New member! help...?

O.k. so i have known about lucid dreaming for probably a year now, but i have never been successful. I have tried every method, every app, every binaural beat, everything i’ve read about. I think i might have gotten close with WILD, as i have been doing it every night for a week. I usually get numb in my arms, but i can still move them. I’ve never gotten a clear HI, but i always light patterns that come in waves or start our as circles that start big and get smaller and smaller. I like WILD, even though i’ve never been successful. does anyone have any tips? :help: thanks in advance! and happy new years! :grin:

Welcome and happy new year! :content:

Well if you tried everything…
I would advice you to train on DEILD ,it’s pretty close to WILD ,in a faster way.
mroe infos here ---->

gracias! i’ll try it tonite!

One thing to note when “trying everything” is that you may have to keep up with a technique for at least a few weeks in order to see any results. It sounds like you’re having some success with WILD. Whether you stay with that or try another technique, I would keep at it for a few weeks and see if you improve before moving on. For most people LD’ing takes practice :tongue:.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading How to Choose Your Technique. There may be a newer version of that post, but that’s the only one I can find.

The following link may also have some information that you haven’t run into yet :smile:.

Good Luck!