Need a method to focus more/question about times

My latest lucid dream as of yesterday had me struggling to do what i want, i was kn someones car and realised i was dreaming so then the first thing i was looking at was the sky so i had to use all my force in my hands to pull down (imagin pulling a string with weights down) and then i was switching between day and night time, point is how can i do this more effortless. Also, i dont ussually like to move when im lucid because i feel i will wake up, and it turns out i almost always become lucid just about the time i normally wake up, so it doesnt really last long, any clue why i only become lucid then?

It’s easier to become lucid at the end of the dream, because our brains logical center powers up as we are about to wake up. Therefore, that active logic centre recognizes the illogical dream state and makes you lucid. I’ve myself experienced such dreams, which last no more than 5 seconds. I don’t even have much time to do some dream-prolonging and stabilizing techniques.

As I see you have some problems with dream control. Being lucid doesn’t mean that you will be able to control the dream. Dream control is a different thing and needs to be mastered. To gain more effective and easier dream control abilities, I would suggest reading this guide:
It is long, but it’s worth to read it.

Hope this helps.

Well what you need to do is to not worry about moving irl when you move in an ld, if you can’t move whats the idea to have lucid dreams? I suggest you move as much as you like and if you wake up from moving, let it be so and try again tomorrow.

Remember lucid dreams can’t be forced!