Need some serious help :(

So i have had 2 lucid dreams and they were amazing but since then i havent had any and its been months since one. i have tried WILDing alot but no luck. i have gotten to the point in a wild where my body started feeling weird idk if this normal or not and i started seeing flashes of light.

i feel this is the easiest way to induce a LD

any help would be more than helpful


in one of my LDs when i knew it was a LD it was the most amazing feeling in the world i felt like i could do anything so i decided to fly so i started lifting off of the ground then when i got 10feet of the ground everything got blurry then when i was walking again it was clear


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if you feel like the dream goes away or its blurry you can walk or rub your hands together to keep the dream clear and stable!And of course dont panic by anything you will see or for your excitement!Be aware for your dream make some RC’s to be sure!More people here will guide you better than me!

To answer your second question first, LDs or parts of LDs aren’t always extremely clear. We always talk about the ideal LD, but unfortunately they don’t always happen exactly how we want them to or expect them to. LDs can have their issues too. Use something to stabilize your dream, like rubbing your hands together or spinning, if you feel that it’s getting out of control a bit. If you search around a bit, you can find things that others of us do in such situations. :content:

Now, to address your first post. (Just a heads up: next time it might be better to edit your post instead of posting again. :wink: ) WILDing is NOT the easiest way to LD. It is one of the hardest techniques. You may have been getting into some early stages of WILD, but it’s quite hard to get past early stages. I don’t know if you’ve been attempting WILD at bedtime or in conjunction with WBTB, but it’s nearly impossible at bedtime and it’s still hard to do with a WBTB. Since you’re new, I will advise you to try using WBTB + MILD. They’re just as effective or even more so, especially for newer LDers, and they’re much easier! If you can’t do WBTB because of circumstances, MILD will still work.

Here’s a link to the MILD topic: [MILD FAQ - Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream)

Here’s a topic with a summary of stuff mentioned in the big WBTB topic: [BIG WBTB Topic Summary)

Although I would recommend MILD + WBTB first, if you’re interested in other techniques as well (but stay away from the WILD until you’re more experienced!), here’s the topic with different techniques.

Congrats on the LDs, hope this helps, good luck, and welcome! :wave: