Near-Nightly Lucidity

hey, i’m new to the forums. my friend asked me if i ever knew i was dreaming while i was dreaming and i told him 8/10 times i do. i have had extremely vivid and disturbing nightmares since i was 13 or 14 at least twice a week and most of these dreams i know i’m dreaming and can’t stop it. if the nightmare doesn’t wake me up i usually yell at myself in the dream like “Why didn’t you stop it!?” and wake up very shaken. anyways, after telling him this he referred me to this site.

any feedback?

:welcome: thekyle, if you’d want to introduce yourself, you can use “Hi im new here” topic.

Word about main thing: recurring nightmares are really annoying thing, but it’s also a great sign that it’s a dream. How i assume, most of your nightmares are recurring/simmilar ones. If you are knowing in 8/10 times that you are dreaming, it seems you have natural skills to do it. Altrough I dont know what is that nightmare about, I’d try to get lucid in it. Then a whole world of possibilities is opening.

You can try to beat up evil things in nighmares. You can try to talk to them. You can laugh at them, make fun of them, force them to go away. You can also (by knowing that they are part of you) force them to return to you. It’s your choice.

The best way to get rid of nightmares is to face up to them. The next time you have a lucid nightmare, simply ask the creature or dreamscape, Why are you doing this?, Why do you do this?, What are you?, Will you be my friend? Odds are, if you are calm enough, and actually believe that the nightmare will not hurt you, the dream will go from hostile to calm, angry to loving. If it is a creature that is hounding you, it will go from a witch to a beautiful woman, a monster to a cute little pig. Things like that. But only if you face up to it.

Often after you face a nightmare once, it goes away forever. You cannot avoid these nightmares, man. By avoiding them, you merely prolong your suffering. Just face your fears, dude, and get it over with, so you can enjoy your lucid dreams in peace and clarity.