MY quest to LD and its diffuculties

I’ve now taken a break from Lding for around 2 months, and I’m thinking I’m getting back into it. I’m making this thread to tell you why I think I haven’t had a lucid dream yet. There are a couple flaws in my personality that make it so LDing is quite hard for me; I still haven’t gotten one yet.

  1. First off, I’m pretty gullible. This makes it so I always believe what’s happening around me, whether it’s in RL or in a dream, resulting in me having a less chance believing that something is amiss.
  2. Secondly, I have this thing where if something doesn’t make sense to me, I’ll make it make sense by creating theories that I’m not sure if theu’re right or wrong. I actually found out this is frustrating in dreams because if I actually realize something is out of place or wrong, my subconscious will make a theory in the dream that doesn’t even have to really make sense, but in the dream it does and I’m desperate for things to make sense, so I believe it.
  3. Lastly, I daydream a lot. In doing this, it’s kind of like I’m dreaming during the day, and sometimes I get so into my day dream, it’s like I forget where I am. Usually they’re just random little stories I make up, just like a ND. Pretty much what this does is it makes it hard for me to LD because I don’t notice that I’m daydreaming until it’s over (sometimes), so it’s just like a ND.

The reason I posted this is to tell you guys why I think it’s hard for me to LD. Do you guys have any tips/techniques/tricks that you think would help me?

Very important is that you know where your problem is. So it easily to solve them then not knowing what you’re doing wrong.

I don’t think that there’s any special advice then get doing things right! You see, you can really question your reality without adding some theories just basic fact. Is that reality or not, you back up your answer with RC and everything will fit!

Stop expecting things, live in and for the moment, don’t think what will or what could happened, be in the moment, realize where you are and what are you doing…

I identify with your problems. I often create theories about anything i can, sometimes more than 1 for the same event. I also find myself lost in my head several times a day, thinking of random stuff, stuff i just heard and got my attention or simply imagining an argument about any subject, or even an argument i think i will soon have with someone and thinking of the possible answeres i could face. This makes it obviouse that i am a really really really disctracted person and i have a really hard time focusing. I hope you can find a solution to your “problem”. Good luck mate.


Regarding your third problem, here’s a topic which may help you a bit: LucidDayDreaming.