My LD problems

First I just want to say hello to everyone, this is going to be my first post on these forums :smile:.

Alright, so I become lucid in my dreams extremely often, but here is a list of problems that I always encounter after a short amount of time before I can really accomplish anything.

My dream collapses and I wake up as a result.

  • My dreams start shifting, faces become unrecognizable, & everything seems to start speeding up until I finally wake up.

My dream shape shifts into a whole new dream.

  • My dreams will change as I am standing there, I will have control over myself, but everything around me will change into a whole new dream which causes me to loose my consciousness and end up falling into my new role in the new dream.

My dream will rewind to a previous spot in the dream.

  • I will actually go back a short amount of time where I will experience that whole part of the dream twice, this usually snaps me out of my conscious state.

If I actually manage to overcome the previous problems I always end up having a hard time staying convinced that I am actually dreaming.

  • Once I become lucid my senses are greatly enhanced which causes me to notice how real and crystal clear the dream is, and most of the time it will look so real that I will just stand there like an idiot questioning weather or not I am actually dreaming :razz:.

I am just curious if anyone else experiences any of these specific problems on a regular basis?

Hi I just woke up and I’m having the same problems all the time can’t accomplish. I just woke up and last night my sub picked up that I was lucid dreaming. I was just lookIng forward and I kept seeing deferent Pictures. They where beautiful. If I was an artist I would probably draw them. Ok so I was in my home, I wanted to fly but then when I started it faded away. But something you have to practice is 99% your gonna slip back into a dream. It’s weired, and I kInd of remember being in sleep paralysis this night, also I remembered I looked at my hands and I had like dots on my hand lol. Another rc. For some reason I do not have to do any realty cheek, to see if I’m dreaming I just know. Alright peace

Those sound like more or less common problems. It seems like your two main ones are dream stabilization and maintaining awareness. These posts may already be enough to solve your problems:
[Dream Control Training Course)
[Prolonging Lucid Dreams)
[Techniques for Longer Lucid Dreams [by Robert Waggoner])

What can prevent you from losing lucidity is to repeat (either say it out loud or in your head) “I’m lucid” or “I’m dreaming” etc. If you start to doubt whether you are in a dream or not do one or more RC’s to verify it.

Thanks for the posts.
After reading a lot of information on techniques and things here on this site yesterday I had a better understanding of what I should do when I go lucid again, I had a plan going into it this time.
Last night I actually became lucid again after doing a reality check, I then tried to relax and stay calm, but then my hand started changing in shape and everything started to speed up again. I knew my dream was about to collapse so I tried spinning around and I started to repeat “I will stay in this dream” multiple times, but then I woke up :sad:.

I guess I just need to keep practicing, it’s a good thing that I can become lucid so often that I actually get to practice :smile:.