My friend..

My friend claims he LD’s almost every night now. He said the one thing he does that helps him so much, is that he is so much more aware, and he back tracks, when he daydreams, he thinks, “how did i get here?” and goes back and does all this stuff. Could this be true?

Yes, it is :wink: I’m slightly jealous :happy:
It’s like this if I understood you right:
The Secret of Frequent Lucid Dreamers
There was also somewhere a topic about this so-called Lucid Daydreaming (LDD)…

Yes, it could be true. It’s been a popular topic lately to discuss how many natural/proficient lucid dreamers are more aware of their surroundings than the rest of us. There’s been two ways this has been approached: one is to try to recall things you were just doing frequently throughout the day, and the other is to consistently focus on your senses throughout the day. In a dream, the former would either lead to drawing a blank or remembering that you just went to bed, and the latter lets dreamers notice how different a dream feels from waking life.

Both of these methods take incredible devotion and focus, but they’re by far the best ways to go about it. It just takes a long time to develop these habits… time that, unfortunately for many of us, we simply don’t have.

I would say that this is the most crucial question that lucid dreamer can ask himself!
Because if you can answer that you will know if it is a dream or not. Simple as that!

I say it to almost everyone and so few people really understand :razz:

Yes, awareness is important to all things LD, no matter what technique, and what your friend is doing is the best way to gain awareness.

Sounds a lot like the Buddhist mindfulness technique known as Sammaspati, in which you meditate on your day backwards. People also use this as a lucid dreaming technique, because the two are so closely related. And the habit forming flows into your dream world. You can read more about it in step four here:

Thanks everyone, i just need tips to be more aware and such, thats my problem