My reality check failed

I did the reality test in real life, by throwing something in the air and catching it, (Chapstick of all things) and sure enough I tried it a dream (too see if I was dreaming), but nothing unusal happened, but after I did it in the dream I thought thought, "This sucks Im dreaming, but the test ain’t working, because its still coming down as normal.

I couldn’t control the dream.

Would this still be considered a lucid dream?, and how can I improve my reality test?

Has anyone else here used the idea of throwing something in the air then catching it for a reality check? The breathing one or the hand one and the mirror one freaks me out for some reason.

Is the throwing something in the air and waiting for it to fall down, is that a common reality check?

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As a RC, you can use whatever it’s best for you, there’s only one thing to keep in mind: the RC, more than its effect itself, should be used as a moment in which you truly question reality around you, that is, genuinely asking if you’re dreaming, and be ready to act if it’s really a dream. Whenever you try and question reality (with questions like, does this seem real? How did I get here? What did happen just before I came here? What was I doing?), it’s really easy to recognize dreams, RC or not. Besides, you did know it was a dream even before you started the RC :tongue: so no worries! Just take time during the day to raise your awareness, and you’ll do great :wink:

Thanks for the information, very useful indeed!

Ditto about really, honestly questioning… I usually count my fingers to see if there are more or less than 5, asking “Am I dreaming?”. Flip the hand and count again. Flip the hand and count again. Repeating the check several times like that seems to help.

Maybe count it as a (low level) lucid one, but it sounds like you immediately lost whatever shred of lucidity you had…

I had my second LD since ive started trying last night and i had to do every RC in the book even tho i knew i was dreaming before i did any. I hit the relization i was dreaming and for me it helps to use voice commands so i was yelling to my self “I am dreaming”, “i am lucid”, but i did the noes RC 3 times before it worked my mind kept telling me i had positioned my fingers wrong to allow air to pass. I did the finger through the hand which i dont like it made my dream go black because i was concentrated on the feeling. Counting fingers worked great for me left had 5 right had 6. I did the noes RC multiple times after in my dream, i think because i do it so much IWL. anyhow thats my account so i hope it helps if even a little.

try plucking-the-nose RC since its short…i think because your RC takes a lot of time, throwing and waiting for it to drop down, you perhaps tend to think over the results…while in the short RCs, you dont get much of thinking time…i think that would help you here…

also question the reality in a very serious sense…and be assured that it would come by practice…we all have learnt that way… :smile: