ND Challenge 4

^ Hates it when you remember having dreams, but can’t remember the dreams.
< Is having this problem right now… Right at the most crucial moment of the challenge…
v Doesn’t have this problem…

[spoiler]Sigh… Curse you Dream Recall!!!

GACK!! TOTP! AGAIN![/spoiler]

^ Needs to relax

< Hates recalling dreams.

I had 3 ND’s today. First and last had to do with cousin’s who ran around my dreams and the middle had to do with rearranging my room again. x_X Boring!

^ Good Advice.

< Will (try) to listen to it.

Also, I just noticed your “Head Scribe” avatar adornment. Pretty cool! :razz:

One ND.


Another 5 NDs and a fragment. 1st, my mum changed all the clocks in the house to different times and made me miss training. I was so mad. 2nd, Mum set all the clocks back so I though I woke late, but really I woke early and then she refused to take me. 3rd, to do with a snowboarding accident and a guy who had two half false fingers; I tried to convince him to tell his wife about it. 4th, I was in America again and everyone wanted me to visit them and their mothers, which left me really time stretched. 5th, My cousin’s/somehow old highschool’s graduation. Fragment - something to do with cuts on the back of my hand. I’m assuming this was the start or end of my last dream, but I woke before it finishes. X_x

Wow, Eil. You making a comback at the end, or what? :tongue:

Ehh. Sure. Whatever you say. :tongue:

3 NDs.

Well as a sort of next-to-end anti-climax, here be ONE ND. :bambi:

SPOILER - Click to view

PS: I always wanted to use that smiley. XD

one dream unless the evidence was gained through piracy :tongue: didn’t do the current task :wink:

Sigh… a fragment to wrap things up with.

Still, had fun! Congratulations to Fennecgirl! (I think she passed me right at the end. :razz:)

A fragment, an ND, and what just manages to qualify as an LD.

No dream recall … unless I get a flashback before the totals are posted.

Congratulations contestants! Sadly, the ND Challenge 4 has come to a dramatic conclusion. I had lots of fun reading dreams, counting scores, encouraging recall…But you don’t want to read this, what you want to read is the final Scoreboard :tongue: So here it is:

  1. Eilatan 270 + 15 ND + 1 fragment + standard of dream recall = 440
  2. fennecgirl 290 + 8 ND + 1 LD + 3 fragments = 400
  3. Scipio Xaos 320 + 3 ND + 2 fragments = 360
  4. BlackKettle 220 + 4 ND + 4 fragments = 280
  5. moogle 155 + 6 ND = 215
  6. Mew151 175 + 2 ND = 195
  7. Fate 65 + 7 ND = 135
  8. Paulicus = 125
  9. GHOSTIE11 = 10

Congratulations to Eilatan, our winner!!! :partying_face: :boogie: :colgate:
Feel free to start the next challenge yourself, or ask your runner-up or another for assisstance, but you’ve done this before :cool:

Another congratulations to all our contestants who made this fantastic round possible!

Congrats Eilatan :yay:

Congrats to both Eil and Fennec who overtook me right in the end. :razz: And heaps of gratz for the Head Scribe!

I was going to come on here and post the dreams I had while camping. Seems like I waited just a little too long though :tongue: oh well I’ll plan better for the next one haha

Congrats to Eli and fennecgirl! And thanks to the organizers for running the challenge :happy:

Second place?! Wow, I’m surprised how well I did!

And congratulations to Eilatan!

Sorry I took so long!

Thank you to everyone who played, this round was awesome. The next ND challenge will start when we have enough players and can be found here.

Thank you again to our amazing host, and I hope to see you all next round!