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Is it forbidden to report about new kickstarter projects that held to get lucid dreams ? I’ve posted a thread about a new project that is online until 21.01.2014 and some youtube videos today. There was no direct link. I don’t want to sell this product. It’s only for information. My post was deleted without any message to me. I didn’t see a similar information by using the search function.

It was removed because it was a first post by a new member that was deemed to be spam.
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ok, here are the two youtube links once again,
this is a headband for enhancing lucid dreams… , i think a forum for lucid dreamers is the right place for this information to start a discussion.

ABC news

and the information video from the kickstarter project

My goal is to have lucid dreams regularly without depending on a device like that headband. I also doubt that it would help much, you can dismiss a flashing light in a dream as easily as anything else that’s weird.

I have seen similar (though not necessarily identical) devices that use lights to try to get your intention form within dreams. NovaDreamer was one of the big ones. The issue most people ran into was that the lights and/or sounds were just worked back into their dreams. For instance, one person on the forum reported seeing lightening in his dream when the lights on the mask went off. Even with the aid of a device, you still have to keep your awareness up.

the use of this headband can’t assure to get a lucid dream but hopefully it will advance the chances to become lucid in a dream. i think it’s also a question whether you are willing to pay the price to check this out. Of course it’s better and cheaper to get lucid every night without electronic gadgets.

This headband will also send voice signals by using a smartphone and perhaps, if the stretch goal will be reached by a headphone…

here is a link about Validity Established of DreamLight Cues for Eliciting Lucid Dreaming (the creator of Aurora posted this link)

and, if I understood the functions of this headband well, there are not only simple red light signals like from the old sleep masks (nova dreamer…) because there are lights in different colors. And you are able to program the intensity and order of the light signals by using an app for your smartphone or pc. Sorry, perhaps my posting sounds like advertising., i really don’t know if this is a very good and easy solution to get lucid dreams. Maybe the headband is easier for beginners of lucid dreaming that don’t want to put much daily effort in doing reality checks. Although they’ll have to make a reality check, if there is a special light in their dream…