New guy here inform me about LD!


I heard a lot about lucid dreaming and i create that topic to learn more and specially HOW to achieve it on purpose.I dont know if im in the right section for that topic so im sorry :tongue:
Yesterday i had one of the most awesome dreams in my entire life!Just like the 50% of the members here i managed to fly!I didnt know how…Then somehow i got it!Every time i stretched my legs for just a sec like press my muscles i was 2 feet above the floor…When i did it the first time in my dream i got crazy!I didnt know what to do first!I tried to go to the mountain next to my house…i went a bit slow but hey…no complain!Iseriously didnt want to wake up…
Another time i transformed to a wolf!!I could walk like one i could hawl like one i could feel free run fast everything!!!
I really want to learn how to achieve ld on purpose but ive seen some things on the net about it.Like when you try it always monsters and stuff chase you and you cant move…hear things etc…and im really scared.So i ask you if you know anything about all those things please share it with me…
Can i have another awesome dream like the previous one without extreme horror in it?
Can you tell me/show me how?

Thanks! :smile: :smile:

Hi Bns7.

I here to point you to a few useful resources I think you should read in this state:
Good for newcomers:
The LD4all Guide
The Lucid Dreaming Wall (mainly for new members)

A bit broader longer text:
Dream Lucidity Induction and Control

You are asking about incubation. If you gather enough skills (or are naturally with them) you can use incubation techniques to “prefabricate” your dream before sleeping. This way you could incubate the same dream setting in the way you wish (theoretically). But it may not be so easy, it depends on you. It goes without saying that most techniques are subjective, in other words, something that is effective for some may not be for you. You may need to keep trying for a while until you find something effective for you.

Good luck.

Thanks for the info Tggtt! :smile:

How can i know if im ‘‘natural with them’’ ? I guess i must figure it out by myself huh? And when i wrote if i can have the same awesome dream i didnt mean the EXACT same…i just want to have control over it.I dont mind if i cant fly in that dream…on the other hand if i can have control ill be able to fly or transform if i want too right?Lucid dreaming is about do whatever you want or just have your concious in it?And can you please send me the skills and how to perform them?I want to try as quickly as posibble!!! :smile:

A natural LDer isn’t anything specifically defined, but more something that everyone defines differently, whether they think it’s someone who LDs every night or once a month, but the most important part is that they learned to do it by themselves, without any techniques or real research. Dream Control is also different for everyone. For some it’ll come really naturally, for others it’ll take a little work. If you need help, some common techniques are:
-Commanding the dream out loud
-Using a device such as a remote control or an amulet
-Drinking a potion of some sort
-Working within the parameters of the dream (think tricking it or working with it)

On the topic of the horror, I think you’re likely referring to sleep paralysis. This is a natural part of sleep, as it is what keeps you from acting out your dreams. Usually we are asleep when entering it, but through the usage of some techniques (mostly like WILD, where you enter a sleep state straight from a waking state) we sometimes experience it whilst awake. Sleep Paralysis is often associated with the feelings you describe - like there’s someone malevolently watching you, a demon on your chest, intense fear, etc. Only some people experience these sensations, though. Some, like myself, feel little to nothing (In my one successful~ish wild, I just felt like I was falling through water and then was in a dream), and others still have vivid hallucinations of colors, objects and scenes. Others describe a rushing or tingling sensation. Anyway, there are a multitude of ways to escape sleep paralysis, but that doesn’t mean you would even want to, even if there is the intense fear. Many people use Sleep Paralysis as a jumping point to a regular LD, by imaging the presence as a friendly guide, or other techniques. I’m not very experienced with WILD, so I’d check tutorials or the WILD guide for better information.

Another thing I can help you with is teleportation, which happens to be the one thing I can do well in LDs. If you want to change your scenario, there are a few tips I’ve learned. First and foremost, you need to know you’ll be in the location when you finish the action. The belief is vital to making it work. My first technique is to use a door. Just open the door, knowing you’ll be in the location, and you’re there. Another good technique is to turn around, with the same intention. If it doesn’t work the first time around, turn again, which should help. Teleportation is a good skill to learn because it can take you wherever you need to or want to go, opening your variety of options up a lot. Anyway, hope I helped :smile:.

Actually a lot my friend thank you!! :happy:
But one more thing…you reffered to WILD and i saw on other topics MILD etc…i assumed that those are acronyms from ways/techs to ld…can you send them to me please because i dont know how to start! I would appreciate it a lot :smile:

No problem :smile:.
This is a link to a bunch of links on various techniques, WILD, MILD, etc.
Here is a link to the LD4all guide. Check under the “how” tab for more information.

Thanks a lot man!!Ill try and i ll send my experience!!! :happy: