need some help! (with auto-suggestion)

hey guys i wanted to try the FILD technique but the thing is that i dont want to disturb my family with the alarm clock. So can you guys tell me some auto suggestion to use to wake me up like after 3 hours of sleep or while i am dreaming? please help! :help:

Added (with auto-suggestion) to the topic title for clarification. :dragon:

I will wake up after my first dream.


I will wake up in four hours.

Should both wake you up four hours after falling asleep. Experiment with Auto Suggestion

ok thanks! :grin:

You might also want to take a look at *Suggestability test: Make MILD/Auto-Suggestion Work for YOU It contains a good guide of how to adapt your mantra so it is more suited to you. :smile: It is more focused on getting lucid rather than waking up, but you can still draw some ideas from it.

thats like haveing an inner alarm clock right? cause i can say im going to wake up in 2 hours sand most of the time it works

how many times do you think i should say it to myself?

Generally the more you say it and the more meaning it has, the better: it has a higher chance of sinking into your subconscious. Ideally you want to fall asleep saying it. If this isn’t possible you can stop and go to sleep normally when you start feeling tired. If you don’t feel tired saying it, then try saying it for a period of time and experiment with changing the length of time you say it for.

ok thanks a lot! :grin:

yeah some reason if you tell me to wake up, at a certain time, I’ll set my alarm clock and then wake myself up a few minutes before hand, automatically . So I think auto suggestion really works, but you have to believe it can. I don’t mean this to discourage anyone, I just mean it as in the truth. Cause I usually tell myself I’ll have a lucid dream and then I don’t, because I don’t believe I will just because I told myself along time ago, and got frustrated because it didn’t work. But just keep trying, it might work for you.

Yea your right the main reason why some people don’t have LD’s is because they are not confident. You have to believe! :wink:

Right. :smile: