new index layout part II

Whoa! I love it… much better! I still need to get used to it again. Hehe. I love it that I can see online roaster without having to scroll down. :smile:

Great job pasQuale! I knew you can do it. :content:


i like it too :smile:

This new layout is ok now - I like it a lot - thank you!

Ooh, yes, good job on the new layout :content: Better than the other, in my opinion.

nice, very nice :content:

Get two thumbs up from me :good: :ok:

Realy like this better than the other-new lay out.

Did something change?!

J/k, I like it. Nice job Q. :happy:

:content: That’s great! :wiske: What other surprises are we going to get? :eh:

We have a winner! :wink:

Yes Pasquale this is good and the RC is good! And in Sight!
Must been that Bob the Sponge cake i delivered at your coffee table…
it levels up your hidden sponge powers lol :wink:

Thanks PasQuale, nice job! :beer:


I like this one sooo much PasQuale!!! :cool_laugh: Thanks for spending this much time on it, it’s wonderful :wiske:

rofl well even tho you may be joking it is kinda try. there are diffrences but it still resembles the orig. which is good and i would say that is why there are so many thumbs up.

alright i think it is good to and i really like the look at our newbi profile lol now we can keep track on em :razz:

gr8 work, but i have a question. i have a feeling this is not where you are going to stop. what else is happening Q?


two thumbs up from me too! :thumbs:
Great work Q! :ok:

Jeff, :rofl: Bob the sponge cake, hilarious! :lmao:

I like the layout like it is now.
Good Job :beer:

This layout kicks major butt. Thank you very much, I was sooo excited when I came here and everything was frigging perfect and I could log in right on the main page!! :cool_laugh:

lmfao rofl omg this is getting really really strange. alright i just remembered a dream i had from a long time ago.

I am crusin this site and i see it is a new layout and here i am posting just like i am now about how the site turned out and then bioHazard and infection 0 responded just like you have. and the site looked as it does now, but Q you still were going to change it, in my dream anyway. i guess that is why i had that strange feeling frombefore.

anyway in my dream i also went to the beyond dreaming to go and post it in a precog dream area. any way i have a question about that, if u r keen on helping take a look at beyond dreaming



:lol: great story

and you know what?

you’re right about the not finished part!

i won’t tell you what it is but if you see it maybe you will remember it :peek:

glad everybody likes it, thanks for the compliments! :content:

and thanks for the sponge cake Jeff, it was delicious!

Woah, this layout rocks! :eek:

i was happy either way, but this layout seems to make everyone happy :wink:
Keep us Happy Paquale :content: , so far you havent failed us yet :tongue:

What do I like new about the forum?

pasQuale’s new signature!! :cool_laugh:

I love it! It makes me want to fly! here it is:

Hey, I was so used to the old design I clicked “Log In” on the main page!