My dream experiences.

I am kind of an odd dreamer.

First of all, I rarely ever remember my dreams. Up until about a week ago I’ve started to remember a dream every night, so I am now remembering how odd my dreams have always been.

First of all, it is always said that reading text or numbers will be scrambled or made of random letters. This is never true for me. I have read signs/books/letters, checked the time, etc. in dreams. Sometimes I even wake up remembering what time was in the dream and I compare.

Also, I never have the experience that I am within myself when I am dreaming. I am almost always a mysterious third party. For example:

One of the only times I’ve ever come close to Lucid Dreaming, I wasn’t even within myself. I honestly watched myself say, I am dreaming! and began lucidly dreaming without any interaction on my part.

My dreams are like movies. And it is not uncommon for the credits to roll at the end. It’s very strange.

I have always experienced sleep paralysis more than a few times. God is that creepy!

Any comments appreciated! - It’s a strange predicament I’m in.

hi, it is good to be odd, keep it up : )

Do you like looking into mirrors?

You might have a third-person perspective of life–where others’ perception, instead of your experience, defines your reality. It is a view where life is not about how you feel, but what you appear before the others. It sounds bad when I put it like that. But this is the general situation when you have been defined by your achievements, instead of you yourself as a person. : )

:welcome: welcome to LD4all elle feint :grin:
In all my dreams text, numbers etc have always been stable. (except for one dream :tongue: )
I even have frequent dreams where I am reading posts at LD4all or posting here :eh:
Unlike you, my dreams are mainly in first person with a few disembodied dreams.

It’s not strange to read things in dreams. I do it all the time. I find the words hard to remember afterwards, though. I have better luck with numbers. Sometimes I check my watch in dreams and see the time is late (usually 9am for some reason), so I stress out and wake myself up only to find that it’s 5am in reality or some such thing.

I do agree that it’s odd to dream in third person. Not unheard of, but it’s something I know I’ve never experienced.

Do I like looking into mirrors? Like in my life? I think they are interesting, and I think it’s interesting to consider how others may see me (because that’s the one thing we can’t see - ourselves).

And I know you may not believe me but I really have a hard time caring what people think of me, really. All I care about is that they understand. For example, it’s hard for me to hate anyone, because almost always I understand where they are coming from, even if I may not like it. I just wish others understood me the same way and would not judge me. That is the extent of my caring what they think of me.

One way I explain my dreaming in the third person is the way I live my life. My dreams, while in the third person, are always very faded, half-there, hard to recall, and not vibrant at all. I think that’s how I see my life; I have this constant monotone boredom that kind of consumes my person. Often I feel detached from myself, like I am softly gliding over everything, numb. This is how my dreams are. I am never involved, passionate, and my inside person is often watching my outside person conversing with people, doing busy work, etc… and I have to sort of “ground myself” to focus on any task that is important. My memory fades, my experiences glided over, empty.

Sure is peppy subject matter, yes?

Wow, you’re very similar to me. Most of my dreams are like that to, sort of distant and faded.

Do you view your life similar to the way I view mine? Unfeeling,… like you are gliding over everything?

Passivity and apathy (clicky)

They are all the same thing, just different styles of expressing it. Does the paragraph after “more interestingly” describe your waking life?

[size=100][color=green]It is not uncommon to read in a dream. But I don’t know which meaning of ‘reading’ you meant, so I assumed that by ‘reading’ you meant you can identify the correct spelling of the words, and conciously understood and deduced the meaning of the written passages from the words. This is strange to say, but the meaning of passages in dreams are not normally delievered by the words. The meanings are delievered directly in the form of pure meaning. The words are just the representation that something is being delievered. The words are just decorations. After replying to your post I had a dream in which it was in third person, and there was the credit roll with comics pictures (like the credit roll of Waking Life). I had third person dreams before, but it is not frequently to be called a feature.

The comics dream I had mainly had a light blue background. In the dream there was a movie and the movie theater, and there was Bruce Lee with his ‘father’.[/color][/size]

Exactly like that, and I know what you mean about seeing everyones points of view, so not being able to hate anyone.

For most of my life, I had mainly third-person perspective in my dreams. This became less frequent when I got better and lucid dreaming, but still happens sometimes. But I’ve always been able to remember almost all of my dreams, and the reading doesn’t work in my dreams, except for the first time. I once had a dream where I read something with the word ‘children’ in it, then looked away and back again, and it was upside down and a different color. I looked away again, and when I looked back the word had changed into a picture of Robin Williams’ head. :tongue:

I had a dream with end credits once, though. They were scrolling down over a picture of a hirse standing in a well. It was a bit odd.


It is the feeling you get when you walk around the house, with time floating by, not knowing what you are really doing or caring about anything.

I have this constant monotone boredom that kind of consumes my person. Often I feel detached from myself, like I am softly gliding over everything, numb.

aww, what is the difference?

I think when I was smaller I had many third person dreams. In fact, I think most of the dreams are really in third person, where images simply fly by. How many dreams do you recall per night? Maybe your third-person dreams are no more than the ‘normal ration’.

The difference is I don’t live like I am floating over everything. But looking back over time that has passed I feel like I had just glided over it all. Like I wasn’t really there or living. All I really have is this moment.

I recall 1 or 0 dreams per night. Every dream I recall is in the third person. I recall 0 dreams much more often than I recall 1. Much, much more.

Once one of my dreams had a title at the start and credits :happy: