Quite an inspiring topic you have here, I’m quite certain it will inspire me to have amazing dreams, lucid or not, tonight. Thanks to everyone who posted in this topic and just about everyone else on the forum who’s stories have and will continue to encourage me to dream without limit. :smile:

Good motivation :smile: I needed that and you’re right. I didn’t think it was possible before, but now I know.

I’ve had doubt in myself in my Latest chance to get Lucid I still felt like I was awake when it Began, My heart started beating really fast and I could feel i was still laying down in the same position when it started, so i tried to count how many fingers i had first RC and as I was counting I felt my brain go, THIS IS TOO REALISTIC and then I snapped out of the chance and was in exactly the same postion In my bed with my heart pumping like crazy and eyes wide open. But as im a Beginner and this was my first night trying I possibly had a LA?

I need More faith that I can do it. Now I need to keep thinking in my dream I can do whatever I want for hecks sake!

I have had an epiphany

“I Am”

Think about this

“I Am”

Just 2 small words, with infinite meaning.

“I Am inspired”

Inspired to feel free, to enjoy the feeling of flying, to experience the intensity of adventure. To count every dream as a sucsess, be it Lucid or Normal, as long as i enjoyed it.

“I Am Motivated”

Motivation. Just one word that sums up how to become lucid. Ask me how to have Lucid Dreams, and I will answer


yes, I want to feel the thrill of fighting in a ARC-170 starfighter as I blast my way through enemy lines.

I want to feel the pure joy of soaring effortlessly through the clouds, the setting sun turning the clouds gold and silver

I want to feel the exhilaration of skydiving from a plane

I want to see the essence of beauty, depicted in the cosmos at night

“I Am able”

If he can do it, so can I.

I have an aunt, who is so uncoordinated and athletically challenge that she could never play a sport.

She tried tennis and failed miserably, but picked herself up, and lauched at it again.

And failed

And failed

And failed

But she kept at it. She knew that if those Pro-tennis champions could do it, she could too.

So she practiced for hours and hours every day.

And guess what?

She’s now the 6th best womens tennis player in the state.

How can this be? She had no talent. She had no fabulous teacher. She had nothing except one thing:

Determination and Motivation

She wasnt content with being average. She was not put down by repeated failure. She knew that if someone else can do something, she can too. Her mindset was: “If Tiger woods can be an amazing golfer, I can be an amazing golfer”

So, If others have achieved greatness, be it tennis or Lucid Dreaming, you can also.

“I Am a Lucid Dreamer”
And you are too

That’s a really positive idea, thanks :smile:

Oh fortunately I found this topic again! Worth reading every single time. :content:

Haven’t posted in a long while, but I found this in my bookmarks and it convinced me to come back to LDing so this deserves a BUMP :tongue:

Hm, looks like I’ll be reading this topic for some time. I’m not a person of faith at all, in anything or anyone, I’m not trusting, I don’t make acts of faith, I don’t take leaps of faith, I’m pessimistic, weak-willed and lack self-discipline. I want things to be reliable, I think that if I don’t have the natural skill to do something then I can’t. I take failure very personally, I never forget it, and it makes me want to abandon that thing completely and take up something else if anything at all.

Yet the allure and temptation are too strong. I still ardently desire being in a veritable holodeck, being the Neo of my mind’s Matrix, walking the streets of my own Silent Hill, being the Melkor of my Arda and the Manwe of my Valinor, have literally magic at my disposal, having even for a brief moment no chains, being in another life in another world, being whatever I want.

It’s a battle between desire and demotivation. It’s been for years. I need an IV of inspiration.

Hello, Nameless one.

I think I understand completely what kind of a person you are. I’m guessing you are often depressed, you blame yourself for everything, would like to do many things but just lack the motivation, you pity yourself but you are a good person.

If so, that’s where I was once. I can see from your avatar that you listen to Agalloch, which was one of my favorite bands, bringing me into an emotional and dark state of mind.

I respect everyone’s opinions but I think you are very, very wrong. Natural skill is nonsense. The only reason people have epic skills is because they want to. It’s not even so much the amount of practice they have, it’s the right mindset. I don’t intend to brag, but I can get good at things so quickly simply because I know I can and me not being able to do that makes absolutely no sense at all.

You name a thing, I’ll get good at it. I haven’t done lucid dreams in a really long while, but if I feel like it, you’re damn sure I’ll have them ^^
It’s like if you act like the master, you are the master, that’s what I’ve noticed.

So do whatever you want, work on overcoming failure ( talking about my chess career, I’ve failed so many times and felt desperate about it, But I kept coming back because I wouldn’t and couldn’t let go) and the key is, obviously, not being down about everything.

I might seem overconfident, but in the end, overconfidence is the only thing that justifies my overconfidence :happy:

You know what, after reading this topic I got some good DR back. Just like that. It was months that I didn’t remember a dream, but I just did a few nights ago. I still didn’t recognize it was a dream (if a computer starts acting up, it’s because wasps are making a nest in it, of course!), but one thing at a time.

I guess I was spoiled by my being good at certain things, doing them almost effortlessly while others failed miserably after hours and hours of work, feeling that work and improvement were beneath me because I was a natural. But I can’t go on with those skills alone anymore and now I’m the one struggling even in the most basic things. The wheel of fortune really spins for everyone it seems, which is why I want to have a LD. Should be about time.

The absolutely revolting summer weather is making me physically sick and isn’t helping at all, but I’m on vacation. Sort of. There’s always two sides to everything, isn’t there?

I’ve been trying to WILD every night since then. It’s like not falling asleep during guard duty. If you do, you miss the dream. I need to stay sharp but it’s so hard when my mind is literally unravelling and going about by itself.

Oh, oh, my point wasn’t that there are no naturals, but rather that EVERYONE is a natural :content:

I think feeling like you don’t need to do much to become great at something is a healthy way of thinking.

I’m glad this topic has made you return your DR, and shoot for more :wink:

Whenever I need motivation I just watch these two videos:

Lucid Dreaming: How to Control Your Dreams (Part 1 of 2)
Lucid Dreaming: How to Control Your Dreams (Part 2 of 2)

These videos have an amazing ability to stir up that longing for lucid dreaming, and the narrator is great.

I’ll wait to watch them until I’m about to go to sleep, looking forward to how they are.

I like this post,
It’s like in Matrix II, when Morpheus speaks to the Zion’s population.
And like in Matrix, everything is possible :razz: