Need an explanation and advice

So a few nights a go… for two nights in a row, I had a strang experience. For both nights I kept getting lucid just by knowing that I was dreaming, or the feeling of dreaming… If that makes since. Well on the second night, I would become lucid and then wake up soon. Then I would be in my bed, I would keep my eyes closed and not move. Nothing would happen but then im like “hey maybe i’m still dreaming” then I do a RC and get lucid. Maybe after like 8 minutes or so I would be back in my bed, Still dreaming, and this would happen like 3-4 times. So is this sucessful chaining or just a bunch of false awakenings.

And the second night when I kept getting lucid I didn’t have much control. Actually I kept “waking up” inside my house, but everytime I couldn’t go outside my front door.

Any advice to turn these FAs or “chained” dreams into decent LDs?

DILD, or becoming randomely lucid just by realizing your in dreams, is actually a pretty nice way to go lucid since the dream is already pretty stable. From the moment you become lucid, you should try to anchor yourself by rubbing your hands together, examining things in great detail or doing some exercise. The trick is to keep yourself active inside the dream. If you begin to feel the dream slipping away, rub your hands again, or if you lose vision entirely begin spinning while still rubbing or fall backwards.

FA’s are very common after lucid dreams, and it’s another great opportunity to chain them back together. Congrats, by the way, on remembering to RC’s once you had “woken up.” These are seperate dreams, and you need to anchor yourself just like you would in any other. If you have issues going out the front door, jump out a window or tell yourself that when you leave your room, you’ll be somewhere else.

Other good methods include:
*The magic pill: reach into your pocket, you’ll find a nice, pretty colored pill. When you take it, tell yourself it will make the dream last longer.
*Yell “increase lucidity now,” or “increase vividness now!” Whatever your dream needs, yell for it. And I mean yell, don’t just think it or whisper it.
*Flip a light switch while telling yourself that it will do what you need, like make the dream last longer or change what’s behind your door.

There are a lot more ways to stabalize a dream and make it last longer, so I suggest you read this Prolonging Lucid Dreams article in the FAQ’s and Tutorials section.

Yeah I dont think our brain works fully the same as when we are awake vs when we are asleep - or else we would become lucid each night.

Its hard to remember to stop, chill, and take a lucid pill. And looking back, I dont know why I couldn’t leave my house or find an alternative way out.

Also I forgot to mention that on the second night I woke up for real like around 1:30am and I went to bed around 10:30pm. Thats only 3 hours of sleep. Whenever I get lucid its usually right before im supposed to wake up or in the middle of the night. I wonder if this is why I didn’t have much control.

Also i did try to rub my hands at one point. They got big, numb, ans swollen. Lol, didn’t help much.