ND Challenge 5

/me links to his journal now and sets his goal to spawn in Ceeia :razz:

one ND today: there was a lion in the bathroom. Will post after work.

Wulf, generally the TM leaves the “completion of the task” status up to the participant. If you feel the deed was heroic, then I will count it as such. On that note, all new participants should be aware that if they complete their personal challenge, then they are able to change it.

Ghost, what’s Ceeia?

Yay! I got the heroism task completed! :happy: Only one ND, though I forgot one I had earlier today.

February 22, 2013 - Muddy Water and Bikes.

The Blue Pill missed the opportunity of a LD :meh:

On Wings of Gold 2/23

2 NDs, 1 LD, and a fragment. Didn’t expect the LD, I forgot to try and techniques last night :happy:

Had a dream that was heroic…then my recall crapped and i cant even remember the topic of a dream :sad:

ND Challenge 5: Taskmaster: Eilatan

NameDream JournalPersonal Goal1. Mew151 | Mew151’s Dreams: Awesomeness | Have a nightmare

  1. Genre | [Genre] Journal of Dreams | Eat Something Delicious
  2. Loah | Loah’s Realm | Spot my “twin” sister
  3. elnaureth | Elnaureth’s Dream Journal | Hear made-up music and remember it
  4. Ysim | The Dragon’s Crystal Lair - Level 3 | Talk to a faerie
  5. Faith | Faith’s Dream Journal | see one of “my” drawings in a dream and re-create it irl
  6. geekboy | A Taste of My Insanity | Look at the stars
  7. Fate | Fate’s Dream Journal - Chapter 2 | Poke somebody (ultimate goal: Restore dream recall)
  8. Sandra | Sandra’s garden of dreams - vijf | Symbolic dream to know myself better
  9. MagykKatte | The Archive of Lost Dreams | Meet some vampires
  10. Scipio Xaos | SX Dream Journal | Find a Certain DC
  11. BlackKettle | BK’s Library of Dreams | Ride a dragon!
  12. Paulicus | On Wings Of Gold | Turn into an animal
  13. Megadalton | megadalton’s dream journal | Investigate subterranean machinery from a previous dream
  14. moogle | link to current dj | Have a fun dream
  15. fennecgirl | Tales from Fennecgirl’s Bizarre Mind | Meet the Doctor
  16. Kache_ | Kache’s Dream Journale | Shapeshift and change size
  17. Wulf | Wulf’s dream den | Meet my guardian
  18. Limitles | Limitles ND challenge DJ | skydive or parachute

Hope it’s not too late Just had sudden urge to start in wi LD’ing again the other day!

Had an ND about a nuclear war attack and after being awake for a while something about a canadian elevator :razz:

Eil: Ceeia is a fictional landscape I have been in once, but this time I will start in it and not enter via a circle :razz:

Well, I did something heroic last night, though I wasn’t exactly successful. Not sure if it’ll count. I’ll post it as soon as possible, hopefully today.

Added an ND I had yesterday, forgot, but remembered it sometime in the afternoon. Was to lazy to write it down yesterday so I did it today. Had an ND and a Fragment from last night. The ND was heroic again. :razz:

February 22 -> February 23

SPOILER - Click to view

In case that’s confusing, I’ve completed the first task, and I’ve had 5 NDs and 1 Fragment so far. In two of the NDs I’ve satisfied the requirements for the first task.

One jumbled up dream about mafia wars :meh:

Last 2 nights have only been jumbled fragments.

Dream posted nothing beats the warm and fuzzy feeling that helping some children brings :happy:

Only 1 fragment this morning, sadly =/

I almost left a bottle of olive oil at a nerf/zombie event at my university from last night, then grabbed it and put it in my pocket.

I had a couple of dream (fragments). No superhero action though. I remeber telling my boyfriend on Sunday about a dream too, but I forgot it now. Maybe it will come back later and then I’ll post it too.

Linkie link

Limitless, you have now been added to the list, please post if you have had any dreams from the time you signed up. On that note, Task 1 is now over. Points will be added up roughly between 20-24 hours from now (so long as I don’t get distracted), once everyone has posted their dreams from last night. If you achieved the task last night, then please be mindful and let me know that it was done before Task 2 was posted. If the task was completed after Task 2 was posted, then please be honest. Newcomers and delayed incubators should note that all tasks completed after their time still award late task points. Also note that you will be awarded points for tasks if you complete them more than once in the period. Please post if you have any questions about any of this.

Anywho. Onwards!

[center][size=150]Task 2:


When in a challenge, everyone has that one thing they need. Whether it be a companion or a sword, it is dangerous to go without it. Your task is to find this one thing you can’t go without.

Oh, and don’t forget to take it with you!!

You have three days, as per the last task.

last night i had an ND where i could have saved the world with a forcefield… i could have done the task AND my goal. i don’t know why i didn’t do that.

Three NDs, in the last one I felt brave when I faced the challenge alone, but i wouldn’t call it heroic.


Is it okay if I don’t have a dream journal on the forum and just post short summaries of the dreams I have during the challenge?

Last couple nights haven’t had to great recall but last night I had a “hunger games” inspired dream where I was in a jungle/swamp with a small group. I had to kill a young girl by breaking her neck… (Was very disturbing :eek:) but then I managed to save two young children in our group from being taken by crocodiles and get the group to safety.

I think my SC is making a joke by giving me dreams where whether I am a hero or not is quite ambiguous :neutral: I don’t feel like it was heroic so I won’t count it.

Also my task for this challenge is to find out one of my recurring dream figures name. :smile: