My first WILD

Went to bed 9:30. Got up at 2:30 Meditated for half hour and took one 600 mg capsule of choline–Solaray two stage timed release-- then meditated for another hour and went back to bed.Fifteen minutes I lay on my back and ten turned onto my right side.A few minutes later swirling cloud of light appeared.The lights formed a few faint geometric patters–circles mostly but before it could coalesce into imagery I started feeling an energy rush–I guess this is what some people interpret as an “acceleration”–I have felt these at the beginning of every lucid period I’ve experienced and this is how I know I am dreaming. It is my primary dream sign.After the rush I am lying on a bed.I try once to roll out of my sleeping body but cant quite make it. Then I feel my legs floating and I try to roll out again and succeed. I immediately walk away from the bed with the Wow! I did it! feeling washing through me and I head downstairs. I don’t know this house at all but there are other people in it and I know we are all in some kind of Lucid Dream project together. I want to ask one or the other of them if they know they are dreaming but I don’t because it is rather a dimly-lit and messy house and I want to go outside. Once outside I am walking along in the sunlight–it seems like some kind of seaside town–saying to myself: ALL THIS IS ME! Eventually I come to a cliff and start throwing bricks over the edge–they float down rather than fall. At one point I look at my right hand. It has 6 fingers. I laugh and look again. Now it has three. I find this hilarious because I had heard of this phenomenon but now I was verifying it for myself.Well, there is a lot more wandering about fooling around. I run into a woman and try to play with her a little but she gets away. I don’t mind.Sex is not high on my list of dream priorities.At another point I am playing with a little dog that turns into a weasel and starts trying to bite me.I hold it by its head and get away from it. At another point I am in a kitchen–I have by this time come back to the house I started from realizing that I will end the dream there–and find a woman in the kitchen who is a great friend of mine in real life. She is much younger in the dream and smaller. I kiss her and touch her face. She is annoyed about something but allows herself to be appeased As I touch her face she begins to deiinish in size until she is the size–and the form too-- of a small black dog. The dogs mouth is malformed someway and it immediately tries to bite me, like the cat/weasel had done before. I hold it off and sic it onto another guy who is in the room . It bites this guy on his skinny leg and Lo! I wake up. I am really happy with this dream because it was a WILD and because the lucid part lasted longer than any lucid period I have ever had.I attribute the vividness and ease of entrance into this dream to the choline.I have tried wilds many times and have never been able to do it before.The level of control in this dream was low and vividness, while better than an average dream for me was not what it could have been.There is a lot of room for development.Alos this business of just wandering around playing Peck’s Bad Boy is not enough–I want to see what is possible.

Congrats, it sound like a great experience! It seems like your DC are a little bit hostile. I love the part where you were looking at your hands. That is my primary RC and just like you for the first time I saw my hands in dream I laughed too. When you were on a cliff I hopped that you will jump :smile: , I tried it myself, it’s a great feeling! Maybe you would float just like those bricks.

Congrats once more on a LD!


Thanks. Yes, the DCs leave something to be desired in the way of friendliness.And I had thought of jumping off the cliff but I think there was a little fear–it was a very high cliff!But in some future dream I will make it a point to do the cliff-jump thing.I have a short list of other things I want to do first however, one of them being to see if I can’t get a more stabilized environment–and a brighter one;. Also I want to experiment with lengthening the dream and deepening it.We shall see. I am a disciple of Thomas Yuschak and would like to try some of his ideas out.The sky is the limit.

Now you reminded me here’s the great guide on how to prolong lucid dreams. I mentioned cliff jumping because that’s the way how I became lucid for the first time. Good luck with your to do lucid list :content:!

Thanks for the link–very useful.

Hey congrats!!! Do you mind PM’ing me the steps that you did for your WILD trying to LD