New at this and have some questions

As the title says, I’m new at lucid dreaming and I have some questions about achieving it.

I am keeping a diary of my dreams now and what I’ve learned about my dreams is that I usually just observe things - I can hear/see people talking or something like that. Even when I’m dreaming as my self I can’t control what I do or say and I cant feel anything (I can’t feel my body and it feels just as if I were only eyes and ears :content: ) - I can just see and hear what I’m saying without any control over it. So the first question would be - Is this normal? Will I eventually be capable of feeling my body?

The other thing I wanna know is about MILD technique. I read that you must repeatedly convince yourself that you are going to have a lucid dream. What I want to know is if you must repeat this things out loud or just in your mind.

Just to let you know I’ve been unsuccessful with lucid dreaming so far.

Thanks for your replies!

First question- Well, are you talking about your normal dreams or the lucid ones?
'Cause when you reach complete lucidity, you will be in control.

Second question- in your mind.
It’s not the loudness that matters, it’s just the intention.
That and…well, you wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if you scream all night :content:

Even when I’m dreaming as my self I can’t control what I do or say and I cant feel anything (I can’t feel my body and it feels just as if I were only eyes and ears ) - I can just see and hear what I’m saying without any control over it. So the first question would be - Is this normal? Will I eventually be capable of feeling my body?

It is normal not being able to control and not feel your body in ND. I think you will feel your body when it is LD. Ofcourse I am just talking about my experience. Everyone will/may experience it differently.

About the techniques, I think everyone should find a suitable technique for himself/herself. For example MILD is not working for me anymore.


Last night I tried performing WILD while going to sleep. So I went to sleep normally and when I started drifting away (I started drifting away quite soon as I fall asleep quite fast) I started counting in my head.
So I came to number 20 and that’s when I got this kind of a shock! I immediately felt all conscious but I felt this kind of a wave/burst of some kind of strange feelings all over the body. I thought “ok this must be sleep paralysis” but it wasn’t - I could stil move.
So I continued on counting while remaining still and waited for HI but it never happened. I did however hear things - I heard breathing near me and a some kind of a woman yawn…weird…
So I continued on counting till 300 but nothing happened and I’ve decided that I’ve had enough so I moved and opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes everything was strange - It was like when you spin for too long and you feel dizzy. I also saw a flashing light which had no source so I thought - This could be false awakening. So I did some reality checks but it wasn’t…
When I woke up next day I however had no memory of any dreams of the night which is weird as I can usually record at least 1 dream per night.

So what I’d like to know now is what I was doing wrong that I didn’t get HI, SP or LD while attempting WILD? I am also worried that I won’t be able to recall my dreams anymore but I guess I’ll just have to find out. So any feedback would be very appreciated.

Best Regards!

You actually did quite well. To start out with, hearing sounds is a form of HH, and is also a good sign, just like HI. Another thing, that strange light could also have been the beginnings of some HI, so don’t get discouraged. The key is to focus your thoughts soley on the counting. The HI will come on its own. Check out this WILD tutorial for more on what to expect with HI.

As for the strange feeling, lots of people report having this during early evening WILD attempts. When you moved to check if it was HI, you may have acutall started the process over :tongue:. Moral of the story: don’t move during a WILD attempt for any reason.

The last thing I want to say is don’t get worried about your dream recall. One night of lost dreams does not mean its all gone. I usually remember 2-4 dreams a night, but from time to time I just get fragments or even nothing. It happens to the best of us :wink:.

Hmm… Well now that I think of it, I was laying quite uncomfortable and it might have been that, that was causing me not to get HI or SP.
One thing I forgot to mention was that I also had a feeling as if my body was vibrating o.O It was kinda strange and I hoped it was the beginning of SP yet it wasn’t :smile:

I just want to ask for your advice - should I try WILD again tonight or just sleep normally with the intention of remembering my dreams? I would really love trying WILD again (it was awesome :smile: ), but I’m just worried about my dream recall…

Thx for your replies!

Just remember that not everyone gets HI and/or SP, so just because you don’t get them doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track. Vibrations, for example, are a good sign :content:

and (semi-late) welcome to ld4all :grin:

This is fairly typical; to not feel your body in your dream. It’s as if your just observing through the person ‘s(you) eyes. It’s most often related to dream recall, in that the recall isn’t vivid enough to recall those specific details. To illustrate my point, think of a hazy memory. Do you really remember being in control of your body, or do you just remember the sights and sounds of the scene? It’s the same with dream recall, unless your recall is super crisp all those details won’t be remembered. Lucid Dreams typically have a much higher degree of awareness and consequently typically much better recall; additionally you also have a much better sense of being yourself so it’s easier to remember controlling your own body.
As far as MILD, you certainly don’t need to say it out load, especially if this will distract you from going to sleep. What’s important is that your focusing on your intention and really affirming to yourself that you will remember to recognize your dreaming when you return to sleep. That is the key, saying the line is nice, but being focused on the meaning of the words; that is, what you want to have happen, is crucial. Of equal importance is that the more you believe the truth of this statement, the easier it will be to have lucid dreams. If you don’t really think you’re going to have them, you won’t have many. You need to accept that lucid dreaming is easy as long as you have the inner belief that you’ll have LD’s

First of all - Thx for all of your advices :smile: I hope that they will help me reach my goal…

Yesterday I decided to go to sleep normally while repeating that I’ll be aware that I’m dreaming and that I will remember my dreams in the morning. However… When I woke up I didn’t remember anything :confused: This is the second day that I didn’t remember a thing I was dreaming. It’s just really weird as I didn’t have problems with this happening before.
Any advice? I atm just want to get my dream recall back and continue with ld some days later :smile:

Have fun!

Well, bad nights do, of course, happen. If you want to focus specifically on dream recall then tweak your mantra to be to remember your dreams. It was helpful for me to have something about waking up to remember my dream; because if you go from one dream to another without waking up/going right back to sleep, you’ll forget the first dream right away. It’s almost like we have built in dream erasers that wipe them from our memory if we don’t make a conscious effort to remember them.

Rememeber to keep a DJ nearby and record them immediately when you wake-up, this helps in two ways. First, it helps you remember more of the dream, because your trying to immediately recollect what happened. Secondly, it can help dream recall in general because developing a habit of immediately waking from your dreams and immediately trying to remember everything from them you can.

Today was the 4th day that I didn’t remember any of my dreams. Could it be that my WILD attempt has affected my DR somehow?
Anyway- How can I force DR to become better again? As far as I can tell mantras aren’t helping me anymore.

Best regards

No, WILD does not directly impact DR. What does impact DR is mental blocks, such as worrying about DR. There’s a lot in your wording here that is revealing.

DR isn’t something you can force, you have to let it come to you. When you wake up, lay still for a few moments. If nothing comes, think of your evening from last night. Ask yourself, “what happened between then and now?” Questions are good, as your SC will work as hard as it can to answer them. If you get anything, even it’s just a fragment of a feeling write it down as quickly as you can. If you don’t get anything, relax and ask yourself why you aren’t remembering.

Above all, don’t tell yourself that you have lost your recall. Doing that will only give the signal to your SC to lose recall :tongue:. You mind works on a series of basic commands, like a computer. If you want a specific result, you need to give it specific inputs.

Of course not, because you don’t believe that they are. Here’s the thing, if it gets to the point that you’re laying in bed repeating “I will remember my dreams” over and over you’re wasting your time. You have to believe it every single time you say it. Just telling yourself once and really meaning it will have much more impact than worthless words.

Here, read this post on autosuggestion. It helped me out a lot, and it can help you too.

I’m glad to say I got my DR back :smile: However I still haven’t had a LD.
After reading some FAQs I figured out that I’m a WILD/WBTB person.
I already posted my first WILD experience but I can’t get it to work anymore. I even tried WBTB technique but it also didn’t work.
Apparently I can’t focus on counting numbers anymore. I just lose my trail of thoughts and fall asleep.

So what I’d like to know is what you would recommend for me to do to keep focused while attempting WILD or WBTB. I fall asleep very easily and I think that’s my problem. So please - any suggestions would be welcome.

If you fall asleep easily, then it would be easier for you, you jjust have to keep conscious for long enough ^^
The trick is finding something that keeps you alert and lucid, while still allowing yourself to doze off and dream.
You could try by resolving to be lucid in your dreams, and fantasizing about how your lucid would be, effectively imagining a LD before your eyes, keeping in mind at any time that you’re in control, that you are lucid and dreaming.
Let us know how it goes :content:

Wow my last night was weird :razz: I went to sleep before reading your reply so I just used the counting method again. This time it kinda worked…

I was laying on my back counting numbers… Suddenly I started getting this feeling of a 3D space around me but at first it was just kinda black and blue. Then after like a minute or so I started seeing my room - with my eyes closed!!! So I thought OK this is it. I waited for the image to become clearer and that’s when I made a mistake I guess. I knew that my eyes were closed so I opened them thinking they were my dream eyes. However they weren’t :sad: I opened my eyes and did a few RC but they all failed… I was still in RL.

Now that I’m thinking of it it’s kinda weird as I didn’t get SP or HI or anything. I just saw my room :eh: . Can anyone tell me what happened to me? It’s really confusing.

Another thing. I read an article yesterday where it said that alot of people have problems with swallowing while attempting WILD. I didn’t ever think about it before but yesterday I had quite some problems with it. I shouldn’t have read that article :razz: Do you know of any way I can get rid of thinking about swallowing while doing WILD? Help would be appreciated :razz:

Seeing your room with your eues closed is HI :razz:

And I don’t know how to help the swallowing problem except saying don’t worry about it. Let it happen, forget about it, don’t think about it. :grin:

About seeing the room, the same thing happpens to me every now and then, it’s just a matter of realizing it’s an illusion and trying to play a bit with it (as in, moving it a little around, trying to levitate), until you feel comfortably inside the dream, and your body is asleep.

For the swallowing thing, you didn’t have a problem before you thought about it, and you won’t have it if you forget about it in the same fashion. Swallowing is a natural process, if you care about other stuff, it cares for itself, so just focus on your induction tech of choice, knowing it will all go smoothly. :smile: