to stay conscious. It’s normal that you get excited and fall out of it. The times when I tried WILD I always had HI first, I just observed at the beginning until it got very vivid and then I took over control. That’s what you should try.
SP sucks. I had it a couple of times when waking up. I was already conscious but couldn’t move, it doesn’t feel that good :happy:

For me, the images don’t pop up in front of my real eyes either, but I get brief impressions of scenes in my head. However, I think the feeling is the key to lucidity (at least for me): With time I start to feel my dream body. The feeling of my real body fades away and I sort of get the idea of being able to move, without moving my RL body. I hope that, when that feeling is strong enough, I can just sit up (in my dream body of course) and open my eyes, finding myself in a lucid dream.

Ow cool! I also get impressions of scenes with “my inner eye (aka imagination)” that I can’t control. Those are some random people talking or something…

The thing is that I never had a LD before (I had those half-lucid moments) so I don’t know what the sensation of a dream body is like or how it feels. And I don’t want to do a RC to soon as I’m afraid I might find myself not dreaming and having to WILD all over again - which wouldn’t be cool… So far I’ve just been waiting for HI to show up because I was afraid I might not be dreaming yet. I’m also not sure about SP as I don’t if the feeling I get after some time are SP. I’m kinda stuck in wondering what is happening all the time lol :smile:.

So any tips on how to know when you are in a dream even if not having any HI? Or some tips on how to determine that SP really did happen to you? I need some help :smile:

Hi Dani, could you somehow describe the difference between your dream body and your real body? I am unable to sense a difference between the two, or maybe I just haven’t sensed my dream body ever. In a lucid dream my body feels the same as in real life. Maybe this is because I’m such a head case in RL that I never seem to be aware of my physical body much unless I’m tired. I don’t even notice I’m hungry half of the time (LOL).

Dunno, the difference that I felt was mainly a certain lightness and the fact that I didn’t feel anything that I should feel - like the bed or the pillow under my head. I just somehow knew that my actual toes didn’t move, yet it felt like they did. Hard to explain (pretty obviously).

This is HI :grin: HI is anything you see from blobs of colors to full images. You should have passively watched these WMP colors. They thould then start turning into simple objects and then scenes.

Lots of people say they don’t have HI when they WILD (which is perfectly possible, and not a problem at all) but most of them see these colors and think they aren’t HI because most of the HI they hear about are “images”.

If you start paying attention to those impressions in your inner eye you can’t control they should start turning into more vivid HI. Think that anything that pops into your head that wasn’t consciously summoned comes from your SC, in other words, your on your way into a dream!

@ Mattias
I think for me it is the learning not to focus on the images, swirls or color that is the hard part. As soon as I pay attention to them they go away. I try to focus on the sound in my ears, or on a mantra I repeat, and kinda sorta have the images in my “peripheral vision” but it is really hard to do. So I am wondering how I would step into a scene when it disappears the second I actually pay attention to it?

Exactly the same here. As soon as I start to focus on any image that makes sense (not just random colors) they fade away. It’s really annoying as you keep waiting for them but they disappear as fast as they appear.
The thing is that I don’t know if I’m in SP. Whenever I get that strange feeling of a rush trough out my body I’m afraid I’ll ruin everything by moving and so I just keep still → I don’t know if I ever was in SP lol :smile:
Is there anyone on this forum that also can’t get realistic HI (an actual scene but just colors) and has success with WILDing? Tips are VERY welcome :smile:

Yeah, I know, it’s tricky :sad: I do know though, that usually the more vivid (so the more “evolved”) the HI is the easier it is to watch without it disappearing. I’ve only entered a LD through HI when I randomly find myself in HI. I guess I “wake up” in it when it’s in an advanced stage. Then it’s not that hard to watch. I also have lots of trouble watching the weak HI and letting it develop all the way to the vivid full scenes. :sad: I think what Kauai said she does is what I do and get the best results, the “peripheral vision thing”. But I also fail xD I think the more developped the HI the more you can start focussing on it, but the transition from peripheral to… direct vision is really hard. :sad: But if an image (or blob of color) disappears, don’t get frustrated and don’t try to hold onto it. Let it go and wait for the next. It’s normal for it to change a lot and trying to focus too much on one particular image (blob) can be counter productive, I belive.

oh, and many people don’t get HI and/or SP at all when WILD’ing (they get it, but don’t notice them, I mean) :wink: This varies a lot from dreamer to dreamer. Focus a bit less one what “stage” you think you shouyld be at or want to get to and focus a bit more on where you are :grin:

I hope all of that made sense, lol I’m not a master at WILD or HI, just my experiences. :shy:

Well I guess that maybe trying this just before going to bed at night might be very hard because of the really short REM cycles… I guess doing it with WBTB might be easier…

Just one question for you mattias… Considering you have 2k + posts I’d say you’ve had quite some LDs… Now I just wanna know how you got them lol :smile: Maybe if we both have trouble with WILD your favorite technique might be the right one for me too. Just for the info - I fall asleep very easily (and anywhere - my friends make fun out of me for being capable of sleeping anywhere :smile: ) and I’m a deep sleeper - hard to wake up. So any advice on a technique that would work best for me?

Have fun

hmm, I’ve had over 500 LD’s, but I’ve been here for a while :tongue: and that doesn’t really mean that much since like 90% of them were short and/or low lucidity :cry: In terms of a specific WILD technique, I don’t know if I can help you, because a great majority of my WILD’s are kinda accidental. If I lie down and say “ok, let’s WILD” I very very rarely succeed. I tend to use auto-suggestion most of the times… and not even that works that well :razz: Any technique might take some time to get used to, though.

Anyway, this link might be what ou are looking for!

follow mattias advice

anyways you used different technique which was visualization
what i use is just the random images which pop up in my head and the sound of my breathing or ringing of the ears.

what your basically doing is meditating your way into an induced state where your unconscious but conscious lol.

I think you should let go of all your ideas and just remember and say.
i can do what ever i want in my dream.
i control my dreams.

then do an rc to see if your dreaming.

Have a thought about controlling your dreams.
For me once im controling my dreams. I dream to meditate and then in dream i dream to meditate again which is like 4x more meditating than normal lol.

when images start popping up and they start making sense dont approach them because they will fade away instead observe.

Make little details of the texture smell , feeling , colors.
Ask questions about why is this shape this way.

Analyze it and be curious.
You should get drawn into the image.

then fall into a world like the image or a different world where you know your dreaming.

I LD at will I have mastered my technique

correction right here my friend
i do quite agree to use the “non approach method”