new method idea

i have an idea for initiating a LD but i have never had a LD before(sadly) so it will probably be easier for a more experienced person. so the idea was to tell your mind/subconscious (basically just ask it or strongly believe) to send a DC(or other indicator) in your dream to tell you you are dreaming (similar to LDILD but while you are awake). send me your feed back please.

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Good idea, but I experienced that our subconscious is not very fond of us messing around in his/her space, so asking our subconscious to send us a DC to tell us we are dreaming would be like a robber asking to leave the door of a bank open at night, lol.

My DC’s always tried to convince me that I was not dreaming when I was lucid in a dream. Sometimes they succeeded, those damn DC’s :smile:

But anyhow, it is worth trying. Maybe your subconscious is waiting to meet you face to face.


It’s actually a know technique, I’ve seen a few ld’ers who had their “dream annoucers” who always told them when they were dreaming.
Pretty useful :smile:

I think you’re talking about CALD - Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming. The current BIG topic on it can be found here. The Character Chats topic can be found in the playground. Good luck!