New member with some questions

Hi! I heard about lucid dreaming yesterday and thought that I was going to try. But then I got to something about sleep paralysis and got scared so I didn’t try. Now for my first question, how do I “avoid” this stage and WHAT do I do if I still get to a sleep paralysis? It doesn’t sound very fun and I would like to know what to do to get out of it, if you understand what I mean. that’s the biggest fear I have. And question number two, wich is the easiest way for me as a beginner to get Lucid in a dream? I’ve been reading the guides and so on, but a little more advices won’t hurt!

Welcome! I’m a newcomer too.

First, as regards sleep paralysis, I think the most important thing is not to be scared of it. I’ve had sleep paralysis briefly about 3-4 times and haven’t had any trouble with it. Keep in mind too that anything scary you may experience is in your head and with proper confidence you can overcome it. Check this out all the same!

Sleep paralysis is often associated with the WILD technique for lucid dreaming, which basically requires you to have it at some point. I’m not trying WILD as I, like you, would rather avoid SP (although I’m not hugely bothered by it) and it’s quite a challenging method.

As a beginner, I think it’s important to work on dream recall and get plenty of dreams written down. With that you can look for recurring dream signs (indicators that you’re dreaming which you get a lot in your dreams). For example, my dream signs include seeing people I used to talk to a lot at school.

In addition, keep doing reality checks and ensure you are consistently questioning your environment in waking life. How did you get where you are now? Is there something odd that you can’t immediately explain?

If you’d like to try a technique, maybe go for the MILD method combined with WBTB if you can? These shouldn’t involve any sleep paralysis, although I suppose it can happen occasionally. I’m no expert of course though as I haven’t had a lucid dream; I’m just summarising key points from a lot of stuff I’ve read.

Best of luck!

Thank you very much for the help! Advice is always welcome! Thanks again!

Firstly, welcome to LD4all! :content:

As a beginner, I would recommend doing a bunch of RCs every day. That’ll increase your chances of doing a RC in a dream. MILD is probably the easiest for beginners. Its how I got my first lucid dream!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: whether you’re conscious of it or not, you go through SP every night. Its totally natural for your body. If you’re scared of being conscious of it, MILD or RCILD are probably your best bets. I wouldn’t try to WILD. Focus your energies on a less scary method. If you do experience SP, keep calm. Focus on trying to move your body and telling your body that you are awake.

Good luck!

Thanks again! I actually have one more question if someone feels like answer. Not a question of how to become lucid, but still. I’m not sure if it was a usual dream or something else, but I remember everything and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t awake. I thought (may have been a dream) that I woke up, and I saw a BIG spider hanging just above my face. I’m really scared of spiders, so I sat up in bed and started waving with my arms, until I realized that there was no spider at all. I am not sure if I woke up before I sat in the bed or after, but it wasn’t fun. Anyone who can recognize what it was? was it just a normal dream?

Well I suppose what you had was a false awakening and your shocked reaction to it woke you up; strong emotions in dreams tend to do that.

I’m terrified of spiders too! If you see one in a normal dream, I suggest promptly making use of the nearest flamethrower. :lol:

You could also use your Lucid Dream to overcome your irrational phobia of spiders. Give your dream spiders lots of love ! Or transform them into something you enjoy, like flowers.

Other than a FA, this could as well be HI. Sometimes it can happen that you are not fully awake when you woke up (makes sense?) and this is when you might see hallucinations which disappear after a short time (sort of dreams leaking out into WL).

Now it’s time to sleep, I’m gonna have a lucid dream (I’m telling my self that all the time now :razz:)! I just wonder, what’s RCILD?

I didnt have a lucid dream tonight, but I don’t know if it was for the small try or if it just was luck, but I woke up earlier and remembered a bit of my dream. Unfortuneatly a forgot to write it down and fell back to sleep. But I dreamt again so now I wrote down everything I remember!

That happens to me all the time. I always forget to write down my dreams in the middle of the night :tongue:

By the way, an RCILD is a Reality Check Induced Lucid Dream. Its when you use a RC during a dream to get lucid.

Also, wickedshadow, consider that you may not have any scary hallucinations when you go into Sleep Paralysis. I’ve experienced (unintentionally) SP before i learned of Lucid dreaming and I’ve never seen or heard anything scary (thank goodness!) besides maybe a rushing sound in my ears.

I also don’t see HI either, so maybe my imagination isn’t that great/

Thanks! I actually tried WILD yesterday. but everytime I was any close it started to scrratch on my body and I thougt I would go crazy so I scratched and then I had to start over again. The last time I was aaaalmost there, but then I got a text on my mobile so after that I gave up! Another experience I had was, that after a few minutes of lying there, counting and doing what to do, it was kind of difficult to keep my eyes closed. Why is that?