ne1 no y?

lately i havent been having dreams…i mean i know i am ,but
i cant remember ne of them.i dont understand y i cant remember ne of them. i use to remember all of my dreams but the last couple months i cant remember ne… =/

Probably due to how your waking up; if you wake up thinking about what your going to do during the day, etc., you will likely forget your dreams right away.
Also, you could be tired. If I’m tired my dream recall often suffers.

i dont usally think bout what im goin to do.right when i wake up i try to remember dream…i heard it helps to think bout ur dream so dont forget but i cant even remember it…:confused:

it’s possible to naturally go through periods of low recall, either through stress in waking life or just having a lot to “think about/filter” while dreaming (dealing with problems/solutions from waking life/schoolwork)
Try reading the big remembering dreams topic … it should give you lots of advice to get your recall better again.

allso, stress (school and stuff) can allso make your DR suffer, that’s why most of my dreams are in the week-ends

another tip is just to stay in bed when u wake up and think about stuff u did the day before, once u only remember a single thing concentrate on it and things liked to it.
If you do that carefully you should be able to recall several parts of it.
Once you’re used to do that, you should be able to recall your dreams naturally.

Good luck :content:

A thing that could help is set your alarm clock so you wake up right in the middle of a REM phase. You’ll probably remember at least the last dream you were having…

And how do we know that we are in the middle of a REM

You can estimate when your in the middle of REM by timing your alarm to go off based on when you fall asleep. REM happens about every 90 minutes starting when you fall asleep, so you could set your alarm to go off at 90 minute intervals.

I think it suck , if you start a dream and you awake because of the clock. I would be angry…

esp if it turned out to be a lucid dream :grrr:

thx guys :grin:

Its sure is not a good way to remember dream. They are better method.

ACs are great, but set them to go off 5 minutes AFTER you intend on awakening. This give you time to awaken naturally and recall dreams.

If you’re sick or the temperature’s not right that can mess with your recall as well. ><; Like everyone’s already said, try laying back for a few minutes to bring back fragments of what happened. Go through a list of common Dream Signs and see if that sparks anything. :smile:


A lot of times when I can’t remember anything from my dream, I just write down how I feel and emotions I have right when I wake up. Sometimes this makes me remember a part of the dream, and from there I’m able to remember even more! :content:

Hope that helps!

That happens to me a lot, too, so it isn’t uncommon. Normally I don’t remember any of my dreams during the week, but I notice a difference in the weekends. Also, are you keeping a dream journal? Sometimes when I get to writing about my dreams, in the middle of it, I may suddenly remember a scrap that didn’t occur to me when I first woke up.

Ness interesting idea with the emotions and how u feel. I think ill try that the next time i cant remember anything2, thx :wink: